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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
The Hiding Place (26 Feb 2021) Munier, Paula, author. Mystery
The Night Gate (26 Feb 2021) May, Peter Mystery
Robert B. Parker's Payback (26 Feb 2021) Lupica, Mike Large Type
Poppy Harmon And The Pillow... (26 Feb 2021) POPPY HARMON AND THE PILLOW TALK KILLER Hollis, Lee, author. Mystery
What The Devil Knows : A... (26 Feb 2021) WHAT THE DEVIL KNOWS : a Sebastian St. Cyr mystery Harris, C. S., author. Mystery
Fresh Brewed Murder (26 Feb 2021) Duncan, Emmeline Mystery
Turn A Blind Eye (26 Feb 2021) Archer, Jeffrey Large Type
Mean And Shellfish (23 Feb 2021) Myers, Tamar Mystery
When A Stranger Comes To... (23 Feb 2021) WHEN A STRANGER COMES TO TOWN Koryta, Michael Mystery
The Bottoms (23 Feb 2021) Lansdale, Joe R., 1951- Mystery
Thief Of Souls (23 Feb 2021) Klingborg, Brian, 1967- auth... Mystery
The Girl Who Died (23 Feb 2021) Ragnar Jaonasson, 1976- auth... Mystery
Sherlock Holmes : The... (23 Feb 2021) SHERLOCK HOLMES : The Complete Novels and Stories Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir Mystery
Sherlock Holmes : The... (23 Feb 2021) SHERLOCK HOLMES : the complete novels and stories. Volume I Doyle, Arthur Conan, 1859-19... Mystery
The French Paradox (23 Feb 2021) Crosby, Ellen Mystery
Finlay Donovan Is Killing It (23 Feb 2021) Cosimano, Elle, author. Mystery
Flat White (23 Feb 2021) Balzo, Sandra Mystery
Hiss H For Homicide (23 Feb 2021) Lotempio, T. C. Mystery
The Hole Truth (23 Feb 2021) Beck, Jessica Mystery
A Not So Hallowed Eve (23 Feb 2021) Whiting, J A Mystery
Murder At The Ranch: A Lemon... (23 Feb 2021) MURDER AT THE RANCH: A Lemon Creek Mystery Suzette, Kathleen Mystery
The Art Of Murder: A Lemon... (23 Feb 2021) THE ART OF MURDER: A Lemon Creek Mystery Suzette, Kathleen Mystery
The Hercules Killer (23 Feb 2021) Whiting, J A Mystery
Deadly Valentine: A Pumpkin... (23 Feb 2021) DEADLY VALENTINE: A Pumpkin Hollow Mystery Suzette, Kathleen Mystery
Meow If It's Murder (23 Feb 2021) Lotempio, T. C. Mystery
A Stranger In Town (19 Feb 2021) Armstrong, Kelley, author. Mystery
Hide In Place : A Novel (19 Feb 2021) Naymark, Emilya, author. Mystery
A Page Marked For Murder (18 Feb 2021) Elliott, Lauren, author. Paperback
An Extravagant Death (18 Feb 2021) Finch, Charles (Charles B.),... Mystery
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake... (18 Feb 2021) Triple chocolate cheesecake murder Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author. Mystery
Battered Bluff : Donut... (18 Feb 2021) Battered bluff : donut mysteries book 51 Beck, Jessica, author. Mystery
Sweet Violet's Ghost (18 Feb 2021) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
Ropes, Riddles, & Robberies (18 Feb 2021) Kappes, Tonya, author. Mystery
The Darling Dahlias And The... (18 Feb 2021) The Darling Dahlias and the Voodoo Lily Albert, Susan Wittig, author... Mystery
Dead Broke : An Amish Cozy... (18 Feb 2021) Dead broke : an Amish cozy mystery Chapman, Vannetta, author. Mystery
A Forgotten Murder (18 Feb 2021) Deveraux, Jude, author. Large Type
A Lady Compromised (18 Feb 2021) Wilde, Darcie, author. Mystery
Death, Diamonds, And... (18 Feb 2021) Death, diamonds, and deception Simpson, Rosemary, 1942- aut... Mystery
Anonymous (18 Feb 2021) Anonymous Breck, Elizabeth, author. Mystery
Absence Of Mercy (18 Feb 2021) Goodwin, S. M., author. Mystery
Head Wounds (18 Feb 2021) McGarrity, Michael, author. Mystery
One Of Our Own (18 Feb 2021) Haddam, Jane, 1951-2019, aut... Mystery
Curses Are For Cads (18 Feb 2021) Berry, Tamara, author. Mystery
The Night Of The Fire : A... (18 Feb 2021) The night of the fire : a mystery Eriksson, Kjell, 1953- autho... Mystery
The Malt In Our Stars (18 Feb 2021) Fox, Sarah (Mystery writer),... Mystery
Snowdrift (18 Feb 2021) Snowdrift Tursten, Helene, 1954- autho... Mystery
Missing And Endangered : A... (17 Feb 2021) Missing and endangered : a Brady novel of suspense Jance, Judith A., author. Mystery
The Robin's Greeting (12 Feb 2021) Brunstetter, Wanda E. Mystery
One Poison Pie (12 Feb 2021) Cahoon, Lynn, author. Mystery
Death By Intermission (12 Feb 2021) Morgan, Alexis, author. Mystery
Fortune And Glory :... (12 Feb 2021) Fortune and glory : tantalizing twenty-seven Evanovich, Janet, author. Large Type
The Survivors (12 Feb 2021) Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth... Mystery
Deep Into The Dark (12 Feb 2021) Tracy, P. J., author. Mystery
Ink And Shadows (12 Feb 2021) Adams, Ellery, author. Mystery
Hush-hush (12 Feb 2021) Hush-hush Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
Killing In C Sharp (11 Feb 2021) Gordon, Alexia Mystery
Fatality In F (11 Feb 2021) Gordon, Alexia Mystery
Execution In E (11 Feb 2021) Gordon, Alexia Mystery
The Conjure-man Dies: A... (11 Feb 2021) THE CONJURE-MAN DIES: A HARLEM MYSTERY Fisher, Rudolph Mystery
Moonflower Murders : A Novel (10 Feb 2021) Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- aut... Large Type
Out Of Range (10 Feb 2021) Box, C. J., author. Paperback
Murder On Cold Street (10 Feb 2021) Thomas, Sherry (Sherry M.), ... Mystery
The Finders (10 Feb 2021) Burton, Jeffrey B., author. Mystery
Murder At Blackwater Bend (10 Feb 2021) McKenna, Clara, author. Mystery
Murder At Queen's Landing (10 Feb 2021) Penrose, Andrea, author. Mystery
A Pretty Deceit (10 Feb 2021) Huber, Anna Lee, author. Mystery
Deception By Gaslight (10 Feb 2021) Belli, Kate, author. Mystery
Murder In Season (10 Feb 2021) Fletcher, Jessica, author. Mystery
Murder At Mabel's Motel (10 Feb 2021) McKevett, G. A., author. Mystery
The House On Vesper Sands :... (10 Feb 2021) The house on Vesper Sands : a novel O'Donnell, Paraic, author. Mystery
A Catered Book Club Murder (10 Feb 2021) Crawford, Isis, author. Mystery
Olive Bright, Pigeoneer (10 Feb 2021) Graves, Stephanie, author. Mystery
City Of Schemes (10 Feb 2021) Thompson, Victoria (Victoria... Mystery
The War Widow : A Novel (10 Feb 2021) Moss, Tara, author. Mystery
Bone Canyon (10 Feb 2021) Goldberg, Lee, 1962- author. Mystery
Watch Her (10 Feb 2021) Hill, Edwin, 1970- author. Mystery
Dachshund Through The Snow (10 Feb 2021) Rosenfelt, David, author. Large Type
The Forest Of Stolen Girls (10 Feb 2021) Hur, June, author. Mystery
Beyond Beyond (09 Feb 2021) Heywood, Joseph, author. Mystery
Cold Wind : A Mystery (09 Feb 2021) Shelton, Paige, author. Mystery
Hidden Treasure (09 Feb 2021) Cleland, Jane K., author. Mystery
Murder On Wall Street (05 Feb 2021) Thompson, Victoria (Victoria... Mystery
Ocean Prey (05 Feb 2021) Sandford, John Large Type
The K Team (05 Feb 2021) Rosenfelt, David, author. Large Type
Animal Instinct (05 Feb 2021) Rosenfelt, David Large Type
The Sanatorium (05 Feb 2021) Pearse, Sarah, author. Mystery
Murder At Wedgefield Manor (05 Feb 2021) Neubauer, Erica Ruth, 1979- ... Mystery
The Postscript Murders (05 Feb 2021) Griffiths, Elly, author. Mystery
Killing In A Koi Pond (05 Feb 2021) Fletcher, Jessica, author. Mystery
Lavender Blue Murder (05 Feb 2021) Childs, Laura, author. Large Type
Egg Shooters (05 Feb 2021) Childs, Laura Large Type
The Grim Reader (05 Feb 2021) Carlisle, Kate Large Type
Risk Factor (05 Feb 2021) Brandman, Michael Mystery
Dark Sky (05 Feb 2021) Box, C. J. Large Type
Hot To Trot (05 Feb 2021) Beaton, M. C./ Green, R. W. Large Type
Robert B. Parker's Someone... (05 Feb 2021) ROBERT B. PARKER'S SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME Atkins, Ace Large Type
Out Of Hounds : A Novel (05 Feb 2021) Brown, Rita Mae, author. Mystery
The Lost Boys (05 Feb 2021) Kellerman, Faye, author. Mystery
Christmas Shorts 2020 (05 Feb 2021) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
The Last Protector (05 Feb 2021) Taylor, Andrew, 1951 October... Mystery
Bryant & May : Oranges And... (05 Feb 2021) Bryant & May : oranges and lemons : a Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery Fowler, Christopher, author. Mystery
A Wicked Yarn (05 Feb 2021) Caldwell, Emmie, author. Mystery
To Fetch A Felon (05 Feb 2021) Hawkins, Jennifer (Novelist)... Paperback
Dead Man's Hand (04 Feb 2021) Bartlett, Lorraine Mystery
Murder Can Haunt Your... (03 Feb 2021) Murder can haunt your handiwork Pressey, Rose, author. Mystery
Cookies In The Cottage (03 Feb 2021) Daley, Kathi. Mystery
Death At A Country Mansion (03 Feb 2021) Innes, Louise R., author. Paperback
Wine Tastings Are Murder (03 Feb 2021) Klein, Libby (Mystery author... Paperback
Murder At Veronica's Diner (03 Feb 2021) Griffo, J. D., author. Mystery
A Big Fat Greek Murder (03 Feb 2021) Collins, Kate, 1951- author. Mystery
A Whisker Of A Doubt (03 Feb 2021) Conte, Cate, author. Paperback
Courting Can Be Killer (03 Feb 2021) Flower, Amanda, author. Paperback
Finished Off In Fondant (03 Feb 2021) Ross, Rosemarie, author. Mystery
Closely Harbored Secrets (03 Feb 2021) Baker, Bree, author. Mystery
Absence Of Alice (03 Feb 2021) Harris, Sherry (Mystery writ... Mystery
Bait And Witch (03 Feb 2021) Sanders, Angela M., author. Paperback
Murder With Oolong Tea (03 Feb 2021) Smith, Karen Rose, author. Mystery
Chilled To The Cone (03 Feb 2021) Alexander, Ellie, author. Mystery
Silent Bite (03 Feb 2021) Rosenfelt, David, author. Large Type
Egg Shooters (02 Feb 2021) Childs, Laura, author. Mystery
The Legacy (02 Feb 2021) Whiting, J A Mystery
Sweetly Dead: A Pumpkin... (02 Feb 2021) SWEETLY DEAD: A Pumpkin Hollow Mystery Suzette, Kathleen Mystery
Goose Hill Cemetery (02 Feb 2021) Whiting, J A Mystery
The Book Supremacy (02 Feb 2021) Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author... Large Type
Stargazer (29 Jan 2021) STARGAZER Hillerman, Anne Mystery
Nobody Knows But You (29 Jan 2021) Rissi, Anica Mrose, author. Mystery
Irish Parade Murder (29 Jan 2021) Meier, Leslie, author. Mystery
Serpentine (29 Jan 2021) Serpentine Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Mystery
A Crime Of A Different... (29 Jan 2021) A crime of a different stripe Goldenbaum, Sally, author. Mystery
Poetic Justice (29 Jan 2021) Johnson, Andrea J., author. Mystery
Bodies And Bows (29 Jan 2021) Penney, Elizabeth Mystery
The Poet (29 Jan 2021) Jones, Lisa Renee Mystery
Murder At The Taffy Shop (29 Jan 2021) Day, Maddie Mystery
Credible Threat (28 Jan 2021) Jance, Judith A., author. Large Type
Game Of Cones (28 Jan 2021) Baxter, Cynthia, 1953- autho... Mystery
The Unspoken (28 Jan 2021) Smith, Ian, 1969- author. Mystery
Pride And Premeditation (28 Jan 2021) Price, Tirzah, author. Mystery
Rough Country (28 Jan 2021) Sandford, John Mystery
Dark Of The Moon (28 Jan 2021) Sandford, John Mystery
Heat Lightning (28 Jan 2021) Sandford, John Mystery
Kiss 'n Tell (28 Jan 2021) Daley, Kathi Mystery
Claw & Disorder (28 Jan 2021) Watkins, Eileen Mystery
Bad Blood (28 Jan 2021) Sandford, John Mystery
The Grim Reader (27 Jan 2021) Carlisle, Kate Mystery
For Batter Or Worse (27 Jan 2021) McKinlay, Jenn Mystery
The Ghost And The Haunted... (27 Jan 2021) THE GHOST AND THE HAUNTED PORTRAIT Coyle, Cleo Mystery
Hush-hush (27 Jan 2021) Hush-hush Craig, Elizabeth Spann, 1971... Mystery
Red Roses (27 Jan 2021) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
Sherlock Holmes & The Beast... (22 Jan 2021) Sherlock Holmes & the beast of the Stapletons Lovegrove, James, author. Mystery
Robert B. Parker's Someone... (21 Jan 2021) Robert B. Parker's Someone to watch over me Atkins, Ace, author. Mystery
Spin (21 Jan 2021) Spin Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, ... Mystery
The Wicked Hour : A Natalie... (21 Jan 2021) The wicked hour : a Natalie Lockhart novel Blanchard, Alice, author. Mystery
Germania : A Novel Of Nazi... (21 Jan 2021) Germania : a novel of Nazi Berlin Gilbers, Harald, 1969- autho... Mystery
Grounds For Murder : A... (21 Jan 2021) Grounds for murder : a coffee lover's mystery Lush, Tara, author. Mystery
A Deadly Edition (21 Jan 2021) Gilbert, Victoria, author. Mystery
The Demon Of Dakar (20 Jan 2021) Eriksson, Kjell, 1953- autho... Mystery
The Princess Of Burundi (20 Jan 2021) Eriksson, Kjell, 1953- autho... Mystery
The Pecan Springs Enterprise... (20 Jan 2021) The Pecan Springs enterprise trilogy : Deadlines, Fault lines, Fire lines Albert, Susan Wittig, author... Mystery
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