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25 Good Reasons for Kids to Participate in Summer Challenge

  1. summerYou will notice that your child is more prepared when school starts again in the fall.
  2. You will find that your child has maintained, or even increased, his reading skills.
  3. You are likely to notice that your child reads more often and enjoys reading more.
  4. You may be inspired to read more too!
  5. Kids can count not only the time they spend reading, but also the time they spend learning stuff and having fun at Library programs.
  6. Summer Challenge keeps kids busy instead of bored during the summer.
  7. Summer Challenge teaches kids to set goals and work toward achieving them.
  8. Summer Challenge rewards kids for the work they do with fun prizes and incentives.
  9. Kids who reach 3600 minutes will be invited to an awesome BOONSHOFT MUSEUM TAKEOVER event in the fall!
  10. You can set aside time each day when all electronics are turned off and everyone reads.
  11. Your child may discover new interests by attending Library programs about space, animals, performing arts and more.
  12. Have a reluctant reader? Try eBooks! Your child may like that format better.
  13. Library programs are FREE, and fun things are happening this summer at all DML locations.
  14. Have kids of various ages in the family? Get them all signed up and they can motivate each other!
  15. Your child’s school may benefit. Elementary schools are eligible to win cash prizes from Vectren Foundation for their Summer Challenge participation.
  16. Your child can earn new books to keep – and having books at home is strongly linked to academic achievement.
  17. Your whole family will find FREE activities to enjoy together at the Library, and your child can count them toward reaching their Summer Challenge goals.
  18. You may be surprised by how focused your child can be when engaged in a book she loves.
  19. prizesYou may be surprised by how determined your child can be when working toward a specific goal.
  20. Educators recognize that summer reading programs are beneficial to students, keeping them engaged in learning while out of school.
  21. The more your child reads, the more his vocabulary increases.
  22. Read the books your child is reading, and you can have great conversations about them – your own Family Book Club.
  23. Read aloud to your child, even if he can read on his own. You’ll be creating warm memories for both of you.
  24. Make sure your child CHOOSES what she wants to read during the summer, so it doesn’t feel like an “assignment” from you or a teacher.
  25. If you’re traveling this summer, listen to audiobooks in the car. Long trip? Start the Harry Potter series!

Register at your Library and keep track on a paper tracker. You can also register and keep track online here.


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