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Freedom First : Escape The... (21 Feb 2020) Freedom first : escape the income trap, unlock your potential and be financially free, now Klan, Matthew, author. NonFiction
The Savage Truth On Money (21 Feb 2020) Savage, Terry, author. NonFiction
Breaking The Two-party Doom... (21 Feb 2020) Breaking the two-party doom loop : the case for multiparty democracy in America Drutman, Lee, 1976- author. NonFiction
Breaking Hate : Confronting... (21 Feb 2020) Breaking hate : confronting the new culture of extremism Picciolini, Christian, autho... NonFiction
Operation Chastise : The... (21 Feb 2020) Operation Chastise : the RAF's most brilliant attack of World War II Hastings, Max, author. NonFiction
Unknown Valor : A Story Of... (21 Feb 2020) Unknown valor : a story of family, courage, and sacrifice from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima MacCallum, Martha, 1964- aut... NonFiction
Facebook : The Inside Story (21 Feb 2020) Levy, Steven, author. NonFiction
Praxis Core (21 Feb 2020) Kirkland, Carla, author. NonFiction
Whistleblower : My Journey... (21 Feb 2020) Whistleblower : my journey to Silicon Valley and fight for justice at Uber Fowler, Susan J., author. NonFiction
The Boston Massacre : A... (21 Feb 2020) The Boston Massacre : a family history Zabin, Serena R., author. NonFiction
The Ones We've Been Waiting... (21 Feb 2020) The ones we've been waiting for : how a new generation of leaders will transform America Alter, Charlotte, author. NonFiction
A Map Is Only One Story :... (21 Feb 2020) A map is only one story : twenty writers on immigration family and the meaning of home NonFiction
Until The End Of Time :... (21 Feb 2020) Until the end of time : mind, matter, and our search for meaning in an evolving universe Greene, B. (Brian), 1963- au... NonFiction
Epstein : Dead Men Tell No... (21 Feb 2020) Epstein : dead men tell no tales : spies, lies & blackmail Howard, Dylan, author. NonFiction
The Cost Of Loyalty :... (21 Feb 2020) The cost of loyalty : dishonesty, hubris, and failure in the U.S. military Bakken, Tim, author. NonFiction
F*ck Silence : Calling Trump... (21 Feb 2020) F*ck silence : calling Trump out for the cultish, moronic, authoritarian con man he is Walsh, Joe, author. NonFiction
Private Investigations :... (21 Feb 2020) PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS : mystery writers on the secrets, riddles, and wonders in their lives Zackheim, Victoria NonFiction
Better Stretching : 9... (21 Feb 2020) BETTER STRETCHING : 9 minutes a day to greater flexibility, less pain, and improved performance Yoon, Joe, author. NonFiction
Selected Poems (21 Feb 2020) Wordsworth, William NonFiction
Rex Ray (21 Feb 2020) Williams, Griff/ Solnit, Reb... NonFiction
The Process : The... (21 Feb 2020) THE PROCESS : the Philadelphia 76ers and the most audacious experiment in the history of professional sports Weitzman, Yaron, author. NonFiction
Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual :... (21 Feb 2020) STAR TREK: KIRK FU MANUAL : A Guide to Starfleet's Most Feared Martial Art Ward, Dayton/ Cornia, Christ... NonFiction
I Am A Leader : When Women... (21 Feb 2020) I AM A LEADER : when women discover the joy of their calling Ward, Angie, 1970- author. NonFiction
Spacefarers : How Humans... (21 Feb 2020) SPACEFARERS : how humans will settle the Moon, Mars, and beyond Wanjek, Christopher, 1967- a... NonFiction
For Joshua : An Ojibway... (21 Feb 2020) FOR JOSHUA : an Ojibway father teaches his son Wagamese, Richard, author. NonFiction
The Compendium Of Weirdly... (21 Feb 2020) THE COMPENDIUM OF WEIRDLY SPECIFIC WORDS : Including Bumbledom, Jumentous, Spaghettification, and More Vendetti, Tyler/ Pry, Rebecc... NonFiction
Becoming Sage : Cultivating... (21 Feb 2020) BECOMING SAGE : cultivating meaning, purpose, and spirituality in midlife Van Loon, Michelle, author. NonFiction
The Classic Streamer Fly Box (21 Feb 2020) Valla, Mike, author. NonFiction
The Greatest Fishing Stories... (21 Feb 2020) THE GREATEST FISHING STORIES EVER TOLD : Twenty-Eight Unforgettable Fishing Tales Underwood, Lamar (EDT) NonFiction
Taste Of Home Handmade... (21 Feb 2020) TASTE OF HOME HANDMADE OUTDOOR CRAFTS : 70+ Fun & Easy Projects Taste of Home (COR) NonFiction
The Good Assassin : How A... (21 Feb 2020) THE GOOD ASSASSIN : how a Mossad agent and a band of survivors hunted down the Butcher of Latvia Talty, Stephan, author. NonFiction
Frasca : A Love Letter To... (21 Feb 2020) FRASCA : a love letter to Friuli's food and wine Stuckey, Bobby, author. NonFiction
Outsmarting The Sociopath... (21 Feb 2020) OUTSMARTING THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR : how to protect yourself against a ruthless manipulator Stout, Martha, 1953- author. NonFiction
Wits, Flakes, And Clowns :... (21 Feb 2020) WITS, FLAKES, AND CLOWNS : the colorful characters of baseball Stewart, Wayne, 1951- author... NonFiction
Rivers Of Power : How A... (21 Feb 2020) RIVERS OF POWER : How a Natural Force Raised Kingdoms, Destroyed Civilizations, and Shapes Our World Smith, Laurence C. NonFiction
Adorable Baby Crochet (21 Feb 2020) Simpson, Kristi, author. NonFiction
Crazy Quilting Dazzling... (21 Feb 2020) CRAZY QUILTING DAZZLING DIAMOND : 27 embroidered & embellished blocks, 56 full-size seam designs Seaman Shaw, Kathy Lynn, 195... NonFiction
When Blood Breaks Down :... (21 Feb 2020) WHEN BLOOD BREAKS DOWN : life lessons from leukemia Sekeres, Mikkael A, author. NonFiction
Javascript Everywhere :... (21 Feb 2020) JAVASCRIPT EVERYWHERE : Building Cross-platform Applications With Graphql, React, React Native, and Electron Scott, Adam D. NonFiction
The Invention Of Surgery : A... (21 Feb 2020) THE INVENTION OF SURGERY : A History of Modern Medicine: from the Renaissance to the Implant Revolution Schneider, David, M.d. NonFiction
Strange Situation : A... (21 Feb 2020) STRANGE SITUATION : A Mother's Journey into the Science of Attachment Saltman, Bethany NonFiction
Sleep Recovery : The Five... (21 Feb 2020) SLEEP RECOVERY : The Five Step Yoga Solution to Restore Your Rest Sanfilippo, Lisa NonFiction
The Pleasure Gap : American... (21 Feb 2020) THE PLEASURE GAP : American women & the unfinished sexual revolution Rowland, Katherine, author. NonFiction
Empires Of The Sky :... (21 Feb 2020) EMPIRES OF THE SKY : zeppelins, airplanes, and two men's epic duel to rule the world Rose, Alexander, 1971- autho... NonFiction
The Golden Flea : A Story Of... (21 Feb 2020) THE GOLDEN FLEA : a story of obsession and collecting Rips, Michael, 1954- author. NonFiction
The Art Of Protest : A... (21 Feb 2020) THE ART OF PROTEST : a visual history of dissent and resistance Rippon, Jo, author. NonFiction
Getting Pregnant For Dummies (21 Feb 2020) Rinehart, Lisa/ Rinehart, Jo... NonFiction
Island Stories : An... (21 Feb 2020) ISLAND STORIES : An Unconventional History of Britain Reynolds, David NonFiction
Allah : God In The Qur'an (21 Feb 2020) Reynolds, Gabriel Said NonFiction
Bone Broth Miracle Diet... (21 Feb 2020) BONE BROTH MIRACLE DIET INSTANT POT COOKBOOK : An Ancient Health & Beauty Remedy Made Easy & Delicious Reagan, Johanna NonFiction
Carving Creative Walking... (21 Feb 2020) CARVING CREATIVE WALKING STICKS AND CANES : 13 Projects to Carve in Wood Purnell, Paul NonFiction
Flavors Of The Southeast... (21 Feb 2020) FLAVORS OF THE SOUTHEAST ASIAN GRILL / Classic Recipes for Seafood and Meats Cooked over Charcoal Punyaratabandhu, Leela, auth... NonFiction
Cooking For A Fast... (21 Feb 2020) COOKING FOR A FAST METABOLISM : eat more food and lose more weight Pomroy, Haylie, author. NonFiction
Poems To See By : A Comic... (21 Feb 2020) POEMS TO SEE BY : a comic artist interprets great poetry Peters, Julian NonFiction
How To Be Miserable In Your... (21 Feb 2020) HOW TO BE MISERABLE IN YOUR TWENTIES : 40 Strategies to Fail at Adulting Paterson, Randy J., Ph.D. NonFiction
We Are Feminist : An... (21 Feb 2020) WE ARE FEMINIST : An Infographic History of the Women's Rights Movement Pankhurst, Helen (FRW)/ Stri... NonFiction
Guide To Making Fire Without... (21 Feb 2020) GUIDE TO MAKING FIRE WITHOUT MATCHES : tips, tactics, and techniques for starting a fire in any situation Nyerges, Christopher, author... NonFiction
The Essential Compendium Of... (21 Feb 2020) THE ESSENTIAL COMPENDIUM OF DAD JOKES : the best of the worst dad jokes for the painfully punny parent Nowak, Thomas (EDT) NonFiction
The Passover Haggadah : An... (21 Feb 2020) THE PASSOVER HAGGADAH : an ancient story for modern times Newhouse, Alana/ Tablet (COR... NonFiction
No Man's Land : The... (21 Feb 2020) NO MAN'S LAND : The Trailblazing Women Who Ran Britain's Most Extraordinary Military Hospital During World War I Moore, Wendy NonFiction
The Better Half : On The... (21 Feb 2020) THE BETTER HALF : on the genetic superiority of women Moalem, Sharon, author. NonFiction
Serial Griller : Grillmaster... (21 Feb 2020) SERIAL GRILLER : grillmaster secrets for flame-cooked perfection Moore, Matt (Matt R.), autho... NonFiction
Show Your Anxiety Who's Boss... (21 Feb 2020) SHOW YOUR ANXIETY WHO'S BOSS : A 3-Step CBT Program to Help You Reduce Anxious Thoughts and Worry Minden, Joel, Ph.D./ Gilliha... NonFiction
Whole : What Teachers Need... (21 Feb 2020) WHOLE : what teachers need to help students thrive Miller, Rex, 1929-2019, auth... NonFiction
Theodore Roosevelt,... (21 Feb 2020) THEODORE ROOSEVELT, NATURALIST IN THE ARENA Miller, Char (EDT)/ Jenkinso... NonFiction
Voices For Animal Liberation... (21 Feb 2020) VOICES FOR ANIMAL LIBERATION : Inspirational Accounts by Animal Rights Activists Michelson, Brittany/ Newkirk... NonFiction
Essential Fly Fishing (21 Feb 2020) Meade, Tom/ White, John Robe... NonFiction
Joel Meyerowitz : How I Make... (21 Feb 2020) JOEL MEYEROWITZ : How I Make Photographs Meyerowitz, Joel (PHT) NonFiction
The Address Book : What... (21 Feb 2020) THE ADDRESS BOOK : what street addresses reveal about identity, race, wealth, and power Mask, Deirdre, author. NonFiction
The Art Of Wearable Flowers... (21 Feb 2020) THE ART OF WEARABLE FLOWERS : Floral Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, and More McLeary, Susan/ Dumouchelle,... NonFiction
In Search Of Meadowlarks :... (21 Feb 2020) IN SEARCH OF MEADOWLARKS : Birds, Farms, and Food in Harmony with the Land Marzluff, John M. NonFiction
Mosquito Supper Club : Cajun... (21 Feb 2020) MOSQUITO SUPPER CLUB : cajun recipes from a disappearing Bayou Martin, Melissa (Chef), auth... NonFiction
How To Raise Chickens For... (21 Feb 2020) HOW TO RAISE CHICKENS FOR MEAT : The Backyard Guide to Caring For, Feeding, and Butchering Your Birds Marine, Michelle NonFiction
The Voice Of James M. Cain :... (21 Feb 2020) THE VOICE OF JAMES M. CAIN : a biography Madden, David, 1933- author. NonFiction
Five Loaves, Two Fish,... (21 Feb 2020) FIVE LOAVES, TWO FISH, TWELVE VOLUNTEERS : Growing a Relational Food Ministry Magill, Elizabeth Mae NonFiction
A Stranger Among Saints :... (21 Feb 2020) A STRANGER AMONG SAINTS : Stephen Hopkins, the man who survived Jamestown and saved Plymouth Mack, Jonathan D., 1966- aut... NonFiction
The Court-martial Of Jackie... (21 Feb 2020) THE COURT-MARTIAL OF JACKIE ROBINSON : the baseball legend's battle for civil rights during World War II Lanning, Michael Lee, author... NonFiction
The Women With Silver Wings... (21 Feb 2020) THE WOMEN WITH SILVER WINGS / The Inspiring True Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II Landdeck, Katherine Sharp, a... NonFiction
The Mind-body Stress Reset :... (21 Feb 2020) THE MIND-BODY STRESS RESET : Somatic Practices to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Well-Being Ladyne, Rebekkah/ Kain, Kath... NonFiction
Remix Judaism : Preserving... (21 Feb 2020) REMIX JUDAISM : preserving tradition in a diverse world Kwall, Roberta Rosenthal, 19... NonFiction
The Gaming Mind : A New... (21 Feb 2020) THE GAMING MIND : A New Psychology of Videogames and the Power of Play Kriss, Alexander, Ph.D. NonFiction
Shadow Weave Simply :... (21 Feb 2020) SHADOW WEAVE SIMPLY : Understanding the Weave Structure 25 Projects to Practice Your Skills Kesler-Simpson, Susan NonFiction
Mayo Clinic Guide To... (21 Feb 2020) MAYO CLINIC GUIDE TO SELF-CARE : Answers for Everyday Health Problems Kermott, Cindy A., M.D./ Mil... NonFiction
Uncommon Ground : Living... (21 Feb 2020) UNCOMMON GROUND : Living Faithfully in a World of Difference Keller, Timothy (EDT)/ Inazu... NonFiction
No Shadows In The Desert :... (21 Feb 2020) NO SHADOWS IN THE DESERT : Murder, Vengeance, and Espionage in the War Against Isis Katz, Samuel M. NonFiction
Aliens Among Us :... (21 Feb 2020) ALIENS AMONG US : extraordinary portraits of ordinary bugs Kariko, Daniel, author, phot... NonFiction
Modern Cast Iron : The... (21 Feb 2020) MODERN CAST IRON : The Complete Guide to Selecting, Seasoning, Cooking, and More Jones, Ashley L. NonFiction
Drawing The Vote : An... (21 Feb 2020) DRAWING THE VOTE : An Illustrated Guide to Voting in America Jenkins, Tommy/ Lacker, Kati... NonFiction
Letters From Tove (21 Feb 2020) Jansson, Tove/ Westin, Boel ... NonFiction
Wow, No Thank You : Essays (21 Feb 2020) Irby, Samantha NonFiction
Road Trip : The Sports... (21 Feb 2020) ROAD TRIP : the sports lover's travel guide to museums, halls of fame, fantasy camps, stadium tours, and more! Iannucci, Lisa, author. NonFiction
Help Yourself : A Guide To... (21 Feb 2020) HELP YOURSELF : a guide to gut health for people who love delicious food Hunt, Lindsay Maitland, auth... NonFiction
Eating For Pleasure, People,... (21 Feb 2020) EATING FOR PLEASURE, PEOPLE, AND PLANET : Plant-based, Zero-waste, Climate Cuisine Hunt, Tom NonFiction
Nerve : Adventures In The... (21 Feb 2020) NERVE : Adventures in the Science of Fear Holland, Eva NonFiction
Weird Al : Seriously (21 Feb 2020) Hirsch, Lily E., 1979- autho... NonFiction
Charles Darwin's Barnacle... (21 Feb 2020) CHARLES DARWIN'S BARNACLE AND DAVID BOWIE'S SPIDER : How Scientific Names Celebrate Adventurers, Heroes, and Even a Few Scoundrels Heard, Stephen B./ Damstra, ... NonFiction
Dumb Luck And The Kindness... (21 Feb 2020) DUMB LUCK AND THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS Gierach, John NonFiction
Amazon Woman : Facing Fears,... (21 Feb 2020) AMAZON WOMAN : Facing Fears, Chasing Dreams, and a Quest to Kayak the World's Largest River from Source to Sea Gaechter, Darcy NonFiction
Foxfire Story : Oral... (21 Feb 2020) FOXFIRE STORY : oral tradition in Southern Appalachia Foxfire Fund Inc. (COR) NonFiction
Little America : Incredible... (21 Feb 2020) LITTLE AMERICA : Incredible True Stories of Immigrants in America Epic/ Nanjiani, Kumail (INT) NonFiction
In The Lateness Of The World... (21 Feb 2020) IN THE LATENESS OF THE WORLD / Poems Forche?, Carolyn, author. NonFiction
Magdalena : River Of Dreams (21 Feb 2020) Davis, Wade, author. NonFiction
The U.s. Army Physical... (21 Feb 2020) THE U.S. ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING GUIDE : Optimal Performance Through Sleep, Activity, and Nutrition Department of the Army (COR) NonFiction
Fire & Wine : 75... (21 Feb 2020) FIRE & WINE : 75 Smoke-infused Recipes from the Grill With Perfect Wine Pairings Cressler, Mary/ Martin, Sean NonFiction
Set The Night On Fire : L.a.... (21 Feb 2020) SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE : L.a. in the Sixties Davis, Mike/ Wiener, Jon NonFiction
Elephant Speak : A Devoted... (21 Feb 2020) ELEPHANT SPEAK : a devoted keeper's life among the herd Crandall, Melissa, 1957- aut... NonFiction
Listening : Interviews... (21 Feb 2020) LISTENING : Interviews 1970-1989 Cott, Jonathan NonFiction
The U.s. Army Medical... (21 Feb 2020) THE U.S. ARMY MEDICAL REHABILITATION HANDBOOK : Transitioning from Wounded Warrior to Civilian Life Cooper, Rory A. (EDT)/ Pasqu... NonFiction
Madame Clairevoyant|s Guide... (21 Feb 2020) MADAME CLAIREVOYANT|S GUIDE TO THE STARS : Astrology, Our Icons, and Our Selves Comstock-Gay, Claire NonFiction
26 Miles To Boston : A Guide... (21 Feb 2020) 26 MILES TO BOSTON : a guide to the world's most famous marathon Connelly, Michael (Michael P... NonFiction
The Keto Meal Plan Cookbook... (21 Feb 2020) THE KETO MEAL PLAN COOKBOOK : Lose Weight and Feel Great While Saving Time and Money Clevenger, Lara/ Gorsky, Fai... NonFiction
Uncovering The Love Of Jesus... (21 Feb 2020) UNCOVERING THE LOVE OF JESUS : a Lent devotional Ciuciu, Asheritah, author. NonFiction
Preventing Lyme & Other... (21 Feb 2020) PREVENTING LYME & OTHER TICK-BORNE DISEASES Chesney, Alexis, author. NonFiction
Scandalous Witness : A... (21 Feb 2020) SCANDALOUS WITNESS : a little political manifesto for Christians Camp, Lee C, author. NonFiction
High Drama : The Rise, Fall,... (21 Feb 2020) HIGH DRAMA : The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of American Competition Climbing Burgman, John/ Waggoner, Kyn... NonFiction
Great State : China And The... (21 Feb 2020) GREAT STATE : China and the World Brook, Timothy NonFiction
The Big Book Of Backyard... (21 Feb 2020) THE BIG BOOK OF BACKYARD MEDICINE : The Ultimate Guide to Home-Grown Herbal Remedies Bruton-Seal, Julie/ Seal, Ma... NonFiction
Three Tigers, One Mountain :... (21 Feb 2020) THREE TIGERS, ONE MOUNTAIN : a journey through the bitter history and current conflicts of China, Korea, and Japan Booth, Michael, author. NonFiction
From Here To There : The Art... (21 Feb 2020) FROM HERE TO THERE : the art and science of finding and losing our way Bond, Michael Shaw, author. NonFiction
Paramount : City Of Dreams (21 Feb 2020) Bingen, Steven/ Wanamaker, M... NonFiction
Entertaining With Mary Berry... (21 Feb 2020) ENTERTAINING WITH MARY BERRY : Favorite Hors D'oeuvres, Entre?s, Desserts, Baked Goods, and More Berry, Mary/ Young, Lucy NonFiction
Red Sea Spies : The True... (21 Feb 2020) RED SEA SPIES : The True Story of Mossad's Fake Diving Resort Berg, Raffi NonFiction
Watercolor Success In Four... (21 Feb 2020) WATERCOLOR SUCCESS IN FOUR STEPS : 150 Skill-Building Projects to Paint Bakasova, Marina NonFiction
Niv Celebrate Recovery Study... (21 Feb 2020) NIV CELEBRATE RECOVERY STUDY BIBLE : New International Version Baker, John (EDT)/ Rick Warr... NonFiction
Delmore Schwartz : The Life... (21 Feb 2020) DELMORE SCHWARTZ : The Life of an American Poet Atlas, James NonFiction
In The Time Of The... (21 Feb 2020) IN THE TIME OF THE REVOLUTION : Living the War of American Independence Axelrod, Alan NonFiction
Everyone Can Bake : Simple... (21 Feb 2020) EVERYONE CAN BAKE : Simple Recipes to Master and Mix Ansel, Dominique NonFiction
Vegan Japaneasy : Classic &... (21 Feb 2020) VEGAN JAPANEASY : Classic & Modern Vegan Japanese Recipes to Cook at Home Anderson, Tim NonFiction
Anonymous Is A Woman (21 Feb 2020) Ansary, Nina NonFiction
Get Out Of Your Head :... (21 Feb 2020) GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD : stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts Allen, Jennie, author. NonFiction
All This Marvelous Potential... (21 Feb 2020) ALL THIS MARVELOUS POTENTIAL : Robert Kennedy's 1968 Tour of Appalachia Algeo, Matthew NonFiction
Homemade Meals For Cats And... (21 Feb 2020) HOMEMADE MEALS FOR CATS AND DOGS : 75 Grain-free Nutritious Recipes Alinovi, Cathy/ Thixton, Sus... NonFiction
Outward Bound Backcountry... (21 Feb 2020) OUTWARD BOUND BACKCOUNTRY COOKING Absolon, Molly NonFiction
Modern Country Cooking :... (21 Feb 2020) MODERN COUNTRY COOKING : kitchen skills and seasonal recipes from salt water farm Ahearn, Annemarie, author. NonFiction
The Splendid And The Vile :... (20 Feb 2020) The splendid and the vile : a saga of Churchill, family, and defiance during the blitz Larson, Erik, 1954- author. NonFiction
Dark Towers : Deutsche Bank,... (20 Feb 2020) Dark towers : Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an epic trail of destruction Enrich, David, 1979- author. NonFiction
Life Coaching For Successful... (20 Feb 2020) Life coaching for successful women Burton, Valorie, 1973- autho... NonFiction
The World Beneath Their Feet... (20 Feb 2020) The world beneath their feet : mountaineering, madness, and the deadly race to summit the Himalayas Ellsworth, Scott, author. NonFiction
Epic Solitude : A Story Of... (20 Feb 2020) Epic solitude : a story of survival and a quest for meaning in the far north Keith, Katherine, author. NonFiction
Press Start : Using... (20 Feb 2020) Press start : using gamification to power-up your marketing Griffin, Daniel, author. NonFiction
The Beauty Defense : Femmes... (20 Feb 2020) The beauty defense : femmes fatales on trial James, Laura (Lawyer), autho... NonFiction
The Information Trade : How... (20 Feb 2020) The information trade : how big tech conquers countries, challenges our rights, and transforms our world Wichowski, Alexis, author. NonFiction
Suffer Strong : How To... (20 Feb 2020) Suffer strong : how to survive anything by redefining everything Wolf, Katherine (Stroke vict... NonFiction
Glow From Within (20 Feb 2020) Vargas, Joanna, author. NonFiction
All-time Favorite Recipes... (20 Feb 2020) All-time favorite recipes from Ohio cooks. NonFiction
Baking Gold : How To Bake... (20 Feb 2020) Baking gold : how to bake (almost) everything with 3 doughs, 2 batters, and 1 magic mix Curl, Jami, author. NonFiction
Great Tv Themes. (20 Feb 2020) NonFiction
The Art Of Mulan (20 Feb 2020) Kurtti, Jeff, author. NonFiction
Food Fix : How To Save Our... (19 Feb 2020) Food fix : how to save our health, our economy, our communities, and our planet-- one bite at a time Hyman, Mark, 1959- author. NonFiction
Shadow On The Mountain : A... (19 Feb 2020) Shadow on the mountain : a Yazidi memoir of terror, resistance, and hope Jeffrey, Shaker, author. NonFiction
If Men, Then (19 Feb 2020) Griswold, Eliza, 1973- autho... NonFiction
Overturning Brown : The... (19 Feb 2020) Overturning Brown : the segregationist legacy of the modern school choice movement Suitts, Steve, author. NonFiction
Golden Gates : Fighting For... (19 Feb 2020) Golden gates : fighting for housing in America Dougherty, Conor, author. NonFiction
The Man In The Red Coat (19 Feb 2020) Barnes, Julian, author. NonFiction
Congress At War : How... (19 Feb 2020) Congress at war : how Republican reformers fought the Civil War, defied Lincoln, ended slavery, and remade America Bordewich, Fergus M., author... NonFiction
The Genius Of Women : From... (19 Feb 2020) The genius of women : from overlooked to changing the world Kaplan, Janice, author. NonFiction
Here For It, Or, How To Save... (19 Feb 2020) Here for it, or, how to save your soul in America ; essays Thomas, R. Eric, author. NonFiction
Selling Naked : A... (19 Feb 2020) Selling naked : a revolutionary approach to launching your brand online Horwitz, Jesse, author. NonFiction
Get Your Life Back :... (19 Feb 2020) Get your life back : everyday practices for a world gone mad Eldredge, John, author. NonFiction
Big Black : Stand At Attica (19 Feb 2020) Smith, Frank, 1933-2004, aut... NonFiction
Virusphere : From Common... (19 Feb 2020) Virusphere : from common colds to Ebola epidemics Ryan, Frank, 1944- author. NonFiction
Capital And Ideology (19 Feb 2020) Piketty, Thomas, 1971- autho... NonFiction
Hold On, But Don't Hold... (18 Feb 2020) Hold on, but don't hold still : hope and humor from my seriously flawed life Kuzmic?, Kristina, author. NonFiction
Un-trumping America : A Plan... (18 Feb 2020) Un-Trumping America : a plan to make America a democracy again Pfeiffer, Dan, author. NonFiction
Death Is But A Dream :... (18 Feb 2020) Death is but a dream : finding hope and meaning at life's end Kerr, Christopher, M.D., aut... NonFiction
The Last Negroes At Harvard... (18 Feb 2020) The last negroes at Harvard : the class of 1963 and the eighteen young men who changed Harvard forever Garrett, Kent, author. NonFiction
The Hope Of Glory :... (18 Feb 2020) The hope of glory : reflections on the last words of Jesus from the cross Meacham, Jon, author. NonFiction
In The Land Of Men : A... (18 Feb 2020) In the land of men : a memoir Miller, Adrienne, author. NonFiction
Astrology For Dummies (18 Feb 2020) Orion, Rae, author. NonFiction
Franklin & Washington : The... (18 Feb 2020) Franklin & Washington : the founding partnership Larson, Edward J. (Edward Jo... NonFiction
The Second Chance Club :... (18 Feb 2020) The second chance club : hardship and hope after prison Hardy, Jason Matthew, author... NonFiction
Broken Faith : Inside The... (18 Feb 2020) Broken faith : inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, one of America's most dangerous cults Weiss, Mitch, author. NonFiction
1774 : The Long Year Of... (18 Feb 2020) 1774 : the long year of Revolution Norton, Mary Beth, author. NonFiction
Fighting For Space : Two... (18 Feb 2020) Fighting for space : two pilots and their historic battle for female spaceflight Teitel, Amy Shira, author. NonFiction
Vegetable Kingdom : The... (18 Feb 2020) Vegetable kingdom : the abundant world of vegan recipes Terry, Bryant, 1974- author. NonFiction
Machiavelli : The Art Of... (18 Feb 2020) Machiavelli : the art of teaching people what to fear Boucheron, Patrick, author. NonFiction
The Three-cornered War : The... (18 Feb 2020) The three-cornered war : the Union, the Confederacy, and native peoples in the fight for the West Nelson, Megan Kate, 1972- au... NonFiction
The Age Of Football : Soccer... (18 Feb 2020) The age of football : soccer and the 21st century Goldblatt, David, 1965- auth... NonFiction
Nobody Does It Better : The... (18 Feb 2020) Nobody does it better : the complete, uncensored, unauthorized oral history of James Bond Altman, Mark A., author. NonFiction
Ready Or Not: Preparing Our... (18 Feb 2020) Ready or not: preparing our kids to thrive in an uncertain and rapidly changing world Levine, Madeline, author. NonFiction
Chanel's Riviera : Glamour,... (18 Feb 2020) Chanel's Riviera : glamour, decadence, and survival in peace and war, 1930-1944 De Courcy, Anne, author. NonFiction
Washington's End : The Final... (18 Feb 2020) Washington's end : the final years and forgotten struggle Horn, Jonathan, 1982- author... NonFiction
Sinking In The Swamp : How... (18 Feb 2020) Sinking in the swamp : how Trump's minions and misfits poisoned Washington Markay, Lachlan, author. NonFiction
Decoding Boys : New Science... (18 Feb 2020) Decoding boys : new science behind the subtle art of raising sons Natterson, Cara Familian, 19... NonFiction
Mom's Go-to Recipes : Feed... (18 Feb 2020) Mom's go-to recipes : feed your family well with quick, comforting meals that are always a hit. NonFiction
Something That May Shock And... (18 Feb 2020) Something that may shock and discredit you Ortberg, Daniel Mallory, aut... NonFiction
Counterpoint : A Memoir Of... (18 Feb 2020) Counterpoint : a memoir of Bach and mourning Kennicott, Philip, author. NonFiction
The Toni Morrison Book Club (18 Feb 2020) Bennett, Juda, 1955- author. NonFiction
Author In Chief : The Untold... (18 Feb 2020) Author in chief : the untold story of our presidents and the books they wrote Fehrman, Craig, author. NonFiction
The Rise And Fall Of Charles... (17 Feb 2020) The rise and fall of Charles Lindbergh Fleming, Candace, author. NonFiction
Rembrandt : All Paintings In... (14 Feb 2020) Rembrandt : all paintings in colour Tu?mpel, Christian. NonFiction
Monet : A Retrospective (14 Feb 2020) NonFiction
Thomas Cole : Landscape Into... (14 Feb 2020) Thomas Cole : landscape into history Cole, Thomas, 1801-1848. NonFiction
Certain People : A Book Of... (14 Feb 2020) Certain people : a book of portraits Mapplethorpe, Robert. NonFiction
I, Titian (14 Feb 2020) Wolf, Norbert, 1949- NonFiction
Maxfield Parrish : The... (14 Feb 2020) Maxfield Parrish : the poster book Parrish, Maxfield, 1870-1966... NonFiction
Blood, Sweat & Tears :... (14 Feb 2020) Blood, Sweat & Tears : greatest hits. NonFiction
Webster's New World Italian... (14 Feb 2020) Webster's new world Italian dictionary. NonFiction
The Dark Tower Companion : A... (14 Feb 2020) The Dark Tower companion : a guide to Stephen King's epic fantasy Vincent, Bev, author. NonFiction
Rebel Recipes : Maximum... (13 Feb 2020) REBEL RECIPES : Maximum Flavour, Minimum Fuss: the Ultimate in Vegan Food Webster, Niki NonFiction
Praying Women : How To Pray... (13 Feb 2020) PRAYING WOMEN : how to pray when you don't know what to say Walsh, Sheila, 1956- author. NonFiction
Think Like A Rocket... (13 Feb 2020) THINK LIKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST : simple strategies you can use to make giant leaps in work and life Varol, Ozan O., 1981- author... NonFiction
How The West Stole Democracy... (13 Feb 2020) HOW THE WEST STOLE DEMOCRACY FROM THE ARABS : the Syrian Arab Congress of 1920 and the destruction of its liberal-Islamic alliance Thompson, Elizabeth F., auth... NonFiction
Without Shame : The Addict's... (13 Feb 2020) WITHOUT SHAME : the addict's mom and her family share their stories of pain and healing Theodosiou, Barbara, 1959- a... NonFiction
The Wealthy Gardener : Life... (13 Feb 2020) THE WEALTHY GARDENER : life lessons on prosperity between father and son Soforic, John, author. NonFiction
Sew Step By Step : How To... (13 Feb 2020) SEW STEP BY STEP : How to Use Your Sewing Machine to Make, Mend, and Customize Smith, Alison NonFiction
I Will Judge You By Your... (13 Feb 2020) I WILL JUDGE YOU BY YOUR BOOKSHELF Snider, Grant NonFiction
Gender Issues And The... (13 Feb 2020) GENDER ISSUES AND THE LIBRARY : Case Studies of Innovative Programs and Resources Smallwood, Carol (EDT)/ Sanb... NonFiction
Between Grit And Grace : The... (13 Feb 2020) BETWEEN GRIT AND GRACE : The Art of Being Feminine and Formidable; Lessons From Bossy, Caring, Fearless, Vulnerable, Relentless, Forgiving Women at the top Shillcutt, Sasha K., M.D. NonFiction
Fewer, Richer, Greener :... (13 Feb 2020) FEWER, RICHER, GREENER : prospects for humanity in an age of abundance Siegel, Laurence B, author. NonFiction
On The Bright Side : Stories... (13 Feb 2020) ON THE BRIGHT SIDE : stories about friendship, love, and being true to yourself Shankle, Melanie, author. NonFiction
Coffeeland : One Man's Dark... (13 Feb 2020) COFFEELAND : one man's dark empire and the making of our favorite drug Sedgewick, Augustine, author... NonFiction
Privileged Victims : How... (13 Feb 2020) PRIVILEGED VICTIMS : How America's Culture Fascists Hijacked the Country and Elevated Its Worst People Scarry, Eddie NonFiction
Be A Peaceful Cloud And... (13 Feb 2020) BE A PEACEFUL CLOUD AND OTHER LIFE LESSONS FROM BOB ROSS Pearlman, Robb/ Ross, Bob NonFiction
101 Ways To Stop Anxiety :... (13 Feb 2020) 101 WAYS TO STOP ANXIETY : Practical Exercises to Find Peace and Free Yourself from Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks, and Freak-outs Peterson, Tanya J. NonFiction
Notes From An Apocalypse : A... (13 Feb 2020) NOTES FROM AN APOCALYPSE : a personal journey to the end of the world and back O'Connell, Mark, 1979- autho... NonFiction
What You Think You Know... (13 Feb 2020) WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT FOOTBALL IS WRONG : The Global Game's Greatest Myths and Untruths Moore, Kevin NonFiction
Borrowing Life : How... (13 Feb 2020) BORROWING LIFE : how scientists, surgeons, and a war hero made the first successful organ transplant a reality Mickle, Shelley Fraser, auth... NonFiction
This Is Big : How The... (13 Feb 2020) THIS IS BIG : How the Founder of Weight Watchers Changed the World -- and Me Meltzer, Marisa NonFiction
Sister Outsider (13 Feb 2020) Lorde, Audre, author. NonFiction
Revolution : Trump,... (13 Feb 2020) REVOLUTION : Trump, Washington and "We the People" Mcfarland, K. T. NonFiction
To Drink And To Eat : Tastes... (13 Feb 2020) TO DRINK AND TO EAT : Tastes & Techniques from a French Kitchen Long, Guillaume NonFiction
The Motive : Why So Many... (13 Feb 2020) THE MOTIVE : why so many leaders abdicate their most important responsibilities Lencioni, Patrick, 1965- aut... NonFiction
Hamilton : Portraits Of The... (13 Feb 2020) HAMILTON : Portraits of the Revolution Lehrer, Josh/ Miranda, Lin-M... NonFiction
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Department Of Mind-blowing... (13 Feb 2020) DEPARTMENT OF MIND-BLOWING THEORIES Gauld, Tom NonFiction
How To Make Big Decisions... (13 Feb 2020) HOW TO MAKE BIG DECISIONS WISELY : A Biblical and Scientific Guide to Healthier Habits, Less Stress, a Better Career, and Much More Ehler, Alan NonFiction
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Clean Green : Tips And... (13 Feb 2020) CLEAN GREEN : Tips and Recipes for a Naturally Clean, More Sustainable Home Chillingsworth, Jen NonFiction
Hollywood Cocktails : 95... (13 Feb 2020) HOLLYWOOD COCKTAILS : 95 Recipes Celebrating Films from Paramount Pictures Cider Mill Press (COR) NonFiction
Holding On To Love After... (13 Feb 2020) HOLDING ON TO LOVE AFTER YOU'VE LOST A BABY : The 5 Love Languages for Grieving Parents Chapman, Gary, Ph.D./ McVica... NonFiction
The Sky Atlas : The Greatest... (13 Feb 2020) THE SKY ATLAS : the greatest maps, myths, and discoveries of the universe Brooke-Hitching, Edward, aut... NonFiction
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Vegetarian Meals In 30... (13 Feb 2020) VEGETARIAN MEALS IN 30 MINUTES : Delicious Recipes for Active Living Bean, Anita NonFiction
Illuminating History : A... (13 Feb 2020) ILLUMINATING HISTORY : a retrospective of seven decades Bailyn, Bernard, author. NonFiction
Europe Against The Jews :... (13 Feb 2020) EUROPE AGAINST THE JEWS : 1880-1945 Aly, Go?tz, 1947- author. NonFiction
Banned Book Club (13 Feb 2020) Sook, Kim Hyun/ Estrada, Rya... NonFiction
Endometriosis : A Guide For... (13 Feb 2020) ENDOMETRIOSIS : A Guide for Girls Seckin, Tamer NonFiction
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War For Eternity : Inside... (07 Feb 2020) WAR FOR ETERNITY : Inside Bannon's Far-right Circle of Global Power Brokers Teitelbaum, Benjamin R. NonFiction
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The Sikhs (07 Feb 2020) Singh, Khushwant NonFiction
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My Wild Garden : Notes From... (07 Feb 2020) MY WILD GARDEN : notes from a writer's eden Shalev, Meir, author. NonFiction
Assume Nothing : A Memoir Of... (07 Feb 2020) ASSUME NOTHING : A Memoir of Intimate Violence Selvaratnam, Tanya NonFiction
Reprogramming The American... (07 Feb 2020) REPROGRAMMING THE AMERICAN DREAM : From Rural America to Silicon Valley--making Ai Serve Us All Scott, Kevin/ Shaw, Greg/ Va... NonFiction
Dutch Oven & Cast Iron... (07 Feb 2020) DUTCH OVEN & CAST IRON COOKING : revised & expanded third edition : 125+ tasty recipes for indoor & outdoor cooking Schaeffer, Anne NonFiction
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This Is All I Got : One... (07 Feb 2020) THIS IS ALL I GOT : one woman's desperate year in the new gilded age Sandler, Lauren, author. NonFiction
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The Prepper's Pantry... (07 Feb 2020) THE PREPPER'S PANTRY HANDBOOK : How to Plan and Cook Nutritional Emergency Meals Rowinski, Kate/ Rowinski, Ji... NonFiction
The What To Eat When... (07 Feb 2020) THE WHAT TO EAT WHEN COOKBOOK : 135+ deliciously timed recipes Roizen, Michael F, author. NonFiction
In Deep : The Fbi, The Cia,... (07 Feb 2020) IN DEEP : The FBI, the CIA, and the Truth About America's Deep State Rohde, David NonFiction
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The Malevolent Volume (07 Feb 2020) Reed, Justin Phillip, author... NonFiction
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Organic Book Of Compost :... (07 Feb 2020) ORGANIC BOOK OF COMPOST : Easy and Natural Techniques to Feed Your Garden Pears, Pauline NonFiction
Soil Science For Gardeners :... (07 Feb 2020) SOIL SCIENCE FOR GARDENERS : Working With Nature to Build Soil Health Pavlis, Robert NonFiction
The Top 10 As We Hit Bottom... (07 Feb 2020) THE TOP 10 AS WE HIT BOTTOM : What Global Warming, Nuclear War, Cyberwar, Pandemics, Supervolcanoes, Asteroid Strikes, Out-of-Control A.I., and Other Unpleasantries Could Do to Us. Parry, Jim/ Barrett, Ron (IL... NonFiction
Hello I Want To Die Please... (07 Feb 2020) HELLO I WANT TO DIE PLEASE FIX ME : Depression in the First Person Paperny, Anna Mehler NonFiction
Blackout : How Black America... (07 Feb 2020) BLACKOUT : how Black America can make its second escape from the Democrat plantation Owens, Candace, author. NonFiction
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Java Performance : In-depth... (07 Feb 2020) JAVA PERFORMANCE : In-depth Advice for Tuning and Programming Java 8, 11, and Beyond Oaks, Scott NonFiction
The Irony Of American... (07 Feb 2020) THE IRONY OF AMERICAN HISTORY Niebuhr, Reinhold, 1892-1971... NonFiction
Divergent Mind : Thriving In... (07 Feb 2020) DIVERGENT MIND : thriving in a world that wasn't designed for you Nerenberg, Jenara, author. NonFiction
The Ralph Nader And Family... (07 Feb 2020) THE RALPH NADER AND FAMILY COOKBOOK : Classic Recipes from Lebanon and Beyond Nader, Ralph NonFiction
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This Is Chance! : The... (07 Feb 2020) THIS IS CHANCE! : the shaking of an all-American city, a voice that held it together Mooallem, Jon, author. NonFiction
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Fearless With Fabric Fresh... (07 Feb 2020) FEARLESS WITH FABRIC FRESH QUILTS FROM TRADITIONAL BLOCKS : An Inspiring Guide to Making 14 Quilt Projects Maxwell, Sarah J. NonFiction
Trees In Trouble :... (07 Feb 2020) TREES IN TROUBLE : wildfires, infestations, and climate change Mathews, Daniel, 1948- autho... NonFiction
The Universe Is Calling You... (07 Feb 2020) THE UNIVERSE IS CALLING YOU : connecting with essence to live with positive energy, love, and power Margolis, Char, author. NonFiction
Bake To Be Fit's Secretly... (07 Feb 2020) BAKE TO BE FIT'S SECRETLY HEALTHY DESSERTS : Easy Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Plant-Based, or Keto-Friendly Brownies, Cookies, and Cakes Lynn, Sarah NonFiction
Grace For The Moment Family... (07 Feb 2020) GRACE FOR THE MOMENT FAMILY DEVOTIONAL : 100 Devotions for Families to Enjoy God's Grace Lucado, Max NonFiction
Lonely Planet Tibetan... (07 Feb 2020) LONELY PLANET TIBETAN PHRASEBOOK & DICTIONARY Lonely Planet Publications (... NonFiction
Universal Design For... (07 Feb 2020) UNIVERSAL DESIGN FOR LEARNING IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Lieberman, Lauren J., 1965- ... NonFiction
Beyond Awkward Side Hugs :... (07 Feb 2020) BEYOND AWKWARD SIDE HUGS : Living As Christian Brothers and Sisters in a Sex-crazed World Lea, Bronwyn/ Christine Cain... NonFiction
Conditional Citizens : On... (07 Feb 2020) CONDITIONAL CITIZENS : on belonging in America Lalami, Laila, 1968- author. NonFiction
Homemade Bath Bombs & More :... (07 Feb 2020) HOMEMADE BATH BOMBS & MORE : Soothing Spa Treatments for Luxurious Self-care and Bath-time Bliss Kundin, Heidi NonFiction
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How To Make Love To A Despot... (07 Feb 2020) HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A DESPOT : And Other Ways to Change American Foreign Policy in the Twenty-first Century Krasner, Stephen D. NonFiction
Hacking Planet Earth : How... (07 Feb 2020) HACKING PLANET EARTH : how geoengineering can help us reimagine the future Kostigen, Thomas, author. NonFiction
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Lost Girls : An Unsolved... (07 Feb 2020) LOST GIRLS : An Unsolved American Mystery Kolker, Robert NonFiction
The Last Book On The Left :... (07 Feb 2020) THE LAST BOOK ON THE LEFT : stories of murder and mayhem from history's most notorious serial killers Kissel, Ben, author. NonFiction
My Korea : Traditional... (07 Feb 2020) MY KOREA : traditional flavors, modern recipes Kim, Hooni, author. NonFiction
Weird : The Power Of Being... (07 Feb 2020) WEIRD : The Power of Being an Outsider in an Insider World Khazan, Olga NonFiction
It's Not About The Burqa :... (07 Feb 2020) IT'S NOT ABOUT THE BURQA : Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race Khan, Mariam (EDT) NonFiction
Mastering Diabetes : The... (07 Feb 2020) MASTERING DIABETES : The Revolutionary Method to Reverse Insulin Resistance Permanently in Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Prediabetes, and Gestational Diabetes Khambatta, Cyrus/ Barbaro, R... NonFiction
Mac N' All Over The World :... (07 Feb 2020) MAC N' ALL OVER THE WORLD : Bangin' Mac N' Cheese Recipes from Around the World Jenkins, Malachi/ Smith, Rob... NonFiction
Making Wow Jewelry :... (07 Feb 2020) MAKING WOW JEWELRY : techniques and projects for making a statement Isber, Gay, author. NonFiction
Grpc - Up And Running :... (07 Feb 2020) GRPC - UP AND RUNNING : Building Cloud Native Applications With Go and Java for Docker and Kubernetes Indrasiri, Kasun/ Kuruppu, D... NonFiction
Promise Me You'll Shoot... (07 Feb 2020) PROMISE ME YOU'LL SHOOT YOURSELF : The Mass Suicide of Ordinary Germans in 1945 Huber, Florian NonFiction
The Story Of Trees : And How... (07 Feb 2020) THE STORY OF TREES : And How They Changed the World Hobbs, Kevin/ West, David NonFiction
One Pot Meals : Over 100... (07 Feb 2020) ONE POT MEALS : Over 100 Recipes to Feed Family and Friends Hetherington, Shane NonFiction
Using Asyncio In Python :... (07 Feb 2020) USING ASYNCIO IN PYTHON : Understanding Python's Asynchronous Programming Features Hattingh, Caleb NonFiction
Cool Town : How Athens,... (07 Feb 2020) COOL TOWN : How Athens, Georgia, Launched Alternative Music and Changed American Culture Hale, Grace Elizabeth NonFiction
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Begin Again : James... (07 Feb 2020) BEGIN AGAIN : James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own Glaude, Eddie S. NonFiction
And The Prophet Said :... (07 Feb 2020) AND THE PROPHET SAID : Kahlil Gibran's classic text with newly discovered writings Gibran, Kahlil, 1883-1931, a... NonFiction
No Filter : The Inside Story... (07 Feb 2020) NO FILTER : The Inside Story of Instagram Frier, Sarah NonFiction
Under The Influence :... (07 Feb 2020) UNDER THE INFLUENCE : putting peer pressure to work Frank, Robert H, author. NonFiction
Bosh! Healthy Vegan (07 Feb 2020) Firth, Henry/ Theasby, Ian NonFiction
Death In Mud Lick : A Coal... (07 Feb 2020) DEATH IN MUD LICK : A Coal Country Fight Against the Drug Companies That Delivered the Opioid Epidemic Eyre, Eric NonFiction
Girl Decoded : A Scientist's... (07 Feb 2020) GIRL DECODED : A Scientist's Quest to Reclaim Our Humanity by Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Technology El Kaliouby, Rana/ Colman, C... NonFiction
Heaven And Hell : A History... (07 Feb 2020) HEAVEN AND HELL : a history of the afterlife Ehrman, Bart D, author. NonFiction
God-level Knowledge Darts :... (07 Feb 2020) GOD-LEVEL KNOWLEDGE DARTS : Life Lessons from the Bronx Desus & Mero/ Mero NonFiction
In Search Of Appalachia (07 Feb 2020) Diggs, Nancy Brown NonFiction
Quadrant Life : Balancing... (07 Feb 2020) QUADRANT LIFE : balancing relationships, finances, wellness, and your spiritual life Dennis, Lori, author. NonFiction
For All Who Wander (07 Feb 2020) Dance, Robin NonFiction
Untag Me : The Subtle Art Of... (07 Feb 2020) UNTAG ME : the subtle art of appearing better than you really are Crist, John, author. NonFiction
Russians Among Us : Sleeper... (07 Feb 2020) RUSSIANS AMONG US : Sleeper Cells, Ghost Stories, and the Hunt for Putin's Spies Corera, Gordon NonFiction
Watchdog : How Protecting... (07 Feb 2020) WATCHDOG : how protecting consumers can save our families, our economy, and our democracy Cordray, Richard, author. NonFiction
Bakerita : 100+ No-fuss... (07 Feb 2020) BAKERITA : 100+ no-fuss gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free recipes for the modern baker Conners, Rachel, author. NonFiction
Tombstone : The Earp... (07 Feb 2020) TOMBSTONE : the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday, and the vendetta ride from hell Clavin, Thomas, author. NonFiction
Dinner In French : My... (07 Feb 2020) DINNER IN FRENCH : My Recipes by Way of France: a Cookbook Clark, Melissa NonFiction
No Ordinary Dog : My Partner... (07 Feb 2020) NO ORDINARY DOG : my partner from the Seal Teams to the Bin Laden raid Chesney, Will, 1984- author. NonFiction
The Pocket Guide To Outdoor... (07 Feb 2020) THE POCKET GUIDE TO OUTDOOR KNOTS : a step-by-step guide to the most important knots for fishermen, boaters, campers, and climbers Budworth, Geoffrey, author. NonFiction
Buck Naked Kitchen : Whole30... (07 Feb 2020) BUCK NAKED KITCHEN : Whole30 endorsed Buck, Kirsten, author. NonFiction
The Science Of James Bond :... (07 Feb 2020) THE SCIENCE OF JAMES BOND : The Super-Villains, Tech, and Spy-Craft Behind the Film and Fiction Brake, Mark NonFiction
American Animals : A Memoir (07 Feb 2020) Borsuk, Eric, author. NonFiction
Eat Something : A Wise Sons... (07 Feb 2020) EAT SOMETHING : a Wise Sons cookbook : for Jews who like food and food lovers who like Jews Bloom, Evan, author. NonFiction
Arguing With Socialists (07 Feb 2020) Beck, Glenn, author. NonFiction
Joy Of Chip Carving :... (07 Feb 2020) JOY OF CHIP CARVING : Step-by-step Instructions & Designs from a Master Carver Barton, Wayne NonFiction
Kent State : Four Dead In... (07 Feb 2020) KENT STATE : Four Dead in Ohio Backderf, Derf NonFiction
How To Dress An Egg :... (07 Feb 2020) HOW TO DRESS AN EGG : surprising and simple ways to cook dinner Baldwin, Ned, author. NonFiction
Almost Keto : A Practical... (07 Feb 2020) ALMOST KETO : a practical approach to lose weight with less fat and cleaner keto foods Aristotelous, Aimee, author. NonFiction
Big Flavors From Italian... (07 Feb 2020) BIG FLAVORS FROM ITALIAN AMERICA : family-style favorites from coast to coast America's Test Kitchen (COR) NonFiction
Mix It Up! : Quilts From... (07 Feb 2020) MIX IT UP! : quilts from cake mix & cupcake mix papers Alexander, Lissa, author. NonFiction
Troubleshooting Electronic... (07 Feb 2020) Troubleshooting electronic circuits : debugging and improving your DIY projects and experiments Quan, Ronald, author. NonFiction
World War Ii (07 Feb 2020) Dickson, Keith D., author. NonFiction
It Takes What It Takes : How... (07 Feb 2020) It takes what it takes : how to think neutrally and gain control of your life Moawad, Trevor, author. NonFiction
Bob Marley In Comics (07 Feb 2020) Gaet's, 1986- author. NonFiction
Adobe Illustrator Cc (07 Feb 2020) Karlins, David, author. NonFiction
Stay Woke : A Meditation... (07 Feb 2020) Stay woke : a meditation guide for the rest of us Williams, Justin Michael, au... NonFiction
American Sherlock : Murder,... (07 Feb 2020) American Sherlock : murder, forensics, and the birth of American CSI Dawson, Kate Winkler, author... NonFiction
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Building Love Together In... (07 Feb 2020) Building love together in blended families : the 5 love languages and becoming stepfamily smart Chapman, Gary D., 1938- auth... NonFiction
The Innovation Ultimatum :... (07 Feb 2020) The innovation ultimatum : how six strategic technologies will reshape every business in the 2020s Brown, Steve, 1967- author. NonFiction
Do You Care To Lead? : A... (07 Feb 2020) Do you care to lead? : a 5-part formula for creating loyal and results focused teams and organizations Rogers, Michael G., 1963- (L... NonFiction
Life Drawing For Artists :... (07 Feb 2020) Life drawing for artists : understanding figure drawing through poses, postures, and lighting Legaspi, Chris, author. NonFiction
Communicate With Mastery :... (07 Feb 2020) Communicate with mastery : how to speak with conviction and write for impact Schramm, J. D., 1964- author... NonFiction
Digital Photography (07 Feb 2020) King, Julie Adair, author. NonFiction
Mastering Spice : Recipes... (07 Feb 2020) Mastering spice : recipes and techniques to transform your everyday cooking Sercarz, Lior Lev, author. NonFiction
Mindfulness (07 Feb 2020) Mindfulness Alidina, Shamash, author. NonFiction
The Middle Finger Project :... (07 Feb 2020) The middle finger project : trash your imposter syndrome and live the unf*ckwithable life you deserve Ambirge, Ash, author. NonFiction
Stranger By Night : Poems (07 Feb 2020) Hirsch, Edward, author. NonFiction
Code Red : How Progressives... (07 Feb 2020) Code red : how progressives and moderates can unite to save our country Dionne, E. J., Jr., author. NonFiction
The Big Goodbye : Chinatown... (07 Feb 2020) The big goodbye : Chinatown and the last years of Hollywood Wasson, Sam, author. NonFiction
Unfinished Business : Notes... (07 Feb 2020) Unfinished business : notes of a chronic re-reader Gornick, Vivian, author. NonFiction
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Every Airbnb Host's Tax... (07 Feb 2020) Every Airbnb host's tax guide Fishman, Stephen, author. NonFiction
Simple Applique : 25 Quick... (07 Feb 2020) Simple applique : 25 quick and easy projects to make Goddard, Janet, author. NonFiction
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The New Strong-willed Child... (07 Feb 2020) The new strong-willed child : birth through adolescence Dobson, James C., 1936- NonFiction
The Field Guide To Citizen... (07 Feb 2020) The field guide to citizen science : how you can contribute to scientific research and make a difference Cavalier, Darlene, author. NonFiction
When My Time Comes :... (07 Feb 2020) When my time comes : conversations about whether those who are dying should have the right to determine when life should end Rehm, Diane, author, intervi... NonFiction
Nature's Best Hope : A New... (07 Feb 2020) Nature's best hope : a new approach to conservation that starts in your yard Tallamy, Douglas W., author. NonFiction
Eight Days At Yalta : How... (07 Feb 2020) Eight days at Yalta : how Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin shaped the post-war world Preston, Diana, author. NonFiction
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Taking Sexy Back : How To... (07 Feb 2020) Taking sexy back : how to own your sexuality & create the relationships you want Solomon, Alexandra H., autho... NonFiction
The Wrong Kind Of Women :... (07 Feb 2020) The wrong kind of women : inside our revolution to dismantle the Gods of Hollywood Jones, Naomi McDougall, 198... NonFiction
Dangerous Prayers : Because... (07 Feb 2020) Dangerous prayers : because following Jesus was never meant to be safe Groeschel, Craig, author. NonFiction
Olympic Pride, American... (07 Feb 2020) Olympic pride, American prejudice : the untold story of 18 African Americans who defied Jim Crow and Adolf Hitler to compete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics Draper, Deborah Riley, autho... NonFiction
The Fire And The Darkness :... (07 Feb 2020) The fire and the darkness : the bombing of Dresden, 1945 McKay, Sinclair, author. NonFiction
Name Drop : The Really Good... (07 Feb 2020) Name drop : the really good celebrity stories I usually only tell at happy hour Mathews, Ross, 1979- author. NonFiction
This Brilliant Darkness : A... (07 Feb 2020) This brilliant darkness : a book of strangers Sharlet, Jeff, author. NonFiction
Driving While Black :... (07 Feb 2020) Driving while black : African American travel and the road to civil rights Sorin, Gretchen Sullivan, au... NonFiction
Beyond The North Wind :... (07 Feb 2020) Beyond the North Wind : Russia in recipes and lore Goldstein, Darra, author. NonFiction
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Midcentury Memories : The... (07 Feb 2020) Midcentury memories : the Anonymous Project Shulman, Lee, author. NonFiction
When Time Stopped : A Memoir... (06 Feb 2020) When time stopped : a memoir of my father's war and what remains Neumann, Ariana, author. NonFiction
Your Well-being Garden : How... (06 Feb 2020) Your well-being garden : how to make your garden good for you Griffiths, Alistair, author. NonFiction
Survival Is A Style (06 Feb 2020) Wiman, Christian, 1966- auth... NonFiction
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Mayo Clinic On Digestive... (06 Feb 2020) Mayo clinic on digestive health NonFiction
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Stop Telling Women To Smile... (05 Feb 2020) Stop telling women to smile : stories of street harassment and how we're taking back our power Fazlalizadeh, Tatyana, autho... NonFiction
She-ology The She-quel :... (05 Feb 2020) She-ology the she-quel : let's continue the conversation Ross, Sherry A. (Physician) NonFiction
Lovingkindness : The... (05 Feb 2020) Lovingkindness : the revolutionary art of happiness Salzberg, Sharon, author. NonFiction
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Outsmart Your Anxious Brain... (05 Feb 2020) Outsmart your anxious brain : 10 simple ways to beat the worry trick Carbonell, David A., author. NonFiction
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The Values Compass : What... (05 Feb 2020) The values compass : what 101 countries teach us about purpose, life, and leadership Rai, Mandeep (Authority on v... NonFiction
How To Read A Financial... (05 Feb 2020) How to read a financial report : wringing vital signs out of the numbers Tracy, John A., author. NonFiction
Your New Name : Saying... (05 Feb 2020) Your new name : saying goodbye to the labels that limit Allen, Esther Fleece, author... NonFiction
Self-care Down There : From... (05 Feb 2020) Self-care down there : from menstrual cups and moisturizers to body positivity and Brazilian wax, a guide to your vagina's well-being Bhandal, Taq Kaur, author. NonFiction
Cults Uncovered : True... (05 Feb 2020) Cults uncovered : true stories of mind control and murder Thompson, Emily G., 1991- au... NonFiction
Leadership Is Language : The... (05 Feb 2020) Leadership is language : the hidden power of what you say, and what you don't Marquet, L. David, author. NonFiction
Chicken Soup For The Soul :... (05 Feb 2020) Chicken soup for the soul : believe in miracles : 101 stories of hope, answered prayers and divine intervention NonFiction
There's No Manual : Honest... (05 Feb 2020) There's no manual : honest and gory wisdom about having a baby Newell, Beth, author. NonFiction
Chunky Knits : Cozy Hats,... (05 Feb 2020) Chunky knits : cozy hats, scarves and more made simple with extra-large yarn Graciano, Alyssarhaye, autho... NonFiction
Container And Fragrant... (05 Feb 2020) Container and fragrant gardens : how to enliven spaces with containers and make the most of scented plants Loewer, H. Peter, author. NonFiction
Rage Baking : The... (05 Feb 2020) Rage baking : the transformative power of flour, fury, and women's voices (a cookbook with more than 50 recipes) Gunst, Kathy, author. NonFiction
Your Body In Balance : The... (05 Feb 2020) Your body in balance : the new science of food, hormones, and health Barnard, Neal D., 1953- auth... NonFiction
The Modern Embroidery Studio... (05 Feb 2020) The modern embroidery studio : 20 stylish designs to stitch, wear, and share Holton, Lauren, author. NonFiction
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Start Now : Because That... (04 Feb 2020) Start now : because that meaningful job is out there, just waiting for you Levy, Reynold, author. NonFiction
How To Do Nothing :... (04 Feb 2020) How to do nothing : resisting the attention economy Odell, Jenny (Multimedia art... NonFiction
Mindset Mathematics :... (04 Feb 2020) Mindset mathematics : visualizing and investigating big ideas. Grade 8 Boaler, Jo, 1964- author. NonFiction
Gay Like Me : A Father... (04 Feb 2020) Gay like me : a father writes to his son Jackson, Richie, 1965- NonFiction
Old School Love And Why It... (04 Feb 2020) Old school love and why it works Simmons, Joseph, author. NonFiction
How Yiddish Changed America... (04 Feb 2020) How Yiddish changed America and how America changed Yiddish NonFiction
Watercolor Basics : Learn To... (04 Feb 2020) Watercolor basics : learn to solve the most common painting problems Reid, Charles, 1937- author. NonFiction
Kaizen : The Japanese Secret... (03 Feb 2020) Kaizen : the Japanese secret to lasting change : small steps to big goals Harvey, Sarah (Literary agen... NonFiction
The School Choice Roadmap :... (03 Feb 2020) The school choice roadmap : 7 steps to finding the right school for your child Campanella, Andrew, author. NonFiction
The Impeachment Report : The... (03 Feb 2020) The impeachment report : the House Intelligence Committee's report on the Trump-Ukraine investigation, with the House Republicans' rebuttal : includes the Republican rebuttal report from Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and Michael McCaul NonFiction
One-day Diy : Modern... (03 Feb 2020) One-day DIY : modern farmhouse furniture : beautiful handmade tables, seating and more the fast and easy way Strate, J. P., author. NonFiction
Simply Wood : Home Projects... (03 Feb 2020) Simply wood : home projects from branches, logs, and other found wood Suster, Linda, author. NonFiction
The House Of Yan : A Family... (03 Feb 2020) The house of Yan : a family at the heart of a century in Chinese history Yan, Lan, author. NonFiction
Half Broke : A Memoir (03 Feb 2020) Gaffney, Ginger, author. NonFiction
Repeal The Second Amendment... (03 Feb 2020) Repeal the Second Amendment : the case for a safer America Lichtman, Allan J., author. NonFiction
Me And White Supremacy :... (03 Feb 2020) Me and white supremacy : combat racism, change the world, and become a good ancestor Saad, Layla F, author. NonFiction
Race Against Time : A... (03 Feb 2020) Race against time : a reporter reopens the unsolved murder cases of the civil rights era Mitchell, Jerry, author. NonFiction
Spring Rain : A Graphic... (03 Feb 2020) Spring rain : a graphic memoir of love, madness, and revolutions Warner, Andy, author. NonFiction
The Contact Paradox :... (03 Feb 2020) The contact paradox : challenging our assumptions in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence Cooper, Keith (Journalist), ... NonFiction
The Art Of Resistance : My... (03 Feb 2020) The art of resistance : my four years in the French underground : a memoir Rosenberg, Justus, 1921- aut... NonFiction
Smacked : A Story Of... (03 Feb 2020) Smacked : a story of white-collar ambition, addiction, and tragedy Zimmerman, Eilene, author. NonFiction
Think Outside The Building :... (03 Feb 2020) Think outside the building : how advanced leaders can change the world one smart innovation at a time Kanter, Rosabeth Moss, autho... NonFiction
Early : An Intimate History... (03 Feb 2020) Early : an intimate history of premature birth and what it teaches us about being human DiGregorio, Sarah, author. NonFiction
Children Of The Land (03 Feb 2020) Hernandez Castillo, Marcelo,... NonFiction
The Hundred Years' War On... (03 Feb 2020) The hundred years' war on Palestine : a history of settler colonialism and resistance, 1917-2017 Khalidi, Rashid, author. NonFiction
The Making Of A Miracle :... (03 Feb 2020) The making of a miracle : the untold story of the captain of the 1980 gold medal-winning US Olympic hockey team Eruzione, Mike, 1954- author... NonFiction
#metoo In The Corporate... (03 Feb 2020) #METOO in the corporate world : power, privilege, and the path forward Hewlett, Sylvia Ann, 1946- NonFiction
The Scientist And The Spy :... (03 Feb 2020) The scientist and the spy : a true story of China, the FBI, and industrial espionage Hvistendahl, Mara, author. NonFiction
Islamic Empires : The Cities... (03 Feb 2020) Islamic empires : the cities that shaped civilization : from Mecca to Dubai Marozzi, Justin, 1970- autho... NonFiction
The Last Winter Of The... (03 Feb 2020) The last winter of the Weimar Republic : the rise of the Third Reich Barth, Ru?diger, 1972- autho... NonFiction
A Woman Like Her : The Story... (03 Feb 2020) A woman like her : the story behind the honor killing of a social media star Maher, Sanam, author. NonFiction
Leader's Greatest Return :... (03 Feb 2020) Leader's greatest return : attracting, developing, and multiplying leaders Maxwell, John C., 1947- auth... NonFiction
How To Teach Philosophy To... (03 Feb 2020) How to teach philosophy to your dog : exploring the big questions in life McGowan, Anthony, author. NonFiction
Stand Down : How Social... (03 Feb 2020) Stand down : how social justice warriors are sabotaging America's military Hasson, James (Writer on mil... NonFiction
Why Good Sex Matters :... (03 Feb 2020) Why good sex matters : understanding the neuroscience of pleasure for a smarter, happier, and more purpose-filled life Wise, Nan Ellen, author. NonFiction
Good Morning, I Love You :... (03 Feb 2020) Good morning, I love you : mindfulness + self-compassion practices to rewire your brain for calm, clarity + joy Shapiro, Shauna L., author. NonFiction
My Autobiography Of Carson... (03 Feb 2020) My autobiography of Carson McCullers Shapland, Jenn, 1987- author... NonFiction
18 Tiny Deaths : The Untold... (03 Feb 2020) 18 tiny deaths : the untold story of Frances Glessner Lee and the invention of modern forensics Goldfarb, Bruce, author. NonFiction
In The World : From The Big... (03 Feb 2020) In the world : from the big house to Hollywood Stratton, Richard (Richard H... NonFiction
Your First Fake Book : Over... (03 Feb 2020) Your first fake book : over 100 songs in the key of "C" for keyboard, vocal, guitar and all "C" instruments. NonFiction
Quitting Smoking & Vaping (03 Feb 2020) Elliott, Charles H., 1948- a... NonFiction
The Witch's Book Of Love :... (03 Feb 2020) The witch's book of love : hundreds of magical ways to attract and strengthen love Shannon, Mary, author. NonFiction
Homie : Poems (03 Feb 2020) Smith, Danez, author. NonFiction
Invisible Americans : The... (03 Feb 2020) Invisible Americans : the tragic cost of child poverty Madrick, Jeffrey G., author. NonFiction
Harvest The Vote : How... (03 Feb 2020) Harvest the vote : how Democrats can win again in rural America Kleeb, Jane, 1973- author. NonFiction
Becoming A Man : The Story... (03 Feb 2020) Becoming a man : the story of a transition Carl, Polly K., author. NonFiction
The Future Is Faster Than... (03 Feb 2020) The future is faster than you think : how converging technologies are transforming business, industries, and our lives Diamandis, Peter H., author. NonFiction
A Game Of Birds And Wolves :... (03 Feb 2020) A game of birds and wolves : the ingenious young women whose secret board game helped win World War II Parkin, Simon, author. NonFiction
The Affirmative Action... (03 Feb 2020) The Affirmative Action puzzle : a living history from Reconstruction to today Urofsky, Melvin I., author. NonFiction
Jesus : The God Who Knows... (03 Feb 2020) Jesus : the God who knows your name Lucado, Max, author. NonFiction
Billion Dollar Brand Club :... (03 Feb 2020) Billion dollar brand club : how Dollar Shave Club, Warby Park, and other disruptors are remaking what we buy Ingrassia, Lawrence, author. NonFiction
Black Wave : Saudi Arabia,... (03 Feb 2020) Black wave : Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the forty-year rivalry that unraveled culture, religion and collective memory in the Middle East Ghattas, Kim, author. NonFiction
Human Diversity : The... (03 Feb 2020) Human diversity : the biology of gender, race, and class Murray, Charles A., author. NonFiction
Why We're Polarized (03 Feb 2020) Klein, Ezra, author. NonFiction
My War Criminal : Personal... (03 Feb 2020) My war criminal : personal encounters with an architect of genocide Stern, Jessica, 1958- author... NonFiction
Savage Messiah : How Dr.... (03 Feb 2020) Savage messiah : how Dr. Jordan Peterson is saving Western civilization Proser, Jim, author. NonFiction
The Best Value Colleges : 75... (31 Jan 2020) The best value colleges : 75 schools that give you the most for your money Franek, Robert, author. NonFiction
St. Maarten/st. Martin, St.... (31 Jan 2020) St. Maarten/St. Martin, St. Barth, & Anguilla. NonFiction
I Am Not Your Slave : A... (31 Jan 2020) I am not your slave : a memoir Tjipombo, Tupa, author. NonFiction
Fight Of The Century :... (31 Jan 2020) Fight of the century : writers reflect on 100 years of landmark ACLU cases NonFiction
A Collective Bargain :... (31 Jan 2020) A collective bargain : unions, organizing, and the fight for democracy McAlevey, Jane, author. NonFiction
Elizabeth Warren : How Her... (31 Jan 2020) Elizabeth Warren : how her presidency would destroy the middle class and the American dream Bahnsen, David L., 1974- aut... NonFiction
The Kebra Nagast : The Lost... (31 Jan 2020) The Kebra nagast : the lost Bible of Rastafarian wisdom and faith NonFiction
The First 50 Songs You... (31 Jan 2020) The first 50 songs you should play on the viola. NonFiction
Venice & The Veneto. (31 Jan 2020) NonFiction
Dublin. (31 Jan 2020) Dublin. NonFiction
The Family Travel Handbook :... (31 Jan 2020) The family travel handbook : everything you need to know to take unforgettable trips with your children Hall, Imogen, author. NonFiction
Sat Subject Test. Biology... (31 Jan 2020) SAT subject test. Biology E/M prep NonFiction
Cosmos : Possible Worlds (30 Jan 2020) Druyan, Ann, 1949- author. NonFiction
50 Yale Admission Success... (30 Jan 2020) 50 YALE ADMISSION SUCCESS STORIES : and the essays that made them happen Yale Daily News Staff (COR) NonFiction
American Birds : A Literary... (30 Jan 2020) AMERICAN BIRDS : A Literary Companion Williams, Terry Tempest/ Rub... NonFiction
Star Wars - The Rise Of... (30 Jan 2020) STAR WARS - THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Williams, John (COP) NonFiction
Screening Reality : How... (30 Jan 2020) SCREENING REALITY : how documentary filmmakers reimagined America Wilkman, Jon, author. NonFiction
California Exposures :... (30 Jan 2020) CALIFORNIA EXPOSURES : envisioning myth and history White, Richard, 1947- author... NonFiction
Let The People Pick The... (30 Jan 2020) LET THE PEOPLE PICK THE PRESIDENT : the case for abolishing the Electoral College Wegman, Jesse, author. NonFiction
Just So : Money,... (30 Jan 2020) JUST SO : money, materialism, and the ineffable, intelligent universe Watts, Alan, 1915-1973, auth... NonFiction
Why We Swim (30 Jan 2020) Tsui, Bonnie, author. NonFiction
Birder On Berry Lane : Three... (30 Jan 2020) BIRDER ON BERRY LANE : three acres, twelve months, thousands of birds Tougias, Robert, author. NonFiction
Wag : The Science Of Making... (30 Jan 2020) WAG : The Science of Making Your Dog Happy Todd, Zazie/ Becker, Marty (... NonFiction
Competition Overdose : How... (30 Jan 2020) COMPETITION OVERDOSE : How Free Market Mythology Transformed Us from Citizen Kings to Market Servants Stucke, Maurice E./ Ezrachi,... NonFiction
The Science Of Storytelling... (30 Jan 2020) THE SCIENCE OF STORYTELLING : Why Stories Make Us Human and How to Tell Them Better Storr, Will NonFiction
Sheds : The Do-it-yourself... (30 Jan 2020) SHEDS : The Do-it-yourself Guide for Backyard Builders Stiles, David/ Stiles, Jeani... NonFiction
The Presidential Fringe :... (30 Jan 2020) THE PRESIDENTIAL FRINGE : Questing and Jesting for the Oval Office Stein, Mark NonFiction
Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your... (30 Jan 2020) BARRY SONNENFELD, CALL YOUR MOTHER : memoirs of a neurotic filmmaker Sonnenfeld, Barry, author. NonFiction
First 50 Bluegrass Solos You... (30 Jan 2020) FIRST 50 BLUEGRASS SOLOS YOU SHOULD PLAY ON GUITAR Sokolow, Fred (CRT) NonFiction
Germany, A Nation In Its... (30 Jan 2020) GERMANY, A NATION IN ITS TIME : before, during, and after Nationalism, 1500-2000 Smith, Helmut Walser, 1962- ... NonFiction
This Is Shakespeare (30 Jan 2020) Smith, Emma (Emma Josephine)... NonFiction
Cry Havoc : Charlottesville... (30 Jan 2020) CRY HAVOC : Charlottesville and American Democracy Under Siege Signer, Michael NonFiction
Going Home : A Walk Through... (30 Jan 2020) GOING HOME : a walk through fifty years of occupation Shehadeh, Raja, 1951- author... NonFiction
How To Be An Artist (30 Jan 2020) Saltz, Jerry, 1951- author. NonFiction
Synthesizing Gravity :... (30 Jan 2020) SYNTHESIZING GRAVITY : Selected Prose Ryan, Kay NonFiction
Rush - The Spirit Of Radio :... (30 Jan 2020) RUSH - THE SPIRIT OF RADIO : Greatest Hits 1974-1987 Rush (CRT) NonFiction
Faith, Family & The Feast :... (30 Jan 2020) FAITH, FAMILY & THE FEAST : recipes from the grill, garden, and iron skillet Rollins, Kent, author. NonFiction
The Power Notebooks (30 Jan 2020) Roiphe, Katie, author. NonFiction
The Myth Of Chinese... (30 Jan 2020) THE MYTH OF CHINESE CAPITALISM : the worker, the factory, and the future of the world Roberts, Dexter, author. NonFiction
Urban Magick : A Guide For... (30 Jan 2020) URBAN MAGICK : A Guide for the City Witch Rajchel, Diana NonFiction
I Never Left Home : Poet,... (30 Jan 2020) I NEVER LEFT HOME : poet, feminist, revolutionary Randall, Margaret, 1936- aut... NonFiction
The Hunt For History : On... (30 Jan 2020) THE HUNT FOR HISTORY : on the trail of the world's lost treasures-from the letters of Lincoln, Churchill, and Einstein to the secret recordings on-board JFK's Air Force One Raab, Nathan, 1978- author. NonFiction
American Poison : How Racial... (30 Jan 2020) AMERICAN POISON : how racial hostility destroyed our promise Porter, Eduardo, author. NonFiction
Enough About Me : Find... (30 Jan 2020) ENOUGH ABOUT ME : Find Lasting Joy in the Age of Self Oshman, Jen/ Wilkin, Jen (FR... NonFiction
War Doctor : Surgery On The... (30 Jan 2020) WAR DOCTOR : Surgery on the Front Line Nott, David/ Marsh, Henry (I... NonFiction
Stealing Home : Los Angeles,... (30 Jan 2020) STEALING HOME : Los Angeles, the Dodgers, and the lives caught in between Nusbaum, Eric, author. NonFiction
Gardening Your Front Yard :... (30 Jan 2020) GARDENING YOUR FRONT YARD : projects and ideas for big and small spaces Nolan, Tara, 1977- author. NonFiction
Creative Strategies In Film... (30 Jan 2020) CREATIVE STRATEGIES IN FILM SCORING : Audio and Video Access Included Newhouse, Ben NonFiction
The Xx Brain : The... (30 Jan 2020) THE XX BRAIN : the groundbreaking science empowering women to maximize cognitive health and prevent Alzheimer's disease Mosconi, Lisa, author. NonFiction
Fakes, Forgeries, And Frauds (30 Jan 2020) Moses, Nancy, 1948- author. NonFiction
Mending Life : A Handbook... (30 Jan 2020) MENDING LIFE : A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts Montenegro, Nina/ Montenegro... NonFiction
The Death Of Sitting Bear :... (30 Jan 2020) THE DEATH OF SITTING BEAR : new and selected poems Momaday, N. Scott, 1934- aut... NonFiction
The Rumi Prescription : How... (30 Jan 2020) THE RUMI PRESCRIPTION : How an Ancient Mystic Poet Changed My Modern Manic Life Moezzi, Melody NonFiction
The Eastern Orthodox Church... (30 Jan 2020) THE EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH : A New History McGuckin, John Anthony NonFiction
Writing The Romantic Comedy... (30 Jan 2020) WRITING THE ROMANTIC COMEDY : The Art of Crafting Funny Love Stories for the Screen Mernit, Billy NonFiction
The Gardener's Guide To... (30 Jan 2020) THE GARDENER'S GUIDE TO SUCCULENTS : A Handbook of over 125 Exquisite Varieties of Succulents and Cacti Matsuyama, Misa NonFiction
The Incredible Journey Of... (30 Jan 2020) THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY OF PLANTS Mancuso, Stefano, author. NonFiction
Speak : Love Your Story,... (30 Jan 2020) SPEAK : Love Your Story, Your Audience Is Waiting Loveman, Sally Lou Oaks NonFiction
Ian Rankin : A Companion To... (30 Jan 2020) IAN RANKIN : a companion to the mystery fiction MacDonald, Erin E, author. NonFiction
The Dream Universe : How... (30 Jan 2020) THE DREAM UNIVERSE : How Fundamental Physics Lost Its Way Lindley, David NonFiction
In The Waves : My Quest To... (30 Jan 2020) IN THE WAVES : My Quest to Solve the Mystery of a Civil War Submarine Lance, Rachel NonFiction
Ccna Certification Study... (30 Jan 2020) CCNA CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE : Implementing and Administering Cisco Networking Technologies: Exam 200-301 Lammle, Todd NonFiction
The Last Voyage Of The... (30 Jan 2020) THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE ANDREA DORIA : the sinking of the world's most glamorous ship King, Greg, 1964- author. NonFiction
Hidden Valley Road : Inside... (30 Jan 2020) HIDDEN VALLEY ROAD : inside the mind of an American family Kolker, Robert, author. NonFiction
Abandoned : America's Lost... (30 Jan 2020) ABANDONED : America's lost youth and the crisis of disconnection Kim, Anne (Journalist), auth... NonFiction
Hiding In Plain Sight : The... (30 Jan 2020) HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT : the invention of Donald Trump and the erosion of America Kendzior, Sarah, author. NonFiction
The Dairy Restaurant (30 Jan 2020) Katchor, Ben, author. NonFiction
Front Row At The Trump Show (30 Jan 2020) Karl, Jonathan, 1968- author... NonFiction
High Risk : A Doctor's Notes... (30 Jan 2020) HIGH RISK : A Doctor's Notes on Pregnancy, Birth, and the Unexpected Karkowsky, Chavi Eve NonFiction
A History Of Islam In 21... (30 Jan 2020) A HISTORY OF ISLAM IN 21 WOMEN Kamaly, Hossein NonFiction
At The Center Of All Beauty... (30 Jan 2020) AT THE CENTER OF ALL BEAUTY : solitude and the creative life Johnson, Fenton, author. NonFiction
Guide To The Natchez Trace... (30 Jan 2020) GUIDE TO THE NATCHEZ TRACE PARKWAY Jackson, Tim W, author. NonFiction
The Baja Cookbook : 60... (30 Jan 2020) THE BAJA COOKBOOK : 60 recipes from lower California Hussong, David Castro, 1990-... NonFiction
A Beautiful Day In The... (30 Jan 2020) A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD : Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Heller, Nate (COP)/ Rogers, ... NonFiction
White Feathers : The Nesting... (30 Jan 2020) WHITE FEATHERS : the nesting lives of tree swallows Heinrich, Bernd, 1940- autho... NonFiction
Upstream : The Quest To... (30 Jan 2020) UPSTREAM : The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen Heath, Dan NonFiction
Do Nothing : How To Break... (30 Jan 2020) DO NOTHING : how to break away from overworking, overdoing, and underliving Headlee, Celeste Anne, 1969-... NonFiction
Top Hits - Really Easy... (30 Jan 2020) TOP HITS - REALLY EASY GUITAR : 22 Songs With Chords, Lyrics & Basic Tab Hal Leonard Corp. (COR) NonFiction
First 50 Songs You Should... (30 Jan 2020) FIRST 50 SONGS YOU SHOULD PLAY ON TUBA : A Must-have Collection of Well-known Songs, Including Several Tuba Features Hal Leonard Corp. (COR) NonFiction
Commerical Music Production... (30 Jan 2020) COMMERICAL MUSIC PRODUCTION - BERKLEE PRESS Hal Leonard Corp (COR) NonFiction
Memories, Truth Hurts & More... (30 Jan 2020) MEMORIES, TRUTH HURTS & MORE HOT SINGLES : Pop Piano Hits Series Hal Leonard Corp (COR) NonFiction
How To Be Fine : What We... (30 Jan 2020) HOW TO BE FINE : what we learned from living by the rules of 50 self-help books Greenberg, Jolenta, author. NonFiction
Mastering The Process : From... (30 Jan 2020) MASTERING THE PROCESS : from idea to novel George, Elizabeth, 1949- aut... NonFiction
The Club King : My Rise,... (30 Jan 2020) THE CLUB KING : My Rise, Reign, and Fall in New York Nightlife Gatien, Peter NonFiction
The Printmakers' Bible (30 Jan 2020) Gale, Colin/ Fishpool, Megan NonFiction
Hitler's First Hundred Days... (30 Jan 2020) HITLER'S FIRST HUNDRED DAYS : when Germans embraced the Third Reich Fritzsche, Peter, 1959- auth... NonFiction
Legendary Children : The... (30 Jan 2020) LEGENDARY CHILDREN : the first decade of RuPaul's drag race and the last century of queer life Fitzgerald, Tom (Thomas), 19... NonFiction
Bill Evans Omnibook For... (30 Jan 2020) BILL EVANS OMNIBOOK FOR PIANO Evans, Bill (CRT) NonFiction
Introducing Machine Learning (30 Jan 2020) Esposito, Dino/ Esposito, Fr... NonFiction
How To Be A Conscious Eater... (30 Jan 2020) HOW TO BE A CONSCIOUS EATER : A Guide to Choosing Food That's Good for You, Others, and the Planet Egan, Sophie NonFiction
First, Catch : Study Of A... (30 Jan 2020) FIRST, CATCH : study of a spring meal Eagle, Thom, author. NonFiction
Waterfowl Of Eastern North... (30 Jan 2020) WATERFOWL OF EASTERN NORTH AMERICA Earley, Chris NonFiction
Ending Parkinson's Disease :... (30 Jan 2020) ENDING PARKINSON'S DISEASE : a prescription for action Dorsey, Ray, author. NonFiction
Swing Kings : The Inside... (30 Jan 2020) SWING KINGS : The Inside Story of Baseball's Home Run Revolution Diamond, Jared NonFiction
Into The Abyss : A... (30 Jan 2020) INTO THE ABYSS : A Neuropsychiatrist's Notes on Troubled Minds David, Anthony NonFiction
Unrigged : How Americans Are... (30 Jan 2020) UNRIGGED : how Americans are battling back to save democracy Daley, David (Editor-in-chie... NonFiction
The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow (30 Jan 2020) Crow, Sheryl (CRT) NonFiction
Fighting Words : The Bold... (30 Jan 2020) FIGHTING WORDS : the bold American journalists who brought the world home between the wars Cott, Nancy F, author. NonFiction
The Lost Family : How Dna... (30 Jan 2020) THE LOST FAMILY : How DNA Testing Is Upending Who We Are Copeland, Libby NonFiction
The Hot Hand : The Mystery... (30 Jan 2020) THE HOT HAND : the mystery and science of streaks Cohen, Ben, 1988- author. NonFiction
Midwest Futures (30 Jan 2020) Christman, Phil NonFiction
Brake Repair : How To... (30 Jan 2020) BRAKE REPAIR : how to diagnose, fix, or replace your car's brakes : step by step Cartwright, Steven, 1955- au... NonFiction
The Little Gardener :... (30 Jan 2020) THE LITTLE GARDENER : Helping Children Connect With the Natural World Cerny, Julie/ Dercon, Ysemay... NonFiction
Seven Days In Augusta :... (30 Jan 2020) SEVEN DAYS IN AUGUSTA : Behind the Scenes at the Masters Cannizzaro, Mark/ Mickelson,... NonFiction
A Question Of Power :... (30 Jan 2020) A QUESTION OF POWER : electricity and the wealth of nations Bryce, Robert, 1960- author. NonFiction
The Room Where It Happened :... (30 Jan 2020) THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED : A White House Memoir Bolton, John NonFiction
The Catalyst : How To Change... (30 Jan 2020) THE CATALYST : how to change anyone's mind Berger, Jonah, author. NonFiction
Broken Glass : Mies Van Der... (30 Jan 2020) BROKEN GLASS : Mies Van Der Rohe, Edith Farnsworth, and the Fight over a Modernist Masterpiece Beam, Alex NonFiction
House Lessons : Renovating A... (30 Jan 2020) HOUSE LESSONS : Renovating a Life Bauermeister, Erica NonFiction
Wildcrafted Fermentation :... (30 Jan 2020) WILDCRAFTED FERMENTATION : Exploring, Transforming, and Preserving the Wild Flavors of Your Local Terroir Baudar, Pascal NonFiction
Dressed : A Philosophy Of... (30 Jan 2020) DRESSED : a philosophy of clothes Bari, Shahidha K, author. NonFiction
The Second Life Of Tiger... (30 Jan 2020) THE SECOND LIFE OF TIGER WOODS Bamberger, Michael NonFiction
The Smartphone Society :... (30 Jan 2020) THE SMARTPHONE SOCIETY : technology, power, and resistance in the new gilded age Aschoff, Nicole Marie, 1980-... NonFiction
Voices From The Ape House (30 Jan 2020) Armstrong, Elizabeth (Elizab... NonFiction
The End Of Mental Illness :... (30 Jan 2020) THE END OF MENTAL ILLNESS : how neuroscience is transforming psychiatry and helping prevent or reverse mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, addictions, PTSD, psychosis, personality disorders, and more Amen, Daniel G, author. NonFiction
Building Machine Learning... (30 Jan 2020) BUILDING MACHINE LEARNING POWERED APPLICATIONS : Going from Idea to Product Ameisen, Emmanuel NonFiction
Feeding Women Of The Bible,... (30 Jan 2020) FEEDING WOMEN OF THE BIBLE, FEEDING OURSELVES : A Jewish Food Hero Cookbook Alfond, Kenden NonFiction
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Coding Careers In The... (30 Jan 2020) CODING CAREERS IN THE MILITARY Shoup, Kate NonFiction
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Careers In Welding (30 Jan 2020) Kamberg, Mary-Lane NonFiction
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Jane Against The World : Roe... (30 Jan 2020) JANE AGAINST THE WORLD : Roe V. Wade and the Fight for Reproductive Rights Blumenthal, Karen NonFiction
Thank You For Coming To My... (30 Jan 2020) THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK : a teen guide to great public speaking Anderson, Chris, 1957 Januar... NonFiction
Almost American Girl : An... (30 Jan 2020) Almost American girl : an illustrated memoir Ha, Robin, author, illustrat... Graphic Novel
The New Class War : Saving... (30 Jan 2020) The new class war : saving democracy from the managerial elite Lind, Michael, 1962- author. NonFiction
America's Expiration Date :... (30 Jan 2020) America's expiration date : the fall of empires and superpowers . . . and the future of the United States Thomas, Cal, author. NonFiction
The Ginger & Turmeric... (30 Jan 2020) The ginger & turmeric companion : natural recipes and remedies for everyday health Scherr, Suzy, author. NonFiction
Success From The Inside Out (30 Jan 2020) Jones, Nona J., author. NonFiction
When Reagan Sent In The... (30 Jan 2020) When Reagan sent in the Marines : the invasion of Lebanon Sloyan, Patrick J., author. NonFiction
The Healthy Deviant : A Rule... (30 Jan 2020) The healthy deviant : a rule breaker's guide to being healthy in an unhealthy world Gerasimo, Pilar, 1967- autho... NonFiction
Macronutrient Basics :... (30 Jan 2020) Macronutrient basics : includes 50+ recipes, your guide to the essentials of macronutrients-and how a macro diet can work for you! Dustin, Matt, author. NonFiction
Eat Your Vitamins : Your... (30 Jan 2020) Eat your vitamins : your guide to using natural foods to get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs Davis, Mascha, author. NonFiction
The Little Book Of Feng Shui... (30 Jan 2020) The little book of feng shui : a room-by-room guide to energize, organize, and harmonize your space Jones, Katina Z., author. NonFiction
Bad Data : Why We Measure... (30 Jan 2020) Bad data : why we measure the wrong things and often miss the metrics that matter Schryvers, Peter, 1983- auth... NonFiction
Last Stop Auschwitz : My... (30 Jan 2020) Last stop Auschwitz : my story of survival from within the camp Wind, E. de, author. NonFiction
How Birds Behave : Discover... (30 Jan 2020) How birds behave : discover the mysteries of what backyard birds do 365 days of the year Sorenson, Sharon, author. NonFiction
Comeback Careers : Rethink,... (30 Jan 2020) Comeback careers : rethink, refresh, reinvent your success--at 40, 50, and beyond Brzezinski, Mika, author. NonFiction
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Bedtime, The Ultimate Battle... (30 Jan 2020) Bedtime, the ultimate battle : a parent's sleep guide for infants and toddlers Guida-Richards, Melissa, aut... NonFiction
The Joy Of Home Brewing... (30 Jan 2020) The joy of home brewing kombucha : how to craft probiotic and fermented drinks Turner, Chad, author. NonFiction
7-minute Body Plan (30 Jan 2020) Wyndham-Read, Lucy, author. NonFiction
The Kid-friendly Adhd &... (30 Jan 2020) The kid-friendly ADHD & autism cookbook : the ultimate guide to the most effective diets Compart, Pamela J., author. NonFiction
Start Here : A Parent's... (30 Jan 2020) Start here : a parent's guide to helping children and teens through mental health challenges Bryden, Pier, author. NonFiction
Vegan Buddha Bowls : Easy,... (30 Jan 2020) Vegan buddha bowls : easy, healthy recipes that make you feel great from the inside out Cifelli, Cara Carin, author. NonFiction
Keto Bowls : Simple And... (30 Jan 2020) Keto bowls : simple and delicious low-carb, high-fat recipes for your ketogenic lifestyle Ellgen, Pamela, author. NonFiction
Love Your Body Feed Your... (30 Jan 2020) Love your body feed your soul : self-care rituals and recipes for your inner goddess Sanders, Summer (Nutritionis... NonFiction
Potholder Loom Weaving :... (30 Jan 2020) Potholder loom weaving : techniques for multi-color patterns, different shapes, and tapestry weaving Crone-Findlay, Noreen, autho... NonFiction
Gender : A Graphic Guide (30 Jan 2020) Barker, Meg-John, 1974- auth... NonFiction
Parable Of The Brown Girl :... (30 Jan 2020) Parable of the brown girl : the sacred lives of girls of color Adams, Khristi Lauren, autho... NonFiction
All Along You Were Blooming... (30 Jan 2020) All along you were blooming : thoughts for boundless living Nichols, Morgan Harper, 1990... NonFiction
Punched : Techniques And... (30 Jan 2020) Punched : techniques and projects for modern punch needle art Schaat, Stacie, author. NonFiction
The Book Of Home How-to :... (30 Jan 2020) The book of home how-to : complete photo guide to outdoor building : decks, sheds, garden structures, pathways NonFiction
In The Flo : Unlock Your... (30 Jan 2020) In the flo : unlock your hormonal advantage and revolutionize your life Vitti, Alisa, author. NonFiction
Hope In The Mail :... (29 Jan 2020) Hope in the mail : reflections on writing and life Van Draanen, Wendelin, autho... NonFiction
Believe Me : How Trusting... (29 Jan 2020) Believe me : how trusting women can change the world Valenti, Jessica, author. NonFiction
Sabotage : The Hidden Nature... (29 Jan 2020) Sabotage : the hidden nature of finance Nesvetailova, Anastasia, aut... NonFiction
Wine For Normal People : A... (29 Jan 2020) Wine for normal people : a guide for real people who like wine, but not the snobbery that goes with it Schneider, Elizabeth (Sommel... NonFiction
Elemental Knits : A... (29 Jan 2020) Elemental knits : a perennial knitwear collection Spainhower, Courtney, author... NonFiction
Transcendence : How Humans... (29 Jan 2020) Transcendence : how humans evolved through fire, language, beauty, and time Vince, Gaia, author. NonFiction
Witches : The Transformative... (29 Jan 2020) Witches : the transformative power of women working together George-Allen, Sam, author. NonFiction
Saving God From Religion : A... (29 Jan 2020) Saving God from religion : a minister's search for faith in a skeptical age Meyers, Robin R. (Robin Rex)... NonFiction
The Calling : 3 Fundamental... (29 Jan 2020) The calling : 3 fundamental shifts to stay true, get paid, and do good Rha Goddess, author. NonFiction
Basic Korean : Learn To... (29 Jan 2020) Basic Korean : learn to speak Korean in 19 easy lessons Kim, Soohee, author. NonFiction
The Sun And Her Stars :... (29 Jan 2020) The sun and her stars : Salka Viertel and Hitler's exiles in the golden age of Hollywood Rifkind, Donna, author. NonFiction
Cat Tale : The Wild, Weird... (29 Jan 2020) Cat tale : the wild, weird battle to save the Florida panther Pittman, Craig, author. NonFiction
Full Dissidence : Notes From... (29 Jan 2020) Full dissidence : notes from an uneven playing field Bryant, Howard, 1968- author... NonFiction
Master Of One : Find And... (29 Jan 2020) Master of one : find and focus on the work you were created to do Raynor, Jordan, 1986- author... NonFiction
Humble Pi : When Math Goes... (29 Jan 2020) Humble pi : when math goes wrong in the real world Parker, Matt (Mathematician)... NonFiction
The Founding Fortunes : How... (29 Jan 2020) The founding fortunes : how the wealthy paid for and profited from America's revolution Shachtman, Tom, 1942- author... NonFiction
Politics Is For Power : How... (29 Jan 2020) Politics is for power : how to move beyond political hobbyism, take action, and make real changes Hersh, Eitan, author. NonFiction
How We Learn : Why Brains... (29 Jan 2020) How we learn : why brains learn better than any machine ... for now Dehaene, Stanislas, author. NonFiction
Raising Hell : Backstage... (29 Jan 2020) Raising hell : backstage tales from the lives of metal legends : into the fiery pits of chaos ... Wiederhorn, Jon, author. NonFiction
Japanese Character Writing (29 Jan 2020) Chiba, Hiroko (Hiroko M.), a... NonFiction
Frozen Ii : Music From The... (29 Jan 2020) Frozen II : music from the motion picture soundtrack Anderson-Lopez, Kristen, com... NonFiction
The New World Economy : A... (29 Jan 2020) The new world economy : a beginner's guide : demystifying everything from AI and bitcoins to unicorns and Generation Z Epping, Randy Charles, autho... NonFiction
Illegal : How America's... (29 Jan 2020) Illegal : how America's lawless immigration regime threatens us all Cohen, Elizabeth F., 1973- a... NonFiction
Making Pre-med Count :... (29 Jan 2020) Making pre-med count : everything I wish I'd known before applying (successfully) to medical school Fassas, Elisabeth, author. NonFiction
Fights : One Boy's Triumph... (29 Jan 2020) Fights : one boy's triumph over violence Gill, Joel Christian, author... NonFiction
Common English Bible : Holy... (28 Jan 2020) Common English Bible : Holy Bible : a translation to touch the heart and mind. NonFiction
Genetics (28 Jan 2020) Genetics Robinson, T. R. (Tara Rodden... NonFiction
Stephen Hawking : His... (28 Jan 2020) Stephen Hawking : his science in a nutshell Freistetter, F. (Florian), a... NonFiction
Invisible Women : Data Bias... (28 Jan 2020) Invisible women : data bias in a world designed for men Criado-Perez, Caroline, auth... NonFiction
Unmaking The Presidency :... (28 Jan 2020) Unmaking the presidency : Donald Trump's war on the world's most powerful office Hennessey, Susan, 1985- auth... NonFiction
The Bomb : Presidents,... (28 Jan 2020) The bomb : presidents, generals, and the secret history of nuclear war Kaplan, Fred M., author. NonFiction
Knits From Nature : Sweaters... (28 Jan 2020) Knits from nature : sweaters and accessories with garden-inspired motifs Hardwicke, Dee, author. NonFiction
A House In The Mountains :... (28 Jan 2020) A house in the mountains : the women who liberated Italy from fascism Moorehead, Caroline, author. NonFiction
Arguing With Zombies :... (28 Jan 2020) Arguing with zombies : economics, politics, and the fight for a better future Krugman, Paul R., author. NonFiction
The Making Of Poetry :... (28 Jan 2020) The making of poetry : Coleridge, the Wordsworths, and their year of marvels Nicolson, Adam, 1957- author... NonFiction
Election Meltdown : Dirty... (28 Jan 2020) Election meltdown : dirty tricks, distrust, and the threat to american democracy Hasen, Richard L., author. NonFiction
The Body Language Of... (28 Jan 2020) The body language of politics : decide who is lying, who is sincere, and how you'll vote Van Natten, Donna, author. NonFiction
Sizing People Up : A Veteran... (28 Jan 2020) Sizing people up : a veteran FBI agent's user manual for behavior prediction Dreeke, Robin, author. NonFiction
The Longing For Less :... (28 Jan 2020) The longing for less : living with minimalism Chayka, Kyle, author. NonFiction
Tinyml : Machine Learning... (28 Jan 2020) TinyML : machine learning with TensorFlow Lite on Arduino and ultra-low-power microcontrollers Warden, Pete, author. NonFiction
Quilt Modern Curves & Bold... (28 Jan 2020) Quilt modern curves & bold stripes : 15 dynamic projects for all skill levels Black, Heather, author. NonFiction
Friendship : The Evolution,... (28 Jan 2020) Friendship : the evolution, biology, and extraordinary power of life's fundamental bond Denworth, Lydia, 1966- autho... NonFiction
Gmat 2020 : With Online... (28 Jan 2020) GMAT 2020 : with online practice Hatch, Lisa Zimmer, author. NonFiction
Macos Catalina : The Missing... (28 Jan 2020) MacOS Catalina : the missing manual Pogue, David, 1963- author. NonFiction
Spellcrafting : Strengthen... (28 Jan 2020) Spellcrafting : strengthen the power of your craft by creating and casting your own unique spells Murphy-Hiscock, Arin, author... NonFiction
Bubble In The Sun : The... (27 Jan 2020) Bubble in the sun : the Florida boom of the 1920s and how it brought on the Great Depression Knowlton, Christopher, autho... NonFiction
Normal : A Mother And Her... (27 Jan 2020) Normal : a mother and her beautiful son Newman, Magdalena M., author... NonFiction
The Age Of Entitlement :... (27 Jan 2020) The age of entitlement : America since the sixties Caldwell, Christopher, autho... NonFiction
Slaying Goliath : The... (27 Jan 2020) Slaying Goliath : the passionate resistance to privatization and the fight to save America's public schools Ravitch, Diane, author. NonFiction
American Birding Association... (27 Jan 2020) American Birding Association field guide to birds of Ohio Kistler, Ethan, author. NonFiction
The Impossible First : From... (27 Jan 2020) The impossible first : from fire to ice--crossing Antarctica alone O'Brady, Colin, author. NonFiction
A World Without Work :... (27 Jan 2020) A world without work : technology, automation, and how we should respond Susskind, Daniel, author. NonFiction
The Third Rainbow Girl : The... (27 Jan 2020) The third rainbow girl : the long life of a double murder in Appalachia Eisenberg, Emma Copley, auth... NonFiction
And In The Vienna Woods The... (27 Jan 2020) And in the Vienna woods the trees remain : the heartbreaking true story of a family torn apart by war A?sbrink, Elisabeth, author. NonFiction
Murder Your Darlings : And... (27 Jan 2020) Murder your darlings : and other gentle writing advice from Aristotle to Zinsser Clark, Roy Peter, author. NonFiction
American Manifesto : Saving... (27 Jan 2020) American manifesto : saving democracy from villains, vandals, and ourselves Garfield, Bob, author. NonFiction
Be Amazing : Discover Your... (27 Jan 2020) Be amazing : discover your purpose, conquer your fears, and fulfill your potential Boynton, Paul S., author. NonFiction
Black Students And School... (27 Jan 2020) Black students and school failure : policies, practices, and prescriptions Irvine, Jacqueline Jordan, a... NonFiction
Trade Is Not A Four Letter... (27 Jan 2020) Trade is not a four letter word : how six everyday products make the case for trade Hochberg, Fred Philip, autho... NonFiction
Pravda Ha Ha : True Travels... (27 Jan 2020) Pravda ha ha : true travels to the end of Europe MacLean, Rory, 1954- author. NonFiction
Napkin Finance : Build Your... (27 Jan 2020) Napkin finance : build your wealth in 30 seconds or less Hay, Tina, author. NonFiction
The New Retirementality :... (27 Jan 2020) The new retirementality : planning your life and living your any age you want Anthony, Mitch, author. NonFiction
Growing Through Disaster :... (27 Jan 2020) Growing through disaster : tools for financial and trauma recovery in your faith community Smith, Clayton L. (Pastor), ... NonFiction
Keto In An Instant : More... (27 Jan 2020) Keto in an instant : more than 80 recipes for quick & delicious keto meals using your pressure cooker Fisch, Jen, author. NonFiction
Sugar Free 3 : The Simple... (27 Jan 2020) Sugar free 3 : the simple 3-week plan for more energy, better sleep & surprisingly easy weight loss! Promaulayko, Michele, author... NonFiction
Keto Kitchen Air Fryer... (27 Jan 2020) Keto kitchen air fryer cookbook : more than 100 healthy fried recipes for the ketogenic diet Sanders, Ella, author. NonFiction
Macrame? Plant Hangers :... (27 Jan 2020) Macrame? plant hangers : creative knotted crafts for your stylish home Borja, Chrysteen, author. NonFiction
Eat, Fast, Feast : Heal Your... (27 Jan 2020) Eat, fast, feast : heal your body while feeding your soul -- a Christian guide to fasting Richards, Jay W. (Jay Wesley... NonFiction
Self Reiki : Tune In To Your... (27 Jan 2020) Self reiki : tune in to your life force to achieve harmony and balance Harsono, Jasmin, author. NonFiction
Soulbbatical : A Corporate... (27 Jan 2020) Soulbbatical : a corporate rebel's guide to finding your best life Paxton, Shelley, author. NonFiction
The Moon + You : Your Guide... (27 Jan 2020) The moon + you : your guide to finding energy, balance, and healing with the power of the moon Ahlquist, Diane, author. NonFiction
Low & Slow Cooking : 60... (27 Jan 2020) Low & slow cooking : 60 hands-off recipes that are worth the wait Almodovar, Robyn, author. NonFiction
Fix-it And Forget-it Best... (27 Jan 2020) Fix-it and forget-it best 5-ingredient comfort food recipes : 75 quick & easy slow cooker meals Comerford, Hope, author. NonFiction
Collagen Handbook : Recipes... (27 Jan 2020) Collagen handbook : recipes for natural living Holland, Kimberly, author. NonFiction
Living Low Carb : The... (27 Jan 2020) Living low carb : the essential guide to choosing the right low-carb plan for you Bowden, Jonny, author. NonFiction
Keep This, Toss That : The... (27 Jan 2020) Keep this, toss that : the practical guide to tidying up Novak, Jamie, author. NonFiction
They Said This Day Would... (27 Jan 2020) They said this day would never come : chasing the dream on Obama's improbable campaign Liddell-Westefeld, Chris, au... NonFiction
The Book Of Waking Up :... (27 Jan 2020) The book of waking up : experiencing the divine love that reorders a life Haines, Seth, author. NonFiction
The "i Love My Air Fryer"... (27 Jan 2020) The "I love my air fryer" low-carb recipe book : from carne asada with salsa verde to key lime cheesecake, 175 easy and delicious low-carb recipes Fagone, Michelle, author. NonFiction
The New Rules Of Divorce :... (27 Jan 2020) The new rules of divorce : twelve secrets to protecting your wealth, health, and happiness Newman, Jacqueline, author. NonFiction
The Warrior Heart Practice :... (27 Jan 2020) The warrior heart practice : a simple process to transform confusion into clarity and pain into peace Amara, HeatherAsh, author. NonFiction
12 Power Principles For... (27 Jan 2020) 12 power principles for success Proctor, Bob, author. NonFiction
Cauliflower Power : 75... (27 Jan 2020) Cauliflower power : 75 feel-good, gluten-free recipes made with the World's most versatile vegetable Freedman, Lindsay Grimes, au... NonFiction
Amazon Fire Tv (27 Jan 2020) McFedries, Paul, author. NonFiction
Understanding Cisco... (27 Jan 2020) Understanding Cisco networking technologies. Volume 1. Exam 200-301 Lammle, Todd, author. NonFiction
Vintage Graphic Design :... (27 Jan 2020) Vintage graphic design : type, typography, monograms & decorative design from the late 19th & early 20th centuries Heller, Steven, compiler. NonFiction
Tiny Houses, Simple Shacks,... (27 Jan 2020) Tiny houses, simple shacks, cozy cottages, ramshackle retreats, funky forts : and whatever the heck else we could squeeze in here (say that ten times fast!)* Diedricksen, Derek, author. NonFiction
The Dirty, Lazy, Keto... (27 Jan 2020) The dirty, lazy, keto cookbook : bend the rules to lose the weight! Laska, Stephanie, author. NonFiction
Sleep : Harness The Power Of... (27 Jan 2020) Sleep : harness the power of sleep for optimal health and well-being Hawker, Petra, author. NonFiction
The Carnivore Cookbook : The... (27 Jan 2020) The carnivore cookbook : the complete guide to success on the carnivore diet with over 100 recipes, meal plans, and science Emmerich, Maria, author. NonFiction
Kingdom Stewardship :... (27 Jan 2020) Kingdom stewardship : managing all of life under God's rule Evans, Tony, 1949- author. NonFiction
Mr. Putin : Operative In The... (27 Jan 2020) Mr. Putin : operative in the Kremlin Hill, Fiona, 1965- author. NonFiction
Profiles In Corruption :... (27 Jan 2020) Profiles in corruption : abuse of power by America's progressive elite Schweizer, Peter, 1964- auth... NonFiction
Fodor's Essential Scotland (24 Jan 2020) Fodor's Travel Guides (COR) NonFiction
Fodor's Montreal & Quebec... (24 Jan 2020) FODOR'S MONTREAL & QUEBEC CITY Fodor's Travel Guides (COR) NonFiction
Fodor's Bermuda (24 Jan 2020) Fodor's Travel Guides (COR) NonFiction
Fodor's Toronto : With... (24 Jan 2020) FODOR'S TORONTO : With Niagara Falls & the Niagara Wine Region Fodor's Travel Guides (COR) NonFiction
You Do You : Figuring Out... (24 Jan 2020) You do you : figuring out your body, dating, and sexuality Mirk, Sarah, author. NonFiction
Presenting Yourself : How To... (24 Jan 2020) Presenting yourself : how to make a great impression Marlowe, Christie, author. NonFiction
Immigration (24 Jan 2020) Immigration Pidcock-Reed, Heather, autho... NonFiction
Education (24 Jan 2020) Education Nicole, Ashley, author. NonFiction
Jobs And Economy (24 Jan 2020) Whittington, Mark R., author... NonFiction
Mental Health (24 Jan 2020) Beck, Michelle Dakota, autho... NonFiction
Growth Has No Boundaries :... (24 Jan 2020) Growth has no boundaries : the Christian's secret to a deeper spiritual life Cloud, Henry, author. NonFiction
The Art Of War (24 Jan 2020) Sunzi, active 6th century B.... NonFiction
The Ptsd Behavioral... (24 Jan 2020) The PTSD behavioral activation workbook : activities to help you rebuild your life from post-traumatic stress disorder Jakupcak, Matthew, author. NonFiction
How To Be A Mindful Drinker... (24 Jan 2020) How to be a mindful drinker : cut down, take a break, or quit Jaeger, Dru, author. NonFiction
How To Save Your Child From... (24 Jan 2020) How to save your child from ostrich attacks, accidental time travel, and anything else that might happen on an average Tuesday Breakwell, James, author. NonFiction
The Palestinian Delusion :... (24 Jan 2020) The Palestinian delusion : the catastrophic history of the Middle East peace process Spencer, Robert, 1962- autho... NonFiction
Love Yourself Like Your Life... (24 Jan 2020) Love yourself like your life depends on it Ravikant, Kamal, author. NonFiction
Overcoming Body-focused... (24 Jan 2020) Overcoming body-focused repetitive behaviors : a comprehensive behavioral treatment for hair pulling and skin picking Mansueto, Charles S, author. NonFiction
Simple Acts : The Busy... (24 Jan 2020) Simple acts : the busy family's guide to giving back Silverstein, Natalie, author... NonFiction
A Scheme Of Heaven : The... (24 Jan 2020) A scheme of heaven : the history of astrology and the search for our destiny in data Boxer, Alexander, author. NonFiction
Conflagration : How The... (24 Jan 2020) Conflagration : how the transcendentalists sparked the American struggle for racial, gender, and social justice Buehrens, John A., 1947- aut... NonFiction
Real Happiness : A 28-day... (24 Jan 2020) Real happiness : a 28-day program to realize the power of meditation Salzberg, Sharon, author. NonFiction
The Reality Game : How The... (24 Jan 2020) The reality game : how the next wave of technology will break the truth Woolley, Samuel, author. NonFiction
Above The Line : Living And... (24 Jan 2020) Above the line : living and leading with heart Klemich, Stephen, author. NonFiction
Weeknight Keto : 75 Quick &... (24 Jan 2020) Weeknight keto : 75 quick & easy recipes for delicious low-carb meals Bernardo, Kristy, author. NonFiction
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Heart Rate Training :... (24 Jan 2020) Heart rate training : customize your training based on individual data and goals Benson, Roy, author. NonFiction
Would I Lie To You? : The... (24 Jan 2020) Would I lie to you? : the amazing power of being honest in a world that lies Ketteler, Judi, 1974- author... NonFiction
Easy Keto In 30 Minutes (24 Jan 2020) Pitre, Urvashi, author. NonFiction
Relax Into Yoga For Chronic... (24 Jan 2020) Relax into yoga for chronic pain : an eight-week mindful yoga workbook for finding relief and resilience Carson, Jim (Clinical psycho... NonFiction
The Astrological Guide To... (24 Jan 2020) The astrological guide to self-care : hundreds of heavenly ways to care for yourself--according to the stars Stellas, Constance, author. NonFiction
Beginner's Guide To Screen... (24 Jan 2020) Beginner's guide to screen printing : 12 beautiful printing projects with templates Lacy, Erin, author. NonFiction
Prescriptive Stretching (24 Jan 2020) Berg, Kristian, 1964- author... NonFiction
Bloody Okinawa : The Last... (24 Jan 2020) BLOODY OKINAWA : The Last Great Battle of World War II Wheelan, Joseph NonFiction
Nobody's Child : A Tragedy,... (24 Jan 2020) NOBODY'S CHILD : a tragedy, a trial, and a history of the insanity defense Vinocour, Susan Nordin, auth... NonFiction
Cats : Piano/vocal... (24 Jan 2020) CATS : Piano/Vocal Selections from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Webber, Andrew Lloyd (COP) NonFiction
Blender For Dummies (24 Jan 2020) Van Gumster, Jason NonFiction
Designing Interfaces :... (24 Jan 2020) DESIGNING INTERFACES : Patterns for Effective Interaction Design Tidwell, Jenifer/ Brewer, Ch... NonFiction
The Eye You See With :... (24 Jan 2020) THE EYE YOU SEE WITH : selected nonfiction Stone, Robert, 1937-2015, au... NonFiction
The Autobiography Of Alice... (24 Jan 2020) THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ALICE B. TOKLAS Stein, Gertrude/ Kalman, Mai... NonFiction
Open Kitchen : Inspired Food... (24 Jan 2020) OPEN KITCHEN : inspired food for casual gatherings Spungen, Susan, author. NonFiction
Frida In America : The... (24 Jan 2020) FRIDA IN AMERICA : the creative awakening of a great artist Stahr, Celia, author. NonFiction
Pretty Bitches : On Being... (24 Jan 2020) PRETTY BITCHES : on being called crazy, angry, bossy, frumpy, feisty, and all the other words that are used to undermine women Skurnick, Lizzie/ Traister, ... NonFiction
Smashing Pumpkins - Greatest... (24 Jan 2020) SMASHING PUMPKINS - GREATEST HITS ROTTEN APPLES : Authentic Transcriptions With Notes and Tablature Smashing Pumpkins (CRT) NonFiction
In Pursuit Of Disobedient... (24 Jan 2020) IN PURSUIT OF DISOBEDIENT WOMEN : a memoir of love, rebellion, and family, far away Searcey, Dionne, author. NonFiction
They Are Already Here : Ufo... (24 Jan 2020) THEY ARE ALREADY HERE : Ufo Culture and Why We See Saucers Scoles, Sarah NonFiction
Buy Yourself The F*cking... (24 Jan 2020) BUY YOURSELF THE F*CKING LILIES : And Other Rituals to Fix Your Life, from Someone Who's Been There Schuster, Tara NonFiction
The Velvet Rope Economy :... (24 Jan 2020) THE VELVET ROPE ECONOMY : how inequality became big business Schwartz, Nelson, author. NonFiction
Unworthy Republic : The... (24 Jan 2020) UNWORTHY REPUBLIC : The Dispossession of Native Americans and the Road to Indian Territory Saunt, Claudio NonFiction
We Are Not Here To Be... (24 Jan 2020) WE ARE NOT HERE TO BE BYSTANDERS : a memoir of love and resistance Sarsour, Linda, 1980- author... NonFiction
The Good News About Estrogen... (24 Jan 2020) THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT ESTROGEN : the truth behind a powerhouse hormone Reiss, Uzzi, author. NonFiction
Thinking Inside The Box :... (24 Jan 2020) THINKING INSIDE THE BOX : adventures with crosswords and the puzzling people who can't live without them Raphel, Adrienne, author. NonFiction
Voyage Of Mercy : The Uss... (24 Jan 2020) VOYAGE OF MERCY : The Uss Jamestown, the Irish Famine, and the Remarkable Story of America's First Humanitarian Mission Puleo, Stephen NonFiction
The Lady Of Sing Sing : An... (24 Jan 2020) THE LADY OF SING SING : an American countess, an Italian immigrant, and their epic battle for justice in New York's Gilded Age Pucci, Idanna, 1945- author. NonFiction
Simple Fruit : Seasonal... (24 Jan 2020) SIMPLE FRUIT : Seasonal Recipes for Baking, Poaching, Saut?ing, and Roasting Pfalzer, Laurie/ Burggraaf, ... NonFiction
The No-cry Sleep Solution (24 Jan 2020) Pantley, Elizabeth NonFiction
Rock Your Rental : Style,... (24 Jan 2020) ROCK YOUR RENTAL : Style, Design, and Marketing Tips to Boost Your Bookings Palmisano, Joanne/ Palmisano... NonFiction
Pain Studies (24 Jan 2020) Olstein, Lisa NonFiction
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Drinking French : The Iconic... (24 Jan 2020) DRINKING FRENCH : The Iconic Cocktails, Apr?itifs, and Caf ?Traditions of France, With 160 Recipes Lebovitz, David NonFiction
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Blossoms & Bones : Drawing A... (24 Jan 2020) BLOSSOMS & BONES : drawing a life back together Krans, Kim, author. NonFiction
The Fix : Overcome The... (24 Jan 2020) THE FIX : Overcome the Invisible Barriers That Are Holding Women Back at Work King, Michelle P./ Anderson,... NonFiction
More Myself : A Journey (24 Jan 2020) Keys, Alicia, author. NonFiction
Nobody Will Tell You This... (24 Jan 2020) NOBODY WILL TELL YOU THIS BUT ME / A True (As Told to Me) Story Kalb, Bess, 1987- author. NonFiction
The Earth In Her Hands : 75... (24 Jan 2020) THE EARTH IN HER HANDS : 75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants Jewell, Jennifer NonFiction
I've Been Wrong Before :... (24 Jan 2020) I'VE BEEN WRONG BEFORE : Essays James, Evan NonFiction
100 Great Keyboard Intros (24 Jan 2020) Hal Leonard Corp (COR) NonFiction
The Office : The Untold... (24 Jan 2020) THE OFFICE : the untold story of the greatest sitcom of the 2000s : an oral history Greene, Andy, author. NonFiction
Rust : A Memoir Of Steel And... (24 Jan 2020) RUST : a memoir of steel and grit Goldbach, Eliese Colette, 19... NonFiction
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First 50 Recording... (24 Jan 2020) FIRST 50 RECORDING TECHNIQUES YOU SHOULD KNOW TO TRACK MUSIC Gibson, Bill NonFiction
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The Princess And The Prophet... (24 Jan 2020) THE PRINCESS AND THE PROPHET : the secret history of magic, race, and Moorish Muslims in America Dorman, Jacob S., 1974- auth... NonFiction
You Are Enough : Revealing... (24 Jan 2020) YOU ARE ENOUGH : revealing the soul to discover your power, potential, and possibility Desai, Panache, author. NonFiction
Women's Work : Stories From... (24 Jan 2020) WOMEN'S WORK : Stories from Pioneering Women Shaping Our Workforce Crisman, Chris NonFiction
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Faster : How A Jewish... (24 Jan 2020) FASTER : how a Jewish driver, an American heiress, and a legendary car beat Hitler's best Bascomb, Neal, author. NonFiction
What Science Tells Us About... (24 Jan 2020) WHAT SCIENCE TELLS US ABOUT AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER : Making the Right Choices for Your Child Bernier, Raphael A., Ph.D./ ... NonFiction
Anger Is My Middle Name (24 Jan 2020) Andersen, Lisbeth Zorng/ Mus... NonFiction
Every Drop Of Blood : Hatred... (24 Jan 2020) EVERY DROP OF BLOOD : hatred and healing at Lincoln's second inauguration Achorn, Edward, author. NonFiction
The Great Rift : Dick... (23 Jan 2020) The great rift : Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, and the broken friendship that defined an era Mann, Jim, 1946- author. NonFiction
You Can Have It All, Just... (23 Jan 2020) You can have it all, just not at the same damn time Neustadt, Romi, author. NonFiction
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Before And After The Book... (23 Jan 2020) Before and after the book deal : a writer's guide to finishing, publishing, promoting and surviving your first book Maum, Courtney, 1978- author... NonFiction
Uncanny Valley : A Memoir (23 Jan 2020) Wiener, Anna, 1987- author. NonFiction
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The Sugar Brain Fix : The... (23 Jan 2020) The sugar brain fix : the 28-day plan to quit craving the foods that are shrinking your brain and expanding your waistline Dow, Mike, author. NonFiction
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A Time To Build : From... (23 Jan 2020) A time to build : from family and community to Congress and the campus, how recommitting to our institutions can revive the American dream Levin, Yuval, author. NonFiction
The Stars In Our Pockets :... (23 Jan 2020) The stars in our pockets : getting lost and sometimes found in the digital age Axelrod, Howard, 1973- autho... NonFiction
Imperfect Union : How Jessie... (23 Jan 2020) Imperfect union : how Jessie and John Fre?mont mapped the West, invented celebrity, and helped cause the Civil War Inskeep, Steve, author. NonFiction
F*ck Your Diet : And Other... (23 Jan 2020) F*ck your diet : and other things my thighs tell me Hilliard, Chloe?, author. NonFiction
Stories Of The Sahara (23 Jan 2020) Sanmao, author. NonFiction
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The Complete Book Of Ferns :... (23 Jan 2020) The complete book of ferns : indoors, outdoors, growing, crafting, history & lore Weinstein, Mobee, author. NonFiction
From Freezer To Cooker :... (23 Jan 2020) From freezer to cooker : delicious whole-foods meals for the slow cooker, pressure cooker, and Instant Pot Conner, Polly, author. NonFiction
Half The Sugar, All The Love... (22 Jan 2020) Half the sugar, all the love : a family cookbook : 100 easy, low-sugar recipes for every meal of the day Lee, Jennifer Tyler, author. NonFiction
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Complete Italian All-in-one (22 Jan 2020) NonFiction
Complete German All-in-one (22 Jan 2020) NonFiction
A Very Stable Genius :... (22 Jan 2020) A very stable genius : Donald J. Trump's testing of America Rucker, Philip, author. NonFiction
Running Against The Devil :... (22 Jan 2020) Running against the devil : a plot to save America from Trump--and Democrats from themselves Wilson, Rick, 1963- author. NonFiction
You Were Born For This :... (22 Jan 2020) You were born for this : astrology for radical self-acceptance Nicholas, Chani, author. NonFiction
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Easy Fixes For Everyday... (22 Jan 2020) Easy fixes for everyday things : 1,020 ways to repair your stuff. NonFiction
When It Was Grand : The... (22 Jan 2020) When it was grand : the radical Republican history of the Civil War Keith, LeeAnna, author. NonFiction
We Are The Luckiest : The... (22 Jan 2020) We are the luckiest : the surprising magic of a sober life McKowen, Laura, 1977- author... NonFiction
"i Won't Learn From You" :... (22 Jan 2020) "I won't learn from you" : and other thoughts on creative maladjustment Kohl, Herbert R., author. NonFiction
Between Heaven And Hell :... (22 Jan 2020) Between heaven and hell : the story of my stroke Talbot, David, 1951- author. NonFiction
What's Your Pronoun? :... (22 Jan 2020) What's your pronoun? : beyond he & she Baron, Dennis E., author. NonFiction
Between Two Fires : Truth,... (22 Jan 2020) Between two fires : truth, ambition, and compromise in Putin's Russia Yaffa, Joshua, author. NonFiction
Race Of Aces : Wwii's Elite... (22 Jan 2020) Race of aces : WWII's elite airmen and the epic battle to become the masters of the sky Bruning, John R., author. NonFiction
Artful Embroidery On Canvas... (22 Jan 2020) Artful embroidery on canvas : get creative with thread, fabric, paper, acrylic mediums & more Schlesinger, Irene, author. NonFiction
Children Of Grass : A... (22 Jan 2020) Children of grass : a portrait of American poetry Van Sise, B. A., photographe... NonFiction
Leadership Strategy And... (22 Jan 2020) Leadership strategy and tactics : field manual Willink, Jocko, author. NonFiction
Father Of Lions : One Man's... (22 Jan 2020) Father of lions : one man's remarkable quest to save the Mosul Zoo Callaghan, Louise, 1990- aut... NonFiction
Conversations In Black : On... (22 Jan 2020) Conversations in black : on power, politics, and leadership Gordon, Ed, 1960- author. NonFiction
You Can Only Yell At Me For... (22 Jan 2020) You can only yell at me for one thing at a time : rules for couples Marx, Patricia (Patricia A.)... NonFiction
Start By Believing : Larry... (22 Jan 2020) Start by believing : Larry Nassar's crimes, the institutions that enabled him, and the brave women who stopped a monster Barr, John (Sportswriter), a... NonFiction
The Feather Bender's... (22 Jan 2020) The feather bender's flytying techniques : a comprehensive guide to classic and modern trout flies Clarke, Barry Ord, author. NonFiction
Stand Up! : Be An Upstander... (22 Jan 2020) Stand up! : be an upstander and make a difference Moss, Wendy (Wendy L.), auth... NonFiction
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Martha Stewart's Organizing... (21 Jan 2020) Martha Stewart's organizing : the manual for bringing order to your life, home & routines Stewart, Martha, author. NonFiction
C# 8.0 Pocket Reference :... (21 Jan 2020) C# 8.0 pocket reference : instant help for c# 8.0 programmers. Albahari, Joseph, author. NonFiction
Sam : One Robot, A Dozen... (21 Jan 2020) SAM : one robot, a dozen engineers, and the race to revolutionize the way we build Waldman, Jonathan, author. NonFiction
Sexual Citizens : A Landmark... (21 Jan 2020) Sexual citizens : a landmark study of sex, power, and assault on campus Hirsch, Jennifer S., author. NonFiction
Kidnapped By A Client : The... (21 Jan 2020) Kidnapped by a client : the incredible true story of an attorney's fight for justice Muse, Sharon R., author. NonFiction
Don't Believe A Word : The... (21 Jan 2020) Don't believe a word : the surprising truth about language Shariatmadari, David, author... NonFiction
How Finance Works : The Hbr... (17 Jan 2020) How finance works : the HBR guide to thinking smart about the numbers Desai, Mihir A. (Mihir Arvin... NonFiction
How To Make Your Money Last... (17 Jan 2020) How to make your money last : the indispensable retirement guide Quinn, Jane Bryant, author. NonFiction
The Smart Stepfamily Guide... (17 Jan 2020) The smart stepfamily guide to financial planning : money management before and after you blend a family Deal, Ron L., author. NonFiction
The Individual's Guidebook... (17 Jan 2020) The individual's guidebook to wills and estates Melillo, Edward M., author. NonFiction
The Age Of Illusions : How... (17 Jan 2020) The age of illusions : how America squandered its Cold War victory Bacevich, Andrew J., author. NonFiction
Brain Wash : Detox Your Mind... (17 Jan 2020) Brain wash : detox your mind for clearer thinking, deeper relationships, and lasting happiness Perlmutter, David, 1954- aut... NonFiction
American Oligarchs : The... (17 Jan 2020) American oligarchs : the Kushners, the Trumps, and the marriage of money and power Bernstein, Andrea, 1961- aut... NonFiction
You're Not Listening : What... (17 Jan 2020) You're not listening : what you're missing and why it matters Murphy, Kate (Journalist), a... NonFiction
A New Way To Age : The Most... (17 Jan 2020) A new way to age : the most cutting-edge advances in antiaging Somers, Suzanne, 1946- autho... NonFiction
Animalkind : Remarkable... (17 Jan 2020) Animalkind : remarkable discoveries about animals and revolutionary new ways to show them compassion Newkirk, Ingrid, author. NonFiction
Consider This : Moments In... (17 Jan 2020) Consider this : moments in my writing life after which everything was different Palahniuk, Chuck, author. NonFiction
Boys & Sex : Young Men On... (17 Jan 2020) Boys & sex : young men on hookups, love, porn, consent, and navigating the new masculinity Orenstein, Peggy, author. NonFiction
Korean Script Hacking : The... (17 Jan 2020) Korean script hacking : the optimal pathway to learn the Korean alphabet Meyer, Judith (Polyglot), au... NonFiction
Do I Have To Wear Black To A... (17 Jan 2020) Do I have to wear black to a funeral : 112 etiquette guidelines for the new rules of death Isaacs, Florence, author. NonFiction
100 Things To Do In Canada... (17 Jan 2020) 100 things to do in Canada before you die McDonald, Sheri, author. NonFiction
Encyclopedia Of Plants &... (17 Jan 2020) Encyclopedia of plants & flowers NonFiction
The Self-care Solution : A... (17 Jan 2020) The self-care solution : a year of becoming happier, healthier, and fitter--one month at a time Ashton, Jennifer, 1969- auth... NonFiction
Kirundi Dictionary &... (17 Jan 2020) Kirundi dictionary & phrasebook NonFiction
Peterson's Master The Ged... (17 Jan 2020) Peterson's master the GED test. NonFiction
The Fight For Disability... (17 Jan 2020) The fight for disability rights Crayton, Lisa A., author. NonFiction
Who Are Progressives And... (17 Jan 2020) Who are progressives and what do they believe in? Bougie, Matt, author. NonFiction
John Lewis : Civil Rights... (17 Jan 2020) John Lewis : Civil Rights champion and Congressman Morretta, Alison, author. NonFiction
The Dance Of Life : The New... (17 Jan 2020) THE DANCE OF LIFE : the new science of how a single cell becomes a human being Zernicka-Goetz, Magdalena, a... NonFiction
The Next Exit 2020 : The... (17 Jan 2020) THE NEXT EXIT 2020 : The Most Complete Guide of USA Interstate Highway Services Watson, Mark NonFiction
The Unexpected Spy : From... (17 Jan 2020) THE UNEXPECTED SPY : from the CIA to the FBI, my secret life taking down some of the world's most notorious terrorists Walder, Tracy, author. NonFiction
The Power Worshippers :... (17 Jan 2020) THE POWER WORSHIPPERS : Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism Stewart, Katherine NonFiction
The Firsts : The Inside... (17 Jan 2020) THE FIRSTS : The Inside Story of the Women Reshaping Congress Steinhauer, Jennifer NonFiction
The Nra : The Unauthorized... (17 Jan 2020) THE NRA : The Unauthorized History Smyth, Frank NonFiction
Meals, Music, And Muses :... (17 Jan 2020) MEALS, MUSIC, AND MUSES : recipes from my African American kitchen Smalls, Alexander, 1952- aut... NonFiction
Some Assembly Required :... (17 Jan 2020) SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED : decoding four billion years of life, from ancient fossils to DNA Shubin, Neil, author. NonFiction
82 Days On Okinawa : One... (17 Jan 2020) 82 DAYS ON OKINAWA : One American's Unforgettable Firsthand Account of the Pacific War's Greatest Battle Shaw, Art/ Wise, Robert L. NonFiction
Shakespeare In A Divided... (17 Jan 2020) SHAKESPEARE IN A DIVIDED AMERICA : what his plays tell us about our past and future Shapiro, James, 1955- author... NonFiction
The System : Who Rigged It,... (17 Jan 2020) THE SYSTEM : Who Rigged It, How We Fix It Reich, Robert B. NonFiction
A Citizen's Guide To Beating... (17 Jan 2020) A CITIZEN'S GUIDE TO BEATING DONALD TRUMP Plouffe, David NonFiction
Crisis On The Border : An... (17 Jan 2020) CRISIS ON THE BORDER : An Eyewitness Account of Illegal Aliens, Violent Crime, and Cartels Pinsker, Matt C. NonFiction
Kingdom Of Nauvoo : The Rise... (17 Jan 2020) KINGDOM OF NAUVOO : the rise and fall of a religious empire on the American frontier Park, Benjamin E., author. NonFiction
The Ultimate Retirement... (17 Jan 2020) THE ULTIMATE RETIREMENT GUIDE FOR 50+ : Winning Strategies to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime Orman, Suze NonFiction
The Anatomy Bible : The... (17 Jan 2020) THE ANATOMY BIBLE : The Incredible Biology of You Okona-mensah, Ken NonFiction
Nolo's Guide To Social... (17 Jan 2020) NOLO'S GUIDE TO SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY : getting & keeping your benefits Morton, David A., 1945- auth... NonFiction
Yellow Bird : Oil, Murder,... (17 Jan 2020) YELLOW BIRD : oil, murder, and a woman's search for justice in Indian country Murdoch, Sierra Crane, autho... NonFiction
Our Revolution : A Mother... (17 Jan 2020) OUR REVOLUTION : a mother and daughter at midcentury Moore, Honor, 1945- author. NonFiction
Lurking : How A Person... (17 Jan 2020) LURKING : how a person became a user McNeil, Joanne, author. NonFiction
The Genius Life : Heal Your... (17 Jan 2020) THE GENIUS LIFE : Heal Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Become Extraordinary Lugavere, Max NonFiction
Love Jelly Roll Quilts : A... (17 Jan 2020) LOVE JELLY ROLL QUILTS : A Baker's Dozen of Tasty Projects for All Skill Levels Love Patchwork & Quilting (C... NonFiction
Lonely Planet Dublin (17 Jan 2020) Lonely Planet Publications/ ... NonFiction
Go To Sleep I Miss You :... (17 Jan 2020) GO TO SLEEP I MISS YOU : Cartoons from the Fog of New Parenthood Knisley, Lucy NonFiction
Strung Out : One Last Hit... (17 Jan 2020) STRUNG OUT : one last hit and other lies that nearly killed me Khar, Erin, author. NonFiction
The Other Madisons : The... (17 Jan 2020) THE OTHER MADISONS : the lost history of a president's Black family Kearse, Bettye, author. NonFiction
All About Ukulele : A Fun... (17 Jan 2020) ALL ABOUT UKULELE : A Fun and Simple Guide to Playing Ukulele; Includes Downloadable Audio Johnson, Chad NonFiction
Minor Feelings : An Asian... (17 Jan 2020) MINOR FEELINGS : an Asian American reckoning Hong, Cathy Park, author. NonFiction
Being Heumann : An... (17 Jan 2020) BEING HEUMANN : an unrepentant memoir of a disability rights activist Heumann, Judith E., author. NonFiction
Young Heroes Of The Soviet... (17 Jan 2020) YOUNG HEROES OF THE SOVIET UNION : a memoir and a reckoning Halberstadt, Alex, author. NonFiction
Complete Diabetes Guide :... (17 Jan 2020) COMPLETE DIABETES GUIDE : Advice for Managing Type 2 Diabetes Graham, Karen/ Shomali, Mans... NonFiction
Optimal Outcomes : Free... (17 Jan 2020) OPTIMAL OUTCOMES : Free Yourself from Conflict at Work, at Home, and in Life Goldman-wetzler, Jennifer NonFiction
Eat For Life : The... (17 Jan 2020) EAT FOR LIFE : the breakthrough nutrient-rich program for longevity, disease reversal, and sustained weight loss Fuhrman, Joel, author. NonFiction
Unti On Writing (17 Jan 2020) Gay, Roxane NonFiction
I Want You To Know We're... (17 Jan 2020) I WANT YOU TO KNOW WE'RE STILL HERE / A Post-holocaust Memoir Foer, Esther Safran, author. NonFiction
Short Life In A Strange... (17 Jan 2020) SHORT LIFE IN A STRANGE WORLD : Birth to Death in 42 Panels Ferris, Toby NonFiction
Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat :... (17 Jan 2020) EAT, SLEEP, WORK, REPEAT : 30 hacks for bringing joy to your job Daisley, Bruce, author. NonFiction
Too Much : How Victorian... (17 Jan 2020) TOO MUCH : how Victorian constraints still bind women today Cote, Rachel Vorona, author. NonFiction
Dave Brubeck : A Life In... (17 Jan 2020) DAVE BRUBECK : a life in time Clark, Philip (Music journal... NonFiction
Enjoy French Intermediate To... (17 Jan 2020) ENJOY FRENCH INTERMEDIATE TO UPPER INTERMEDIATE COURSE : Improve Your Fluency and Communicate With Ease Christensen, Mary C. NonFiction
Hunger : A Manifesto (17 Jan 2020) Caparro?s, Marti?n, 1957- au... NonFiction
Pearls Of Wisdom : Little... (17 Jan 2020) PEARLS OF WISDOM : little pieces of advice (that go a long way) Bush, Barbara, 1925-2018, au... NonFiction
Ride The Devil's Herd :... (17 Jan 2020) RIDE THE DEVIL'S HERD : Wyatt Earp's Epic Battle Against the West's Biggest Outlaw Gang Boessenecker, John NonFiction
Simple Farmhouse Life : Diy... (17 Jan 2020) SIMPLE FARMHOUSE LIFE : Diy Projects for the All-natural, Handmade Home Bass, Lisa NonFiction
Everything I Know About Love... (17 Jan 2020) EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT LOVE : A Memoir Alderton, Dolly NonFiction
These Fevered Days : Ten... (17 Jan 2020) THESE FEVERED DAYS : ten pivotal moments in the making of Emily Dickinson Ackmann, Martha, author. NonFiction
Why We Can't Sleep : Women's... (16 Jan 2020) Why we can't sleep : women's new midlife crisis Calhoun, Ada, author. NonFiction
999 : The Extraordinary... (16 Jan 2020) 999 : the extraordinary young women of the first official transport to Auschwitz Macadam, Heather Dune, autho... NonFiction
Average Is The New Awesome :... (16 Jan 2020) Average is the new awesome : a manifesto for the rest of us Matt, Samantha, author. NonFiction
Memory Craft : Improve Your... (16 Jan 2020) Memory craft : improve your memory with the most powerful methods in history Kelly, Lynne, 1951- author. NonFiction
The Kids Are In Bed :... (16 Jan 2020) The kids are in bed : finding time for yourself in the chaos of parenting Bertsche, Rachel, author. NonFiction
Beginner's Step-by-step... (16 Jan 2020) Beginner's step-by-step coding course : learn computer programming the easy way. NonFiction
Modern Flexitarian :... (16 Jan 2020) Modern flexitarian : plant-inspired recipes you can flex to add fish, meat, or dairy NonFiction
Summer Snow : New Poems (16 Jan 2020) Hass, Robert, author. NonFiction
The Journey To The Mayflower... (16 Jan 2020) The journey to the Mayflower : God's outlaws and the invention of freedom Tomkins, Stephen, 1968- auth... NonFiction
L'art De La Liste :... (16 Jan 2020) L'art de la liste : simplify, organise, enrich your life Loreau, Dominique, author. NonFiction
Rocket Man : The Life Of... (16 Jan 2020) Rocket man : the life of Elton John Bego, Mark, author. NonFiction
Be Mighty : A Woman's Guide... (16 Jan 2020) Be mighty : a woman's guide to liberation from anxiety, worry & stress using mindfulness & acceptance Stoddard, Jill A., author. NonFiction
I've Seen The End Of You : A... (16 Jan 2020) I've seen the end of you : a neurosurgeon's look at faith, doubt, and the things we think we know Warren, W. Lee, 1969- author... NonFiction
The Light That Failed : Why... (16 Jan 2020) The light that failed : why the West is losing the fight for democracy Krastev, Ivan, 1965- author. NonFiction
The Phantom Prince : My Life... (16 Jan 2020) The phantom prince : my life with Ted Bundy Kendall, Elizabeth, author. NonFiction
Ariana Grande : For Easy... (16 Jan 2020) Ariana Grande : for easy piano. Grande, Ariana, composer, ly... NonFiction
Tiny Habits : + The Small... (15 Jan 2020) Tiny habits : + the small changes that change everything Fogg, B. J., author. NonFiction
Kill Reply All : A Modern... (15 Jan 2020) Kill reply all : a modern guide to online etiquette, from social media to work to love Turk, Victoria, author. NonFiction
Building A Life Worth Living... (15 Jan 2020) Building a life worth living : a memoir Linehan, Marsha, author. NonFiction
Sovietistan : Travels In... (15 Jan 2020) Sovietistan : travels in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan Fatland, Erika, 1983- author... NonFiction
Immortality, Inc. : Renegade... (15 Jan 2020) Immortality, Inc. : renegade science, Silicon Valley billions, and the quest to live forever Walter, Chip, author. NonFiction
Photo Basics : The Ultimate... (14 Jan 2020) Photo basics : the ultimate beginner's guide to great photography Sartore, Joel, author. NonFiction
Kotlin Cookbook : A... (14 Jan 2020) Kotlin cookbook : a problem-focused approach Kousen, Ken, author. NonFiction
Body Love Every Day : Choose... (14 Jan 2020) Body love every day : choose your life-changing 21-day path to food freedom LeVeque, Kelly, author. NonFiction
Astrology For Real... (14 Jan 2020) Astrology for real relationships : understanding you, me, and how we all get along Lanyadoo, Jessica, author. NonFiction
The Guilty Feminist : You... (14 Jan 2020) The guilty feminist : you don't have to be perfect to overthrow the patriarchy Frances-White, Deborah, auth... NonFiction
The Vegan Travel Handbook :... (14 Jan 2020) The vegan travel handbook : an inspiring and practical guide to vegan-friendly travel Chernick, Karen, author. NonFiction
Gdpr (14 Jan 2020) GDPR Dibble, Suzanne, 1939- autho... NonFiction
Lost Civilizations : The... (14 Jan 2020) Lost civilizations : the secret histories and suppressed technologies of the ancients Willis, Jim, 1946- author. NonFiction
Macs All-in-one For Dummies. (14 Jan 2020) Hutsko, Joe, 1963- author. NonFiction
Love Ballads : Piano, Vocal,... (14 Jan 2020) Love ballads : piano, vocal, guitar. NonFiction
Younger Next Year : Live... (14 Jan 2020) Younger next year : live strong, fit, sexy, and smart - until you're 80 and beyond Crowley, Chris, author. NonFiction
Younger Next Year For Women... (14 Jan 2020) Younger next year for women : live strong, fit, sexy, and smart - until you're 80 and beyond Crowley, Chris, author. NonFiction
The Passion Economy : The... (14 Jan 2020) The passion economy : the new rules for thriving in the twenty-first century Davidson, Adam, author. NonFiction
And Then We Grew Up : On... (14 Jan 2020) And then we grew up : on creativity, potential, and the imperfect art of adulthood Friedman, Rachel, 1981- auth... NonFiction
Failure To Launch : Why Your... (14 Jan 2020) Failure to launch : why your twentysomething hasn't grown up...and what to do about it McConville, Mark, author. NonFiction
The Power Of Showing Up :... (14 Jan 2020) The power of showing up : how parental presence shapes who our kids become and how their brains get wired Siegel, Daniel J., 1957- aut... NonFiction
Physical Intelligence : The... (14 Jan 2020) Physical intelligence : the science of how the body and the mind guide each other through life Grafton, Scott T., author. NonFiction
The Defined Dish : Healthy... (14 Jan 2020) The defined dish : healthy and wholesome weeknight recipes Snodgrass, Alex, author. NonFiction
I Am Me : Teen Artists And... (14 Jan 2020) I am me : teen artists and writers speak out on being yourself NonFiction
Flowers In The Gutter : The... (14 Jan 2020) Flowers in the gutter : the true story of the Edelweiss Pirates, teenagers who resisted the Nazis Gaddy, K. R., author. NonFiction
Stolen Justice : The... (14 Jan 2020) Stolen justice : the struggle for African American voting rights Goldstone, Lawrence, 1947- a... NonFiction
We Band Of Angels : The... (14 Jan 2020) We band of angels : the untold story of the American women trapped on Bataan Norman, Elizabeth M., author... NonFiction
Eat This, Not That! : The... (14 Jan 2020) Eat this, not that! : the best (& worst) foods in America Zinczenko, David, author. NonFiction
Africa : Phrasebook &... (14 Jan 2020) Africa : phrasebook & dictionary. NonFiction
Seo (14 Jan 2020) SEO Kent, Peter, 1957- author. NonFiction
Stop Missing Your Life : How... (14 Jan 2020) Stop missing your life : how to be deeply present in an un-present world Muscara, Cory, author. NonFiction
Little Ohio : A Nostalgic... (14 Jan 2020) Little Ohio : a nostalgic look at the buckeye state's smallest towns / written and photographed by Karen Robertson. Robertson, Karen, author, ph... NonFiction
Fanocracy : Turning Fans... (14 Jan 2020) Fanocracy : turning fans into customers and customers into fans Scott, David Meerman, author... NonFiction
How To Live A Good Life : A... (14 Jan 2020) How to live a good life : a guide to choosing your personal philosophy NonFiction
Affiliate Marketing (14 Jan 2020) Sudol, Ted, author. NonFiction
Comptia A+ Practice... (14 Jan 2020) CompTIA A+ practice questions exam cram Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002) Prowse, David L., author. NonFiction
The Scouting Guide To... (14 Jan 2020) The scouting guide to tracking : more than 100 essential skills for identifying and trailing animals McDougall, Len, author, phot... NonFiction
Quit Like A Woman : The... (14 Jan 2020) Quit like a woman : the radical choice to not drink in a culture obsessed with alcohol Whitaker, Holly, author. NonFiction
Older, But Better, But Older (14 Jan 2020) Maigret, Caroline de, author... NonFiction
A Woman Makes A Plan :... (14 Jan 2020) A woman makes a plan : advice for a lifetime of adventure, beauty, and success Musk, Maye, 1948- author. NonFiction
Radical Compassion :... (14 Jan 2020) Radical compassion : learning to love yourself and your world with the practice of RAIN Brach, Tara, author. NonFiction
Breaking Up With Sugar : A... (14 Jan 2020) Breaking up with sugar : a plan to divorce the diets, drop the pounds, and live your best life Carmel, Molly, author. NonFiction
Lsat Prep Plus, 2020-2021 :... (14 Jan 2020) LSAT prep plus, 2020-2021 : strategies for every section + real LSAT questions + online. NonFiction
The Power Of Bad : How The... (14 Jan 2020) The power of bad : how the negativity effect rules us and how we can rule it Tierney, John (John Marion),... NonFiction
The Joy Of Movement : How... (14 Jan 2020) The joy of movement : how exercise helps us find happiness, hope, connection, and courage McGonigal, Kelly, author. NonFiction
Winter Warrior : A Vietnam... (14 Jan 2020) Winter warrior : a Vietnam vet's anti-war odyssey Gilbert, Eve, author, artist... NonFiction
Ultimate Veg : Easy &... (14 Jan 2020) Ultimate veg : easy & delicious meals for everyone Oliver, Jamie, 1975- author. NonFiction
Successful Aging : A... (14 Jan 2020) Successful aging : a neuroscientist explores the power and potential of our lives Levitin, Daniel J., author. NonFiction


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