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Bashaw Concert for Kids at the Main Library

Innovative musicians Michael and Sandy Bashaw are well-known in the Dayton area not only for their music, but also for the instruments they use – from the traditional to the unexpected. On Saturday, May 12, the Bashaws perform a free concert especially for children at 2:00 p.m. in the Dayton Metro Library’s Bassani Theater Off Third, 215 E. Third Street.

“Water!” is a concert that explores different aspects and uses of water. Throughout the show, children are introduced to both common and unusual world instruments, from the guitar and flute to a Chinese sheng and a Tanzanian ilimba. Kids are encouraged to improvise with the Bashaws to create a collaborative, musical rain storm.

“Because much of our music is inspired by our love of nature, we have created a show to share that love with children,” said Bashaw. “We chose water as our theme because it’s one of the most primal and basic of nature’s elements. Our intention is to engage young children, both musically and with hands-on activity, in a learning experience about the importance of clean water in our lives.”

The free, hour-long concert is geared toward children PreK to grade 6 and their families. Michael Bashaw has conducted residencies and workshops in hundreds of schools over the past 25 years. Both Michael and Sandy are Emmy-nominated composers.

For more information call 937.463.2665.

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