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Week Two - Summer Challenge Virtual Programming

2020 Summer Challenge

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    The Caravan:
    Make Your Own Sound FX

    Good for ages 4 -12, this workshop tells a story and helps kids make their own instruments and sound effects. Watched anytime starting at 10am, June 8 until 10am, June 9 on Facebook.
    Subject Challenges
    The weekly subject challenges below are shared with the SC Facebook Group.
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    Baby Storytime
    Love Them Out Loud: Book Club for Babies + Toddlers
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    Preschool Storytime
    Love Them Out Loud: Book Club for Preschoolers
    Family Storytime
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    Children's Book Talk
    Children's DIY with DML
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    Just for Teens Book Talk
    DIY with DML for Teens

    This Week's Featured Videos

    Here you can find the line up of the Week Two videos for your kids to enjoy. They will be appear as scheduled above on YouTube and on our Facebook Group where you can interact and share our vidoes with others.

    Weekly Project Challenges - Geometry


    Point out two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and name them. You can find them in picture books and in real life.


    Make a shape scavenger hunt by drawing several shapes on a piece of paper for your child, then looking for the shapes in your home or on a walk through the neighborhood.

    Early Elementary:

    List every shape your child can think of on a piece of paper. As you walk through the neighborhood or inside your home, look for the shapes together and find new shapes to add.

    Older Elementary:

    Make a shape field guide. As you take a walk together or explore your home, have your child use a pencil and paper, camera, tablet, or phone to record each shape found, the type of object, and where they found it.

    Middle School:

    All three-dimensional shapes start with two-dimensional shapes. Use spare paper or cardboard to cut out squares and triangles of equal size. How many squares do you need to build a cube? How many triangles to build a pyramid? How many triangles to build a second cube?

    High School:

    Architects and engineers use shapes to create structures. Use spare paper or cardboard to cut out small two-dimensional shapes including squares, rectangles, and triangles. Use the shapes tobuild a small model of a famous building, like the Empire State Building or Eiffel Tower. What three-dimensional shapes make up your building?


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