Do you provide proctoring services?

Yes, Dayton Metro Library is pleased to provide proctoring services. Although we do not charge for this service, we will be happy to accept donations on behalf of the Friends of the Library.

Proctoring services are available at all Dayton Metro Library locations, please call our Ask Me Line at 937.463.2665 for assistance.

The Library Is Able To:

  • Proctor exams for individual students who have made advance arrangements, dependent on the library’s circumstances.
  • Serve as delivery and pickup point for mailed exams.
  • Proctor online exams at some locations. Call 937.463.2665 for information.
  • Provide a contact person (the proctor) to schedule the exam, verify the student’s ID and certify that the student has taken the exam within the specified time.
  • Return the completed exam back to the institution, via any prepaid method.
  • Return exams via fax for a small fee.

The Library Is NOT Able To:

  • Accommodate requests for walk-in or unscheduled proctoring.
  • Provide a staff member to continuously monitor the exam, or verify that the student had no access to materials or assistance.
  • Provide a private place for exams at all proctoring locations. Call your library to see if a private place is available.
  • Contact the testing institution to clarify procedural questions or return uncompleted exams to the institution.
  • Grade exams.
  • Guarantee that the correct material has been received by the library, or that completed exams will be received by the testing institution by a specified date.
  • Provide postage or envelopes for returning exam materials to the testing institution.
  • Provide personal information about the proctor, such as social security numbers, home phone, etc.
  • Pay for any costs related to this service.

The Student Will:

  • Verify that the testing institution accepts all library proctoring policies outlined herein. Institutions may check our website for further information.
  • Call to verify that the library location has received the examination.
  • Allow sufficient time to take the examination before the deadline that has been established by the institution or association; the library will hold tests for 60 days or the test's stated deadline.
  • Bring appropriate photo ID to the library on the scheduled exam day.
  • Come prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the examination.
  • Provide postage in the event the institution has not enclosed a return, prepaid envelope.
  • Allow 7-10 days for normal U.S. mail delivery arrangements to return the completed exam to the institution.
  • Call the library during inclement weather to verify that the library will be open during the specified exam time.