Meet Cindy!

Like many Dayton Metro Library volunteers, Cindy is a Miami Valley native actively working to improve the community she lives in. Now retired and a resident of Union, Cindy enjoys assisting with programs across the system but has a special place in her heart for her home Branch in Northmont.

She has led a life committed to volunteerism and the service of others, which began in high school. She grew up in Beavercreek, left in her youth to make a humanitarian global impact, and in turn, her passion for equity and community wellbeing grew. She worked with the Peace Corps for about five years and spent the majority of her adult life abroad with her husband. They moved back to the Dayton area about 29 years ago to be near family.

DML is not the only institution that has had the honor of counting her among their own. She consistently volunteers with The Foodbank, Inc. and SICSA, assuring that not just people but Montgomery County pets also benefit from her care.

Outside of her local volunteer efforts, Cindy enjoys spending time in nature and reading. She prefers auto-biographical books over most other genres. Currently, her favorite book is The Goldfinch by Donna Tart.

With over 157 hours (about six and a half days) of service to DML in 2023, Cindy attributes her passion for the Library and community service to her love of being around a diverse spectrum of people and how uniformly her personal beliefs align with the overall mission of DML. She spends most of her volunteer time assisting with DML’s Pantry Partner Program but it is not unusual to see her assisting with special events and general Library programs.

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