About ReImagining Works


What is ReImagining Works?

ReImagining Works is a partnership between the Dayton Metro Library and The Dayton Art Institute, opens a new window to acquire original artwork for each of the Dayton Metro Library’s newly built or renovated branches. Giving creativity a central place in the “re-imagining” of the traditional role of the library, the Library offered regional artists the opportunity to create new work inspired by an artwork held in the permanent collection of The Dayton Art Institute. Bringing two of Dayton’s iconic institutions together, both places of discovery, inspiration and knowledge, ReImagining Works paid homage to artistic traditions of the past while creating art for the future.

Artwork from The Dayton Art Institute, opens a new window’s permanent collection was selected drawing on each location’s history, geography, culture, and architecture. These artworks were displayed on the library’s website as well as in the designated library and patrons voted for their favorite. Two chosen artworks were then put forward in a Request for Proposals (RFP) as inspiration pieces for the creation of new art to be displayed in designated spaces in the newly designed library. Artists responded with their own unique vision of artwork related in some way to one or both of the inspiration artworks. Proposals were reviewed by the Library Art Committee and evaluated based on artistic merit, as well as connection to the inspiration piece(s) and connection to the site.

Commissions Awarded

Brookville Branch Library
James Michael Kahle
Darren Kall
Suzanne Ley
Ron Rollins

Burkhardt Branch Library
Tracy Longley-Cook
Deborah Dixon
Brett Garrett
Carrie Longley

Electra C. Doren Branch Library
Darren Kall

Kettering Moraine Branch Library
Gail Christofferson
Debra Buchanan
Mike Elsass
Marsha Pippenger

Huber Heights Branch Library
Cedric Cox
Ann Kim
Mel Rea
Michelle Stitzlein

Main Library
Susan Byrnes
Bing Davis
Gretchen Durst Jacobs
Katherine Kadish
Paula Kraus
Andrea Myers
Michelle Stitzlein
Terry Welker

Miamisburg Branch Library
Amy Kollar Anderson
Susan Byrnes
Daren Haper
Mychaelyn Michalec

Miami Township Branch Library
Stefan Chinov

New Lebanon Branch Library
Amy Kollar Anderson
James Michael Kahle
Shon Walters

Northmont Branch Library
Tricia Calvert
Amy Deal
Gary Hinsche
Gae Helton

Northwest Branch Library
Amy Kollar Anderson
Virginia Kistler
Marsha Pippenger
Francis Schanberger

Southeast Branch Library
Gail Christofferson
Andera Myers
Kate Huser Santucci
Chris Welker
Annie Lee Zimerlee

Trotwood Branch Library
Michael Bashaw
Dwayne Daniel
Nick Stamas
Judy Campbell White


Vandalia Branch Library
Stephen Canneto
Mike Elsass
Suzanne Ley

West Branch Library
Susan Byrnes
Cedric Michael Cox
Willis "Bing" Davis
Derrick Davis
Kevin Harris
James Pate

West Carrollton Branch Library
Ron Geibert
Gary Hinsche
Jennifer Rosergarten

Wilmington-Stroop Branch Library
Brent Back
Suzanne Ley & Susan Cannon
Dan Cleary
Paula Kraus

Photos of ReImagining Works pieces taken by Andy Snow.

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