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Our 2020-2025 Stategic Plan
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Week One - Summer Challenge Virtual Programming

2020 Summer Challenge

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  • Here: Keep an eye an on this page and as the week progresses and we will add additional content as time allows.
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    Jim Gill Music Play
    Kick Off Concert

    This special, online concert can be watched anytime starting at 10am June 1st until 9am on June 3rd on Facebook.
    Subject Challenges
    The weekly subject challenges below are shared with the SC Facebook Group.
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    Baby Storytime
    Love Them Out Loud: Book Club for Babies + Toddlers
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    Preschool Storytime
    Love Them Out Loud: Book Club for Preschoolers
    Family Storytime
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    Children's Book Talk
    Children's DIY with DML
    STEM Program for Children
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    Just for Teens Book Talk
    DIY with DML for Teens

    This Week's Featured Videos

    Here you can find the line up of the Week One videos for your kids to enjoy. They will be added as scheduled above on YouTube and on our Facebook Group where you can interact and share our vidoes with others.

    This Week's subject challenges by age 


    List and discuss special people in your family and community, such as aunts/uncles, grandparents, godparents, neighbors, etc. Call or videochat with those special people so that your child can say hello.


    Talk about favorite places to visit in your community, such as parks, libraries, restaurants, or businesses. Take a walking tour to those places if possible, or play pretend at home and let your child take on different roles, such as server, librarian, or customer.

    Early Elementary (K-3rd):

    Discuss roles that community helpers such as mail carriers, police officers, EMTs, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, etc. play in society. Have your child create cards or pictures to send to them, and help your child mail them.

    Upper Elementary (4th-6th):

    Discuss what features differentiate countries from one another- such as customs, geography, laws, and style of government. As a family, invent a fictional country with its own defining features.

    Middle School:

    Watch or listen to a daily news report from a local news station. Identify when the different branches of government--Executive (President/Governor) , Judicial (Courts), and Legislative--are involved at a national or state level.

    High School:

    Read, listen to, or watch the same news story reported by 3 different news outlets. Compare and contrast how each one reports the story. Do they focus on facts, analysis, or commentary? What language is used? Is there a suggested course of action? Discuss why different news agencies might focus on different parts of a story. What are the benefits of reading multiple sources?

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