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Most Requested Titles

TITLE (# Requests) AUTHOR Format
Game On : Tempting Twenty-eight (76) Game on : tempting twenty-eight Evanovich, Janet, author. Mystery
The Recovery Agent (52) Evanovich, Janet Mystery
Shadows Reel (38) Box, C. J. Mystery
Game On : Tempting Twenty-eight (33) GAME ON : Tempting Twenty-eight Evanovich, Janet Large Type
City Of The Dead: An Alex... (27) CITY OF THE DEAD: AN ALEX DELAWARE NOVEL Kellerman, Jonathan Mystery
A Safe House (26) Woods, Stuart Mystery
Nothing To Lose: A J.p. Beaumont... (22) NOTHING TO LOSE: A J.P. BEAUMONT NOVEL Jance, J. A. Mystery
The Investigator (21) Sandford, John Mystery
Robert B. Parker's Bye Bye Baby (20) ROBERT B. PARKER'S BYE BYE BABY Atkins, Ace Mystery
The Best Mystery Stories Of The... (20) The best mystery stories of the year 2021 Mystery
Criminal Mischief (19) Woods, Stuart Mystery
Autopsy (18) Autopsy Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, auth... Mystery
Caramel Pecan Roll Murder (17) Fluke, Joanne Mystery
As The Wicked Watch (14) Hall, Tamron, author. Mystery
Death Of A Green-eyed Monster (13) DEATH OF A GREEN-EYED MONSTER Beaton, M. C. Mystery
Wild Irish Rose: A Molly Murphy... (13) WILD IRISH ROSE: A MOLLY MURPHY MYSTERY Bowen, Rhys Mystery
The Lost Apothecary (13) Penner, Sarah, author. Mystery
Three Debts Paid: A Daniel Pitt... (12) THREE DEBTS PAID: A DANIEL PITT NOVEL Perry, Anne Mystery
Easter Bonnet Murder (12) Meier, Leslie Mystery
Find Me (11) Burke, Alafair Mystery
Citizen K-9 (11) Rosenfelt, David Mystery
The Madness Of Crowds (11) Penny, Louise, author. Mystery
A Game Of Fear (10) Todd, Charles Mystery
Killer Research (10) McKinlay, Jenn, author. Mystery
God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen (10) Bowen, Rhys, author. Mystery
One Of Us Is Lying (10) McManus, Karen M., author. Mystery
The Man Who Died Twice (9) Osman, Richard, 1970- author. Large Type
Getaway With Murder (7) Kelly, Diane, author. Mystery
Slashing Through The Snow (6) Frost, Jacqueline (Mystery write... Mystery
Best In Snow (6) Rosenfelt, David, author. Mystery
As The Wicked Watch (6) Hall, Tamron, author. Large Type
Class Act (5) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
Seven Deadly Sequins (5) Lindsey, Julie Anne, author. Mystery
Still Life (5) Penny, Louise. Mystery
It's A Wonderful Woof (5) Quinn, Spencer, author. Mystery
The Lost Apothecary (5) Penner, Sarah, author. Large Type
Seven Dirty Secrets (4) Richards, Natalie D., author. Mystery
Robert B. Parker's Payback (4) Lupica, Mike, author. Mystery
The Girl In Cabin 13 (4) Rivers, A. J., author. Mystery
Winterkill (4) Winterkill Box, C. J., author. Mystery
Murder At The Royal Botanic... (3) Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens Penrose, Andrea, author. Mystery
The Heron's Cry (3) Cleeves, Ann, author. Large Type
What The Cat Dragged In (3) James, Miranda, author. Mystery
Mango, Mambo, And Murder (3) Reyes, Raquel V., author. Mystery
Free Fire (3) Box, C. J., author. Paperback
Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen (3) Delany, Vicki, 1951- author. Mystery
The 7 1/2 Deaths Of Evelyn... (3) The 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle Turton, Stuart, author. Mystery
Dead Dead Girls (3) Afia, Nekesa, author. Mystery
Foul Play (3) Woods, Stuart, author. Mystery
Ocean Prey (3) Sandford, John, 1944 February 23... Large Type
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