Food and Beverages

    In an effort to make Dayton Metro Library a more comfortable place for study and research, patrons are permitted to bring food and beverages into the Library within reason and in small quantities according to the guidelines below.  

    Patrons must be mindful that food, beverages, and other containers can attract insects and rodents, and can damage and destroy Library materials, equipment and furniture. Patrons are to help protect collections and resources by following these guidelines and encouraging others to do so as well.

    1. The Library reserves the right to require the removal of beverages and food from the Library and restrict the use of Library facilities and premises to persons who do not abide by the Library’s food and beverage guidelines.
    2. Responsible consumption of food and nonalcoholic beverages are permitted in most areas of the Library.
    3. Food and beverages are not permitted in the following areas:
      • The Main Library’s Dayton Room and related technology, such as microfilm readers
      • Tech Labs (Computer labs)
      • Tech Studios
      • Editing Suites
      • Green Screen Room
    4. Food deliveries are not the responsibility of the Library. The Library will not accept any deliveries on behalf of patrons.
    5. Alcohol consumption is only permitted in accordance with Dayton Metro Library’s Community Rooms Policy.
    1. Patrons are expected to clean up any spills and/or notify a staff member immediately to minimize damage to Library resources, technology, and/or furniture.
    2. Patrons are expected to dispose of beverages and food in proper receptacles, leaving no evidence of beverage or food consumption after vacating the area.
    3. Patrons are responsible for payment for damage caused to Library materials or facilities by beverages or food, including payment of charges for repair or replacement.
    1. Library personnel may ask persons who are in violation of the food and beverage guidelines to modify their conduct.
    2. Failure to comply with a reasonable staff request may result in an individual being required to leave Library premises.
    3. Repeated and blatant disregard of the Library’s food and drink guidelines may result in further discipline.

(Policy PS304 - Last reviewed/revised March 12, 2024)

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