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Week Five - Summer Challenge Virtual Programming

2020 Summer Challenge

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    Family Concert:
    Joanie Calem

    Good for preschoolers and families - Singer/storyteller Joanie Calem acts out stories using puppets and sings some favorite picture books, too! Watch on Facebook for 24 hours starting at 10am, June 29.
    Subject Challenges
    The weekly subject challenges below are shared with the SC Facebook Group.
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    Baby Storytime
    Love Them Out Loud: Book Club for Babies + Toddlers
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    Preschool Storytime
    Love Them Out Loud: Book Club for Preschoolers
    Family Storytime
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    Children's Book Talk
    Children's DIY with DML
    STEM Program for Children
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    Just for Teens Book Talk
    DIY with DML for Teens

    This Week's Featured Videos

    Here you can find the line up of the Week Four videos for your kids to enjoy. They will be appear as scheduled above on YouTube and on our Facebook Group where you can interact and share our vidoes with others.

    Weekly Prbject Challenges - Fine Arts


    Help your child name the colors of things around the house. What can we find that is red, or blue, or yellow? Help your child sort their toys by color.


    Have your child cut or tear white tissue paper into small shapes, and color each piece with washable markers. Help them spread glue stick on a sheet of paper or cardboard, and allow them to arrange the tissue shapes to make a picture. Discuss their creation.

    Early Elementary (K - 3rd Grade):

    Make tape resist abstract art! Use painter’s tape to make criss cross lines on a canvas or poster board. Use acrylic paint or markers to fill in each section. When complete, gently pull off the tape to see your masterpiece.

    Upper Elementary (4th - 6th Grade):

    Look at still life paintings in an art book or Google image search. Use a few simple objects such as fruit, books, a chair, or flowers, to create your own still life, and then draw, paint, or photograph it..

    Middle School (7th - 8th Grade):

    Kehinde Wiley uses brilliant colors to bring out his portrait subjects--you can see for yourself by searching Instagram for @kehindewiley. What color would you choose for your own portrait? What props would you include?

    High School:

    Using the an art museum's online collection, find two pieces of art that inspire strong feeling, either like or dislike, and describe what makes you feel this way about the art.


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