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TITLE (# Requests) AUTHOR Format
Hardcore Twenty-four: A... (65) EVANOVICH, JANET Mystery
Y Is For Yesterday (51) GRAFTON, SUE Mystery
Golden Prey (45) Sandford, John, 1944 February 23... Mystery
Dangerous Minds : A Knight And... (34) Evanovich, Janet, author. Mystery
Deep Freeze (24) SANDFORD, JOHN Mystery
Glass Houses (23) PENNY, LOUISE Mystery
Quick & Dirty (23) WOODS, STUART Mystery
Magpie Murders (22) Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- author. Mystery
Dangerous Minds (21) Evanovich, Janet, author. Large Type
Indecent Exposure (20) Woods, Stuart, author. Mystery
Two Nights (16) REICHS, KATHY Mystery
Take Out : A Mystery (16) Maron, Margaret, author. Mystery
Casualty Of War: A Bess Crawford... (14) TODD, CHARLES Mystery
Crime Scene (14) KELLERMAN, JONATHAN Mystery
Barely Legal (14) WOODS, STUART Mystery
Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's... (13) COLEMAN, REED FARREL Mystery
Once Upon A Spine : A... (12) Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author. Mystery
Ghost On The Case (12) HART, CAROLYN Mystery
Turkey Trot Murder (12) MEIER, LESLIE Mystery
Proof Of Life: A J. P. Beaumont... (12) JANCE, J A Mystery
Witches' Tree: An Agatha Raisin... (12) BEATON, M C Mystery
Christmas Return (11) PERRY, ANNE Mystery
Nothing Stays Buried (10) Tracy, P. J, author. Mystery
The Chalk Pit : A Ruth Galloway... (10) Griffiths, Elly, author. Mystery
Paradise Valley (10) BOX, C J Mystery
How The Finch Stole Christmas!: ... (10) ANDREWS, DONNA Mystery
Proving Ground (9) Blauner, Peter, author. Mystery
A Just Clause (9) Barrett, Lorna, author. Mystery
One Of Us Is Lying (8) McManus, Karen M., author. Mystery
Still Life (8) Penny, Louise. Mystery
Patterned After Death (8) Casey, Elizabeth Lynn, author. Paperback
The Templars' Last Secret (8) Walker, Martin, 1947 January 23-... Mystery
Vicious Circle : A Joe Pickett... (7) Box, C. J., author. Mystery
Ink And Ashes (7) Maetani, Valynne E., author. Mystery
Golden Prey (7) Sandford, John, 1944 February 23... Large Type
Knife Creek (7) Doiron, Paul, author. Mystery
A Hiss Before Dying (6) Brown, Rita Mae, author. Mystery
Walking On My Grave (6) Hart, Carolyn G., author. Mystery
Bones And The Dinosaur Mystery (6) Adler, David A. Mystery
Murder On The Orient Express : A... (6) Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Mystery
Cranberry Crimes (6) Beck, Jessica, author. Mystery
Bearly Departed (6) Macy, Meg, author. Mystery
Threads Of Suspicion (5) Henderson, Dee, author. Mystery
Yews With Caution (5) Collins, Kate, 1951- author. Paperback
Treble At The Jam Fest (5) Budewitz, Leslie, author. Mystery
What The Dead Leave Behind (4) Housewright, David, 1955- author... Mystery
Death By Vanilla Latte (4) Erickson, Alex, author. Paperback
Robert B. Parker's Little White... (4) Atkins, Ace, author. Mystery
Only Skein Deep (4) Sefton, Maggie, author. Mystery
Raven Black : [a Thriller (4) Cleeves, Ann. Mystery
The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd : A... (4) Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Mystery
French Fried (4) Logan, Kylie, author. Paperback
The Black Cat Sees His Shadow (4) Finch, Kay, author. Mystery
The Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes (4) Goldberg, Leonard S., author. Mystery
A Deeper Grave (4) Webb, Debra. Mystery
Fast & Loose (3) Woods, Stuart, author. Mystery
Below The Belt (3) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
Collecting The Dead (3) Kope, Spencer, author. Mystery
The Woman In Cabin 10 (3) Ware, Ruth, author. Mystery
Room One : A Mystery Or Two (3) Clements, Andrew, 1949- Paperback
The Cruelest Month : A Chief... (3) Penny, Louise. Mystery
The Stationmaster's Farewell (3) Marston, Edward. Mystery
The Last Chance Olive Ranch (3) Albert, Susan Wittig, author. Large Type
The Missing Ones (3) Gibney, Patricia, author. Mystery
Endgame : A Nameless Detective... (3) Pronzini, Bill, author. Mystery
Fallout (3) Paretsky, Sara, author. Mystery
A Dark So Deadly (3) MacBride, Stuart, author. Mystery
Shiver Hitch (3) Greenlaw, Linda, 1960- author. Mystery
Marriage Is Pure Murder (3) McLaughlin, Staci, author. Mystery
A Rule Against Murder : A Chief... (3) Penny, Louise. Mystery
Mr. Monk Gets On Board (2) Conrad, Hy. Mystery
Breaking Silence (2) Castillo, Linda. Mystery
Murder With Puffins (2) Andrews, Donna. Mystery
Mr. Monk Helps Himself : A Novel (2) Conrad, Hy. Mystery
The Cold Light Of Mourning (2) Duncan, Elizabeth J. Mystery
The Cold Dish (2) Johnson, Craig, 1961- Mystery
Murder On Bank Street : A... (2) Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.) Mystery
Eggs In Purgatory (2) Childs, Laura. Paperback
Moonlight Mile (2) Lehane, Dennis. Mystery
Deadline (2) Sandford, John, 1944 February 23... Paperback
I Hunt Killers (2) Lyga, Barry. Mystery
Death Threads (2) Casey, Elizabeth Lynn. Paperback
Sworn To Silence (2) Castillo, Linda. Mystery
Bones And The Apple Pie Mystery (2) Adler, David A. Mystery
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