Tutor Room, Quads & Group Study Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and Conference Rooms


The Dayton Metro Library Tutor Rooms, Quads, Group Study Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and Conference Rooms at the Main Library and at Branch Libraries are available at no charge for public gatherings of civic, informational, cultural or educational character, such as study groups, local nonprofit board meetings, and other functions when the room is not being used for Library related activities.


  1. The Library reserves the right to review any request for room use and require additional time and information during the approval process.
  2. Use of Library rooms must be done in a responsible manner, with the Library Code of Conduct adhered to at all times. The Library reserves the right to withdraw permission for room use when conditions so warrant, and to stop meetings that interfere with the normal operations of the Library.
  3. Patrons using Library rooms accept the terms and conditions for room usage, and take responsibility for ensuring that all conditions of use are followed, and assume liability for any injuries, loss, or damage to any person or property on or about the room and its contents.
  4. The Library reserves the right to have staff observe meetings and other events in Library rooms, to reassign a group to an alternate room with similar amenities and to cancel prior room reservations without notice in the event of an emergency, such as weather closings or unsafe building conditions.
  5. Smoking (tobacco and electronic) is prohibited on Library property.
  6. The use of the Library rooms by a non-Library group does not imply Library sponsorship or endorsement of the group’s activities.


  1. Tutor Rooms, Quads, Group Study Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and Conference Rooms at the Main Library and at Branch Libraries are designed to comply with safety codes. In general, the number of chairs that are in a room dictate the maximum capacity. Refer to the Library Spaces brochure for minimum and maximum occupancy for each room. Please Note: groups and individuals reserving large rooms for small functions may be asked to relocate to an area or space with similar necessary amenities.
  2. Reservations can be made by any individual 13 years of age or older. Patrons under the age of 13 must seek Branch Manager approval before reserving or using a Library room.
  3. Requests may be accepted up to ninety (90) days in advance and will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Applicants will receive an automated email verifying date, time, and acceptance or denial of the request.
  5. For last minute cancellations, the group should contact the Library’s Ask Me Line (937-463-2665) as soon as possible.
  6. Patrons affected by Library closures should connect to http://www.whio.com or DaytonMetroLibrary.org for Library closing information.
  7. Each group using a Library room is responsible for the setting up of the room and returning it to the original condition, with trash properly disposed of and table tops cleaned. Library room must be left free of crumbs, waste, etc. The Library provides no equipment or assistance for the serving of refreshments.


  1. Any room not reserved may be available on a walk-in basis. A room reservation may be cancelled if the reserving patron has not claimed the room within 15 minutes of the reservation start time.
  2. Library audio-visual equipment may be available at no charge and varies by location. The Library may provide audio-visual technology support for an hourly rate.
  3. Food or beverages left behind will be discarded. Other personal items may be retained for up to 30 days.
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