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Teen Fiction Contest Winner Announced

Scores are tallied and the results are in! The winners in the Dayton Metro Library’s Teen Fiction Contest were announced on Saturday, March 18.

“We have such creative, talented teens in the Miami Valley,” said Steve Moser, Teen Services Coordinator for the Library. “Contests like this one and our current Photo Contest give teens a chance to really show their skills and shine.”

Cash prizes awarded by The Friends of the Library were presented during a ceremony at the Northwest Branch Library on Philadelphia Drive. Seventy-eight entries were received in categories for 7-9 grade and 10-12 grade. The winners are:

7 - 9th grade General Fiction:

  1. The Crest by Imelda Donnelly, The Miami Valley School
  2. Nomads by Elizabeth Blackshire, Chaminade Julienne High School
  3. Melting by Eleanor Peters, The Miami Valley School

7 - 9th grade Flash Fiction:

  1. Before the Fall by Asha Buerk, The Miami Valley School
  2. A Solemn Lighthouse by Jack Huffman, Chaminade Julienne High School
  3. The Cookie Jar by Nico Balint, East Dayton Christian

7 - 9th grade Fan Fiction:

  1. A Jester's Origin by Fabrice Uwihirwe, Kettering Fairmont High School
  2. Lucky Ones by Bailey Atkinson, Kettering Middle School
  3. Something Is...Different by Danika Vrtar, homeschool

10 - 12th grade General Fiction:

  1. Hide and Seek by Angela Lin, Beavercreek High School
  2. The Fall of Pompeii by Rose Tyler, Beavercreek High School
  3. Stage Fright by Riley Bowman, Dixie High School

10 - 12th grade Flash Fiction:

  1. Schuster by Philippa Zhang, Oakwood High School
  2. Reflections by Elizabeth C. Hinkle, homeschool
  3. Routines for the Indifferent by Keress Ambrose Frey Weidner, Kettering Fairmont High School

10 - 12th grade Fan Fiction:

  1. Star Wars: Shadows of the Dark Side by Alexander Kinne, Kettering Fairmont High School
  2. Change of Heart by Allison Brewer, school not specified
  3. John, James, & David by Zachary Layman, Stebbins High School

The Library’s Teen Photo Contest, which also awards cash prizes, is accepting entries now through March 31. To read the winning works, click here. or call 937.496.8510.

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