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The Dayton Metro Library is proud to offer a wide variety of services to the residents of Montgomery County and the state of Ohio. From traditional library services, such as library card applications and interlibrary loans, to some of the more unique services such as voter registration and meeting room reservations, the library strives to offer services that support our mission to "...inform, inspire and enrich our community by linking individuals to information needed for personal success..."

We also recognize the need to grow and adjust as technology and economic pressures create new challenges for library patrons. We are constantly striving to meet those needs while keeping the cost at the same low price it has been for decades...FREE! The library's new open computer lab at Main and our early literacy programs are just two of the ways we are working to meet your needs.

If you don't find a service you are interested in listed, please call 937.463.BOOK (2665) and speak with one of our library staff members. We may offer something that can fit your needs or you may provide us with a valuable insight into an underserved need in our area.


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Common Questions

I returned something that belongs to a different library system. Who do I call?

The items are sent to the Main Library; from there, are then shipped or mailed back to the owning library. Feel free to call 937.463.BOOK (2665) for more information.


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