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Some people ask, "Are libraries relevant?" The Dayton Metro Library Foundation says "Yes!" The numbers tell the story of just how critical the Library is as a service center for the region:

  • The Main Library, 20 neighborhood Branches and an Outreach Division offer services, programs and more.

  • The Library employs 525 full and part time staff members.

  • Each year the Library serves more than 450,000 patrons who visit its branches 3.5 million times and borrow more than 6 million items.

  • The Library welcomes 180,000 program participants, provides 700,000 hours of high speed internet access and offers approximately 7,000 free enriching opportunities for children, teens, adults and lifelong learners.

It all adds up - the Library is an essential and active community resource!

An Important Part of the Equation:

The Dayton Metro Library Foundation is the multiplier. The DML Foundation was established to enhance the Library’s excellence. The Foundation Directors have committed to raising the necessary funding to expand the Library’s strategic partnerships and facilitate nimble responses to community needs.

The Foundation will financially support the Library to reach the following aspirational goals:

  • Enhanced Education: Ensuring all young children are kindergarten-ready and all youth have access to after-school and out-of-school learning.
  • College, Career and Workforce Development: Providing a one-stop shop to access important tools and services. Working with partners, the Library can offer “game-changing” resources.
  • Technology: Ensuring access and availability to cutting-edge, interactive technology and tools, typically out of reach for so many.
  • Accessibility: Connecting all populations to their library resources to ensure that all people in all places at all times can utilize the services of the Library for their own empowerment.
  • Facilities: Creating an innovative destination for broad, intergenerational community engagement. Together with the Foundation, the Library can maximize the potential of its new facilities.

Can you see why your support is important? Your donation to the Dayton Metro Library Foundation will make such a big difference in reaching these goals. Explore these pages to learn more at the strategic initiatives that are igniting the Foundation Board, meet the Foundation's Board of Directors, and see how your gift can make a difference.


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