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Why You Need to Love Them Out Loud

mombabyLearning to communicate is super important! And no one is better at teaching your baby than YOU. Each day, you are developing your own special ways to communicate, providing a lasting bond and laying the groundwork for your child’s limitless future. Love Them Out Loud is a Dayton Metro Library program that promotes early childhood literacy and development by providing resources and support to parents and caregivers in Montgomery County, Ohio. Thank you to all our partners who share our dedication to creating a brighter future, one child at a time.

The sooner they start, the further they’ll go!



  1. When your baby makes sounds, be sure to make eye contact and respond. He’ll learn that efforts to communicate are effective and important.
  2. Imitate the sounds your child makes. Take turns imitating each other. Laughing is a bonus!
  3. Name the objects around you, describe what you’re doing and explain what will happen next.
  4. Repeat what your child says using more sophisticated words and sentences to expand her vocabulary.

Your child will enjoy…

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