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Mister C's STEM-Mania on Facebook Live

Live Science, Technology, Engineering and
Math Exploration for 3rd – 5th Graders

Dayton Metro Library is teaming up once again with the amazing Mister C for six weeks of STEM-Mania! Each Wednesday, Sept 16 - Oct 21, Mister C will live-stream science-based activities and experiments that kids can do at home. Geared toward grades 3-5, it's educational fun for all ages.

How to Watch

Mister C's STEM Mania airs on DML’s Facebook page live-streamed Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. for 30 minutes and will remain online for viewing anytime.

Explore the STEM-Mania Schedule, Supplies, Books and More!

September 16

You’ll be drawn to this magnetic episode of amazing STEM experiments! Let’s stick together and explore magnetism! May the force be with you!

Magnetic Race Car

What you'll need:

Magnets: Circle, Bar or Refrigerator
Skewer Sticks - Straws
Paper Towel Roll - Soda Bottle Caps
Hot Glue


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September 23

You’ll burst with excitement when you learn about surface tension! This bubble-rific episode really pops! Remember, STEM fun is always the solution!

Bubble Wands

What you'll need:

Dish Soap - Bowls
Water - Skewer Sticks
Hot Glue - Yarn or Twine


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September 30

Set your sights on soaring with STEM-tacular fun! From airplanes to kites, this episode is going to take you to new heights!

Paper Airplanes and
Helicopter Pods

What you'll need:

Paper - Scissors
Roll of Toilet Paper


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October 7

It’s electric! Join Mister C for a shockingly good time! We’ll get energized by the basics of electricity and learn how it can be transformed into different types of energy!

Static Charge

What you'll need:

Empty Soda can(s)
Pepper - Balloon


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October 14

If you build it, they will come! Mister C attempts to build and test a Rube Goldberg machine using the engineering design process. It sounds so simple! Can he do it?

Magic String Box

What you'll need:

Empty Box - Twine or String
Washers - Scissors
Pen or Pencil


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October 21

½ cup of science mixed with 3 tablespoons of fun is the recipe for amazing kitchen chemistry! Get your apron and chef hat because you won’t want to miss this delicious episode!

Elephant Toothpaste

What you'll need:

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
Yeast - Cups
Warm Water
Empty Water or Soda Bottle


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All Mister C’s experiments are safe and ideal for students grades 3-5. When trying experiments at home, we recommend that adults participate to ensure safety.
Happy STEM-Mania!


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