Meet Ayesha!

Many of Dayton Metro Library’s volunteer opportunities hinge on volunteers interacting with patrons, but it truly takes all kinds to keep our Branches running. Some opportunities involve self-driven, solo work behind-the-scenes to help carry the Library’s mission forward. One volunteer that is an absolute staple in helping behind-the-scenes is Ayesha.
To sharpen their skills in navigating a workplace, Ayesha began volunteering with DML as a high school junior. They chose the Library because they liked books and spent some time at their home Branch in West Carrollton. They were pleasantly surprised to find that DML offered opportunities on the quieter side of volunteerism because, while they enjoy helping others, they aren’t as interested in some of the more forward-facing and interaction-based opportunities that DML offers its volunteers. Ayesha spends most of their volunteer hours with our Outreach Services Department marking out withdrawn books, organizing children’s supplies, and cleaning up around the building in support of the many mobile alternatives that DML has for home Library delivery and school-aged patrons.

Outside of DML, Ayesha loves spending time outdoors and may be spotted hiking or roller skating. They are a fan of autumn because of all the fun the spooky season brings but also look forward to the colder months as an opportunity to dig into their other hobbies of painting, drawing, and jewelry making.

Thank you, Ayesha for nearly 30 hours of service since June 2023!