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August - September DML Magazine
Free Meals Program

Read, Learn + Help!

It’s a Summer of Reading, Learning & FUN

Dayton Metro Library is excited to host our annual summer reading program. This year, it’s a different kind of Summer Challenge with lots of new activities that count towards goals. You can check out digital and physical books (of course!), watch wonderful online performances, participate in virtual summer camps, complete electronic activities, or enjoy any school, parent or community organization’s recommended enrichment activities. All your fun this summer adds up, helping you earn imagination-themed prizes!

Who Can Participate? EVERYONE!

  • Children Birth - Age 3: Can Participate + Earn Prizes
    Suggested Early Learning Activities (Kindergarten and younger)

  • Childen and Teens grades K - 12
    Prizes awarded by age group:
    • Birth - Age 3
    • PreK - Kindergarten
    • Grades 1 - 6
    • Grades 7 - 12

Ways to Register and Keep Track:

  • Register and keep track online.
    Parents & Caregivers can register and easily manage online accounts for more than one child.

  • Or you can Register by calling 937.463.2665 and log with our paper tracker. Paper trackers can be picked up at all Library locations.

What Activities Count?

Reading, learning and helping are part of your daily activities. Now you can keep tack of the time you spend doing them, and they’ll all add up to prizes in the Dayton Metro Library’s Summer Challenge!

For Early Learners Birth - Kindergarten

  • READ all kinds of things!


  • LEARN something new every day!

    library activities
    camp experiences
    church programs
    online learning
    educational TV
    school programs

  • HELP your family, neighbors, or community!

    volunteer work
    caring for siblings
    picking up trash
    helping a neighbor

Take and Make

Free Each Month - Pickup at Your Branch


Pick up free, fun activities at your Library and do them at home! We’ll provide instructions and supplies, or a list of supplies you’re likely to have on hand. Plus, we’ll connect you to some great virtual programs so you can learn more about nature, animals, and science concepts. Different activities will be offered for Families (young children needing assistance), Grades 1-6 (minimal assistance), or Teens (independent). The time you spend on them counts in the Summer Challenge! Learn more and register for Take & Make Virtual Programs here.

Pop Up Programs



It could be a craft activity. It might be a storytime. It could be an art project or a STEM experiment! Programs will be POPPING UP this summer outside your Library (weather permitting, following health and safety guidelines). Count your attendance in the Summer Challenge! See our Pop-Up Programs here..


Earn prizes at 600 points, 1200 points, 1800 points, and 2400 points. Choose the prize you prefer from the options available at each level.

Prize choices available while supplies last. Prizes can be picked up at any DML location, anytime before August 31, 2021. Ask about curbside pickup or mail option, if preferred.

Prizes Brith to 3
  • frog squirter
  • bubbles
  • tote bag
  • snack cup
  • sand toy
Prizes PreK-Kindergarten
  • squishy dragon
  • light up crown
  • stencil
  • foam sword
  • unicorn duck
Prizes Grades 1 - 6
  • light up crown
  • light up wand
  • stencil
  • foam sword
  • choice of pen
Prizes Grades 7 - 12
  • water bottle
  • choice of pen
  • notebook
  • dog pen stylus
  • tote bag

*(Prize choices are available while supplies last.)

   at each Branch Library
Each age group can earn an entry in this drawing for every 300 points earned (up to 12 entries max). COLLEGE SAVINGS AWARDS are made possible through Ohio’s 529 College Advantage Plan
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