Displaying and Distributing of Non-Library Materials


The Dayton Metro Library may allow materials from community organizations and individuals to be displayed in a designated area for distribution to area residents. Programs and events publicized through the Library’s community-information areas should be compatible with the Library’s purpose of providing educational, cultural, recreational, and information services to the community. The presence of a brochure, flyer, or any other notice in the Library does not necessarily indicate that the Library either advocates or endorses the viewpoints expressed.


The following non-Library materials will not be accepted for display or distribution:

  • Posters and flyers designed for wall, board, or sign displays.
  • Materials exclusively promoting commercial products or services that have less than 50% informational or educational content.
  • Materials larger than 8.5” x 11”. *Note: Free newspapers or publications that fall outside these parameters that represent a formal partnership may be approved on a case-by case basis. Large format materials approved for display must be supplied in self-contained display stands or kits.
  • Campaign literature for a political candidate. *Note: Non-partisan political materials that provide information on ballot issues only may be approved for display.

(PS 303) Last Reviewed/Revised: 10/01/2017

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