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MCOFuture Public Forum:

November 12 . MCOFuture Public Forum: Employers' Needs - The Student Talent Pipeline
Sinclair Community College Ponitz Center, Building 12, 444 W. Third St.; 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Montgomery County and the Dayton Region are facing an incredible challenge when it comes to our future workforce. Our employers need to fill positions and we must, as a community, prepare a talent pipeline. To be successful, our young people must have work experience now in the form of internships, co-ops and/or part-time jobs to expose them to industries and businesses and prepare them for jobs. Business leaders, human resources representatives, school guidance counselors and community members -- join us for our next MCOFuture public forum to help address such questions as: What do we need to do to provide work experience to our young people to improve our workforce and pipeline? Does your company already have a talent pipeline system? How can the County and economic development organizations help build that pipeline that serves our companies? How are schools and colleges addressing internships and co-ops for their students? Please RSVP by calling 496-7007 or emailing

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