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TITLE (# Requests) AUTHOR Format
It Starts With Us : A Novel (119) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
The Boys From Biloxi (111) Grisham, John, author. Fiction
Mad Honey : A Novel (96) Picoult, Jodi, 1966- author. Fiction
Verity (89) Verity Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
No Plan B (88) Child, Lee, author. Fiction
Going Rogue : Rise And Shine... (78) Going rogue : rise and shine twenty-nine Evanovich, Janet, author. Mystery
Desert Star (75) Connelly, Michael, 1956- author. Fiction
It Ends With Us (65) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
Demon Copperhead : A Novel (64) Kingsolver, Barbara, author. Fiction
Our Missing Hearts : A Novel (62) Ng, Celeste, author. Fiction
Long Shadows (62) Baldacci, David, author. Fiction
Simply Lies (47) Baldacci, David Fiction
I Will Find You (44) Coben, Harlan Fiction
All Good People Here : A Novel (39) All good people here : a novel Flowers, Ashley, author. Mystery
Lessons In Chemistry (39) Garmus, Bonnie, author. Fiction
Loyalty (36) LOYALTY Scottoline, Lisa Fiction
Maybe Now : A Novel (34) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
Worthy Opponents (32) Steel, Danielle Fiction
A Christmas Memory (32) Evans, Richard Paul, author. Fiction
The Cloisters : A Novel (28) Hays, Katy, 1982- author. Fiction
The House Of Wolves (27) Patterson, James Fiction
Mad Honey : A Novel (26) Picoult, Jodi, 1966- author. Large Type
Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six (26) Unger, Lisa, 1970- author. Fiction
The Choice (25) Roberts, Nora, author. Fiction
Hopeless : A Novel (25) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
Regretting You (23) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
All Your Perfects : A Novel (23) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
The Maid : A Novel (22) Prose, Nita, author. Mystery
Things We Never Got Over (22) Score, Lucy, author. Fiction
Going Rogue: Rise And Shine... (21) GOING ROGUE: RISE AND SHINE TWENTY-NINE Evanovich, Janet Large Type
Triple Cross (21) Patterson, James, 1947- author. Fiction
Killers Of A Certain Age (21) Raybourn, Deanna, author. Fiction
The Secret History (21) Tartt, Donna, author. Fiction
Where Are The Children Now? (20) Clark, Mary Higgins Fiction
The Christmas Spirit : A Novel (20) The Christmas spirit : a novel Macomber, Debbie, author. Fiction
Home Sweet Christmas (20) Mallery, Susan, author. Fiction
On The Line (19) Michaels, Fern Fiction
The Night She Disappeared : A... (19) The night she disappeared : a novel Jewell, Lisa, author. Fiction
The Man Who Died Twice (19) Osman, Richard, 1970- author. Mystery
The Sister Effect (original) (18) Mallery, Susan Fiction
Just The Nicest Couple... (17) JUST THE NICEST COUPLE (ORIGINAL) Kubica, Mary Fiction
The Whittiers : A Novel (17) Steel, Danielle, author. Fiction
One More Day (17) Chiddister, Diane, author. Fiction
3 Days To Live (16) Patterson, James Fiction
Window Shopping (16) Bailey, Tessa, author. Fiction
West With Giraffes : A Novel (16) Rutledge, Lynda, 1950- Fiction
The Maze (16) DeMille, Nelson, author. Fiction
The Backup Plan (15) Shalvis, Jill Fiction
Wrong Place Wrong Time : A Novel (15) Wrong place wrong time : a novel McAllister, Gillian, author. Fiction
The Winners : A Novel (15) Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author. Fiction
Without Merit : A Novel (15) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
The Guest List : A Novel (15) Foley, Lucy (Novelist), author. Fiction
The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn... (15) The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo : a novel Reid, Taylor Jenkins, author. Fiction
This Girl : A Novel (15) Hoover, Colleen. Fiction
Flight : A Novel (14) Strong, Lynn Steger, 1983- autho... Fiction
The Housemaid (14) McFadden, Freida, author. Fiction
Nypd Red 7 : The Murder Sorority (14) NYPD Red 7 : the murder sorority Karp, Marshall, author. Fiction
Maybe Someday : A Novel (14) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
Livid (14) Livid Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, auth... Mystery
A Merry Little Meet Cute : A... (13) A merry little meet cute : a novel Murphy, Julie, 1985- author. Fiction
We All Want Impossible Things :... (13) We all want impossible things : a novel Newman, Catherine, 1968- author. Fiction
Dreamland : A Novel (13) Sparks, Nicholas, author. Fiction
The Lost Apothecary (13) Penner, Sarah, author. Mystery
Maybe Now (13) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
Ugly Love : A Novel (13) Hoover, Colleen. author. Fiction
Clive Cussler The Serpent's Eye (12) CLIVE CUSSLER THE SERPENT'S EYE Burcell, Robin Fiction
Luckiest Girl Alive (12) Knoll, Jessica, author. Fiction
The Diamond Eye : A Novel (12) Quinn, Kate, author. Fiction
The Last Flight : A Novel (12) Clark, Julie, 1971- author. Fiction
Remarkably Bright Creatures : A... (12) Remarkably bright creatures : a novel Van Pelt, Shelby, author. Fiction
Five Little Indians (12) Good, Michelle, author. Fiction
The Magnificent Lives Of... (12) The magnificent lives of Marjorie Post : a novel Pataki, Allison, author. Fiction
Without A Trace (12) Steel, Danielle Fiction
Foster (11) Foster Keegan, Claire, author. Fiction
Encore In Death: An Eve Dallas... (11) ENCORE IN DEATH: AN EVE DALLAS NOVEL Robb, J. D. Fiction
The Villa (11) Hawkins, Rachel, 1979- author. Fiction
The Magnolia Palace : A Novel (11) The magnolia palace : a novel Davis, Fiona, 1966- author. Fiction
The Hidden One (11) Castillo, Linda, author. Fiction
The It Girl (11) Ware, Ruth, author. Fiction
The Love Hypothesis (11) Hazelwood, Ali, author. Fiction
The Rabbit Hutch (10) Gunty, Tess, author. Fiction
Finding Me (10) Davis, Viola, 1965- author. Biography
Cloud Cuckoo Land : A Novel (10) Doerr, Anthony, 1973- author. Fiction
The Reading List : A Novel (10) Adams, Sara Nisha, author. Fiction
Mexican Gothic (10) Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, author. Fiction
Every Summer After (10) Fortune, Carley, author. Fiction
Signal Fires (9) Shapiro, Dani, author. Fiction
The Librarian Spy : A Novel Of... (9) The librarian spy : a novel of World War II Martin, Madeline, author. Fiction
The Family Remains : A Novel (9) Jewell, Lisa, author. Fiction
Daisy Darker (9) Feeney, Alice, author. Fiction
Hunting Time (9) Deaver, Jeffery, author. Fiction
Hidden Pictures (9) Rekulak, Jason, author. Fiction
Finding Perfect : A Novella (9) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
The Passenger (8) McCarthy, Cormac, 1933- author. Fiction
Where The Crawdads Sing (8) Owens, Delia, author. Fiction
November 9 : A Novel (8) Hoover, Colleen. Fiction
The Midnight Library (8) Haig, Matt, 1975- author. Fiction
The Girl In His Shadow : A Novel (8) The girl in his shadow : a novel Blake, Audrey, active 2020, auth... Fiction
Fairy Tale : A Novel (8) King, Stephen, 1947- author. Fiction
The Viper (7) Ward, J. R., 1969- author. Fiction
The Seven Moons Of Maali Almeida... (7) The seven moons of Maali Almeida : a novel Karunatilaka, Shehan, author. Fiction
Oath Of Loyalty : A Mitch Rapp... (7) Oath of loyalty : a Mitch Rapp novel Mills, Kyle, 1966- author. Fiction
Girl, Forgotten : A Novel (7) Slaughter, Karin, 1971- author. Fiction
Things We Do In The Dark (7) Hillier, Jennifer, author. Fiction
The House In The Cerulean Sea (7) The house in the Cerulean Sea Klune, TJ, author. Fantasy/SciFi
Layla (7) Layla Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
The Music Of Bees : A Novel (7) Garvin, Eileen, author. Fiction
Point Of Retreat : A Novel (7) Hoover, Colleen. Fiction
Mr. Dickens And His Carol (7) Silva, Samantha, author. Fiction
Meet Me Under The Mistletoe (6) Bayliss, Jenny, author. Fiction
Ship Wrecked : A Novel (6) Dade, Olivia, author. Fiction
Lucy By The Sea : A Novel (6) Strout, Elizabeth, author. Fiction
Black Dog (6) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
Tom Clancy Red Winter (6) Cameron, Marc, author. Fiction
Still Life (6) Penny, Louise. Mystery
A Redbird Christmas : A Novel (6) A redbird Christmas : a novel Flagg, Fannie. Fiction
Winter Street : A Novel (6) Hilderbrand, Elin, author. Fiction
Love And Other Words (6) Lauren, Christina, author. Fiction
Homegoing : A Novel (6) Gyasi, Yaa, author. Urban Lit
Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And... (6) Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Zevin, Gabrielle, author. Fiction
Falling Stars (6) Michaels, Fern, author. Fiction
The Ink Black Heart (6) Galbraith, Robert, author. Mystery
The Road To Christmas (5) Roberts, Sheila, 1951- author. Fiction
Now Is Not The Time To Panic : A... (5) Now is not the time to panic : a novel Wilson, Kevin, 1978- author. Fiction
Look Closer (5) Ellis, David, 1967- author. Fiction
We Are The Light (5) Quick, Matthew, 1973- author. Fiction
The Twelve Topsy-turvy, Very... (5) The twelve topsy-turvy, very messy days of Christmas Patterson, James, 1947- author. Fiction
Book Lovers (5) Henry, Emily, author. Fiction
Horse (5) Horse Brooks, Geraldine. Fiction
The High Notes : A Novel (5) Steel, Danielle, author. Fiction
Heart Bones (5) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
In A Holidaze (5) Lauren, Christina, author. Fiction
Slammed : A Novel (5) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
Losing Hope : A Novel (5) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
The Love Of My Life : A Novel (5) The love of my life : a novel Walsh, Rosie, author. Fiction
Distant Shores (5) Hannah, Kristin. Fiction
A Man Called Ove : A Novel (5) Backman, Fredrik, 1981- Fiction
Olive Kitteridge (5) Strout, Elizabeth. Fiction
Summer Island : A Novel (5) Hannah, Kristin, author. Fiction
Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas : A... (5) Suzanne's diary for Nicholas : a novel Patterson, James, 1947- Fiction
Dark Whisper (4) Feehan, Christine, author. Fiction
Thank You For Listening : A... (4) Thank you for listening : a novel Whelan, Julia, 1984- author. Fiction
The Book Haters' Book Club (4) Anthony, Gretchen, author. Fiction
The Last Song : A Novel (4) Sparks, Nicholas, author. Fiction
Christmas At The Cupcake... (4) Christmas at the Cupcake Café : a novel Colgan, Jenny, author. Fiction
November 9 (4) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
A Visit From The Goon Squad (4) Egan, Jennifer. Fiction
Finding Cinderella : A Novella (4) Finding Cinderella : a novella Hoover, Colleen. Fiction
It Happened One Summer : A Novel (4) It happened one summer : a novel Bailey, Tessa, author. Fiction
Reminders Of Him : A Novel (4) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
Confess : A Novel (4) Hoover, Colleen, author. Fiction
The Beekeeper Of Aleppo : A... (4) The beekeeper of Aleppo : a novel Lefteri, Christy, 1980- author. Fiction
The Christmas Swap (4) Carlson, Melody, author. Large Type
Before The Coffee Gets Cold : A... (4) Before the coffee gets cold : a novel Kawaguchi, Toshikazu, 1971- auth... Fiction
The Very Secret Society Of... (4) The very secret society of irregular witches Mandanna, Sangu, author. Fiction
Small Things Like These (4) Keegan, Claire, author. Fiction
Nightwork (4) Nightwork Roberts, Nora, author. Large Type
The House Across The Lake : A... (4) The house across the lake : a novel Sager, Riley, author. Fiction
Tender Is The Flesh : A Novel (4) Tender is the flesh : a novel Bazterrica, Agustina María, 19... Fiction
In Search Of The Magic Theater (4) In search of the magic theater Huebner, Karla, author. Fiction
Treacle Walker (3) Garner, Alan, 1934- author. Fiction
Kiss Her Once For Me : A Novel (3) Kiss her once for me : a novel Cochrun, Alison, author. Fiction
Blitz : A Novel (3) O'Malley, Daniel, author. Fiction
Mrs Harris Goes To Paris ; &,... (3) Mrs Harris goes to Paris ; &, Mrs Harris goes to New York Gallico, Paul, 1897-1976, author... Fiction
Babysitter (3) Babysitter Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author... Fiction
The Sea Wolves (3) Du Brul, Jack B., author. Fiction
White Horse (3) Wurth, Erika T., author. Fiction
Sundown (3) Sundown Warren, Susan May, 1966- author. Fiction
The Prisoner (3) Paris, B. A., author. Fiction
The Rewind (3) Scotch, Allison Winn, author. Fiction
Lucy By The Sea (3) Strout, Elizabeth, author. Large Type
Such A Pretty Girl (3) Greenwood, T. (Tammy), author. Fiction
Bad Girl Reputation : An Avalon... (3) Bad girl reputation : an Avalon Bay novel Kennedy, Elle, author. Fiction
The Marriage Portrait (3) O'Farrell, Maggie, 1972- author. Fiction
Woman Of Light (3) Fajardo-Anstine, Kali, author. Fiction
Clive Cussler's Hellburner : A... (3) Clive Cussler's Hellburner : a novel of the Oregon files Maden, Mike, author. Fiction
Checkout 19 (3) Bennett, Claire-Louise, author. Fiction
These Silent Woods : A Novel (3) Grant, Kimi Cunningham, author. Fiction
Antarctica (3) Antarctica Keegan, Claire, author. Fiction
The Investigator (3) Sandford, John, 1944 February 23... Fiction
Reckoning (3) Reckoning Coulter, Catherine, author. Large Type
Jacqueline In Paris : A Novel (3) Jacqueline in Paris : a novel Mah, Ann, author. Fiction
The Hidden Prince (3) Afshar, Tessa, author. Fiction
The Authenticity Project (3) Pooley, Clare, author. Fiction
Coming Home For Christmas (3) Thayne, RaeAnne, author. Fiction
Yellow Wife : A Novel (3) Johnson, Sadeqa, author. Urban Lit
Comfort & Joy : A Fable (3) Hannah, Kristin, author. Fiction
The Holiday Swap (3) Knox, Maggie, author. Fiction
Sparring Partners (3) Grisham, John, author. Fiction
The Night She Disappeared (3) Jewell, Lisa, author. Large Type
Everything I Never Told You (3) Ng, Celeste, author. Fiction
Year One (3) Roberts, Nora, author. Large Type
Beartown : A Novel (3) Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author. Fiction
Dominicana (3) Dominicana Cruz, Angie, author. Fiction
The Light We Lost (3) Santopolo, Jill, author. Fiction
The Silent Patient (3) Michaelides, Alex, 1977- author. Fiction
Down A Dark Road (3) Castillo, Linda, author. Large Type
Her Last Breath (3) Castillo, Linda. Fiction
The Deal Of A Lifetime : A... (3) The deal of a lifetime : a novella Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author. Fiction
The Reckoning (3) Grisham, John, author. Fiction
The Broken Girls (3) St. James, Simone, author. Fiction
One Day In December : A Novel (3) One day in December : a novel Silver, Josie, author. Fiction
Wishing On Snowflakes : Two... (3) Wishing on snowflakes : two wintry novels DeMaio, Joanne. Fiction
Then She Was Gone : A Novel (3) Jewell, Lisa, author. Fiction
The Good House (3) Leary, Ann. Fiction
Fire & Blood (3) Martin, George R. R., author. Fantasy/SciFi
Tell Me Lies : A Novel (3) Lovering, Carola, author. Fiction
It : A Novel (3) King, Stephen, 1947- author. Fiction
Peg And Rose Solve A Murder (2) Berenson, Laurien, author. Large Type
The Lost Melody : A Novel (2) Politano, Joanna Davidson, 1982-... Fiction
A Christmas Carol And Other... (2) A Christmas carol and other Christmas books Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870. Fiction
The Language Of Flowers : A... (2) The language of flowers : a novel Diffenbaugh, Vanessa. Fiction
Spinning Silver (2) Novik, Naomi, author. Fantasy/SciFi
The Hollows (2) Montgomery, Jess, author. Large Type
All The Lonely People (2) Gayle, Mike, author. Fiction
The Twelve Dates Of Christmas (2) The twelve dates of Christmas Bayliss, Jenny, author. Fiction
The Awakening (2) Roberts, Nora, author. Fiction
The Girls In The Stilt House : A... (2) The girls in the stilt house : a novel Mustian, Kelly, author. Fiction
The Bookseller's Promise (2) Wiseman, Beth, 1962- author. Fiction
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