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Dayton Metro Library Strategic Plan

 Dayton Metro Library is committed to a bold, inventive and forward-looking strategic plan. Our trustees and staff are planning exciting new opportunities to showcase our extensive resources as we complete an extraordinary transformation.

Our Libraries for a Smarter Future construction project will result in 17 new community and neighborhood assets, including a new Main Library downtown, 11 new Branches, and major renovations at 5 existing Branches.

This facilities project – unprecedented in Dayton Metro Library’s history – was made possible in 2012 when more than 60% of Montgomery County voters supported a bond issue to fund a $187 million building plan. This once-in-a-century makeover is more than an opportunity to unveil world-class buildings. It also allows us to re-imagine what Dayton Metro Library can be.

Our strategic plan incorporates 21st-century best practices and both anticipates and responds to the fast-paced changes around us. While our patrons’ needs and expectations are expanding exponentially, we embrace the challenge to exceed their hopes.

In our last strategic plan, the Library was confronted with unprecedented uncertainty – steep state budget cuts and plummeting local property tax revenue. We committed to maintaining quality, even as we were making do with less.  Now, with the opening of our new facilities, we’re seizing the momentum.


We’re preparing to deliver stellar service in fun, welcoming, convenient and efficient spaces while also rising to meet new demands.  During our building planning, we asked patrons what they wanted, and today our new buildings and our priorities reflect their dreams and expectations.

What does our strategic plan promise?

Enhance our core services. We’ll continue to deliver high quality services and programs. Our patrons depend on us to ensure they’ll have access to a free flow of information and extensive materials that inform and inspire. They trust us to be accessible and current.

Explore our aspirations. We will stretch the definition of what a library should be. Libraries today are not just spaces to consume content -- they’re a place to discover, invent, collaborate and create.

Expand partnerships. Exceptional libraries are only as good as the sum of their partners. Many of our success measures are goals shared by the community. That alignment creates powerful synergy that demonstrates the Library’s enduring relevance.

planthumbnailSpecifically, our strategic partnerships include:

  • Helping ensure that children are ready for kindergarten
  • Promoting reading proficiency and a life-long love for reading and learning
  • Leading efforts to encourage summer and out-of-school learning
  • Advancing educational attainment through exploration of career, college and work opportunities

Equip our staff and invest in support systems. The Library will be fiscally prudent and support a nimble and well-trained organization. We will be diligent in our investments in technology.  

Much will be happening during the next three years, and we are thrilled to share our plan, Strategies for Impact: 2016 – 2018, included here in a printable form.

Libraries for a Smarter Future was not just the name of our widely successful bond issue campaign. It is our touchstone going forward.

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