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Week Four - Summer Challenge Virtual Programming

2020 Summer Challenge

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    The Caravan:
    Sound Sandwich

    Good for ages 5 and Younger - Part sing-along, part storytelling, this musical performance is guaranteed to entertain! Watch on Facebook for 24 hours starting at noon, June22.
    Subject Challenges
    The weekly subject challenges below are shared with the SC Facebook Group.
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    Baby Storytime
    Love Them Out Loud: Book Club for Babies + Toddlers
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    Preschool Storytime
    Love Them Out Loud: Book Club for Preschoolers
    Family Storytime
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    Children's Book Talk
    Children's DIY with DML
    STEM Program for Children
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    Just for Teens Book Talk
    DIY with DML for Teens

    This Week's Featured Videos

    Here you can find the line up of the Week Four videos for your kids to enjoy. They will be appear as scheduled above on YouTube and on our Facebook Group where you can interact and share our vidoes with others.

    Weekly Project Challenges - Language Arts


    Sing songs, such as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," "ABCs," or "You Are My Sunshine" while changing your child's diaper. If your child is potty training, sing while hand-washing after using the potty.


    Write the same letters of the alphabet multiple times on a piece of paper (you could start with the letters in your child's name). Help your child find matching letters and draw lines to connect them.

    Early Elementary (K - 3rd Grade):

    Write down 5 nouns (person, place, or thing), 5 verbs (action words), and 5 locations on slips of paper. Randomly choose 1 from each category; illustrate and write about what you have drawn. For example, you may have a star dancing at the playground or a roll of toilet paper running on the moon.

    Upper Elementary (4th - 6th Grade):

    Create a Blackout Poem: Find a print source you are allowed to write on, such as a newspaper or magazine. Using a marker or pen, circle words and phrases to create a poem. Black out (or cross out) the rest of the words so that your poem can be easily read..

    Middle School (7th - 8th Grade):

    Imagine an old hotel, and write about its most memorable guest. Consider what made them memorable. It could be a wild outfit, something they said, or something they did. You can write as much or as little as you like.

    High School:

    Brainstorm a character concept for a villain. Keep track of your thoughts in a word cloud/mind map, list, or other favorite format. Is your villain a comic book bad guy, a bank robber, a bully? Are they clever, paranoid, funny, messy, careful? How do they dress? What physical traits do they have?


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