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Quick Question: What's a Good Donor Database?


blastoffIf your organization plans to fund its work through individual donations, you must have a system for tracking each person's gifts over the years. A donor database is something that divides successful fundraising programs from those which are less successful.

The Grassroots Fundraising Journal recommends two top choices for smaller nonprofits: DonorPerfect and FrontStream (formerly called Giftworks). They also recommend the free and open-source tool, CiviCRM. Another popular product is Blackbaud's eTapestry.

Remember: "Ninety percent of success with a database tool isn't about the tool - it's about having effective processes around it." That means your organization will also need detail-oriented data entry to make fundraising work.

For a complete review of donor databases, check out NTEN - Nonprofit Technology Network.

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