Lost and Found Property

    Reasonable efforts will be made to identify and find owners of items lost or abandoned on Library property. The following procedures will be followed to collect, record, and process items deemed as lost and found on Library property.
    1. Items lost and found on Library property valued under $50 will be held at the finding location for a period of approximately thirty (30) to sixty (60) days, unless the item poses a health hazard, in which case it will be discarded immediately. Clothing and food storage items, such as reusable beverage containers or lunch boxes, will be discarded at the close of business.
    2. Found items of estimated monetary value of $50.00 or more, or important documents (i.e. birth certificates, driver’s license, etc.) will be retained for a period of ninety (90) days. Such items will be turned over to and held by the Safety and Protective Services Department. If not claimed within the ninety (90) day period, all cash will be turned over to Finance and all important documents will be destroyed.
    3. Branch Managers may make arrangements with the Safety and Protective Services Manager for pick-up of valuable items. Valuable items picked-up from branches or found at the Main Library, will be inventoried on a Lost and Found Form. Both property and the form will be secured in the Lost and Found cabinet in Safety and Protective Services.
    4. If the owner is identified, the property may be released to, and signed for, by the owner.
    5. In the event that a patron inquires about lost property which has not yet been found on Library property, the manager/staff member in charge or Safety and Protective Services Officer may collect contact information and a description of the lost property and contact them if the item(s) are found at a later date.

(Policy PS307 - Last reviewed/revised March 12, 2024)

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