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Week Seven - Summer Challenge Virtual Programming

2020 Summer Challenge

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    Imagine Your Story: Reading and Adventure Camp

    ANIMALS at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook | Today is all about animals. You’ll meet your new virtual camp counselors: Chavin, Kelsey, JT and Rylee, and you’ll meet Miss Winnie at the Library. You’ll travel to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and meet a blue-tongued skink. We’ll all dance, sing and find our best reading spots at home.
    Subject Challenges
    The weekly subject challenges below are shared with the SC Facebook Group.

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    Imagine Your Story: Reading and Adventure Camp

    COLOR at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook | Today’s camp theme is color. We’ll learn good lessons from a red crayon, weave a colorful masterpiece at the Dayton Art Institute, and discover hide-and-seek with painted rocks. Chavin and friends will share lots of colorful ideas for summer fun!

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    Imagine Your Story: Reading and Adventure Camp

    PLANES + TRAINS at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook | Today, we’re on the move and going places. At Dayton History, Brady Kress will show us the Wright B Flyer and take us inside different kinds of trains. We’ll read a book about an amazing plane ride, then go on a ride in a hot air balloon. Let’s go!

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    Imagine Your Story: Reading and Adventure Camp

    BUGS + OTHER CREATURES at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook | Our theme today will take us under rocks, over rocks and into the habitats of some creepy crawling critters with Five Rivers Metro Parks. Don’t let the bugs bug you because Rylee and friends will keep this outdoor exploration exciting and fun for everyone!
    Children's Book Talk
    Children's DIY with DML
    STEM Program for Children
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    Imagine Your Story: Reading and Adventure Camp

    MUSIC at 10:00 a.m. on Facebook | Today we’re celebrating our last day of camp with all kinds of musical instruments. Conductor Neal Gittleman will introduce us to four different types of instruments, and you’ll hear the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra play Hang On Sloopy. Miss Winnie will read a book with a word that makes the sounds of music. Together, we’ll sing, dance and celebrate the great week we’ve had at Imagine Your Story summer camp.
    Just for Teens Book Talk
    DIY with DML for Teens

    This Week's Featured Videos

    Here you can find the line up of the Week Four videos for your kids to enjoy. They will be appear as scheduled above on YouTube and on our Facebook Group where you can interact and share our vidoes with others.

    Weekly Project Challenges - Geography


    Use descriptive directional words when moving through a space with your child such as “going UP the stairs,” “UNDER a bridge,” or “turning LEFT.”


    Help your child make a map of a play space you’ve visited many times, such as a park. This helps them understand maps as representations of actual places.

    K-3rd Grade

    Using blocks or boxes, encourage your child to build their neighborhood. Include important buildings, landmarks, and familiar places.

    4th-6th Grade

    Older Elementary: Next time you go for a walk, make a route on a paper map or in a mapping app and let your child navigate.

    7th-8th Grade

    Find your birthday coordinates. Use the month for latitude and day for longitude. For example, if your birthday is November 26, your coordinates could be 11°N, 26°E. Plot your birthday coordinates on a printed map or look them up in Google Maps. Where are the coordinates located?

    9th-12th Grade

    Broaden your worldview by watching a documentary that takes you to a different country or continent. It could be about animals, food, dance-just as long as it expands your horizons!

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