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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
No Bad Deed : A Novel (21 Feb 2020) Chavez, Heather, author. Book on CD
The Good Luck Girls (21 Feb 2020) Davis, Charlotte Nicole, aut... Youth CD
Remembrance (21 Feb 2020) Remembrance Woods, Rita, author. Book on CD
Stop At Nothing (21 Feb 2020) Ledwidge, Michael, author. Book on CD
Postscript (21 Feb 2020) Postscript Ahern, Cecelia, 1981- author... Book on CD
The Other Mrs. (21 Feb 2020) Kubica, Mary, author. Book on CD
A Longer Fall (21 Feb 2020) Harris, Charlaine, author. Book on CD
The Impossible First (21 Feb 2020) O'Brady, Colin, author, narr... Book on CD
You Are Not Alone (21 Feb 2020) Hendricks, Greer, author. Book on CD
Eight Perfect Murders : A... (21 Feb 2020) Eight perfect murders : a novel Swanson, Peter, 1968- author... Book on CD
Adequate Yearly Progress (21 Feb 2020) Elden, Roxanna, author. Book on CD
The Room Where It Happened (21 Feb 2020) Bolton, John. Book on CD
Final Judgment (21 Feb 2020) Clark, Marcia. Book on CD
Dead Land (21 Feb 2020) Paretsky, Sara. Book on CD
The Book Of Longings (21 Feb 2020) Kidd, Sue Monk. Book on CD
A Beginner's Guide To Free... (17 Feb 2020) A beginner's guide to free fall Abramowitz, Andy, author. Book on CD
Sisters By Choice (17 Feb 2020) Mallery, Susan, author. Book on CD
Rachel Maddow (17 Feb 2020) Rogak, Lisa, 1962- author. Book on CD
A Wild And Precious Life (17 Feb 2020) Windsor, Edie, author. Book on CD
The Wives (14 Feb 2020) Fisher, Tarryn. Book on CD
Why We're Polarized (14 Feb 2020) Klein, Ezra. Book on CD
Simon The Fiddler (14 Feb 2020) Jiles, Paulette. Book on CD
Revenge (14 Feb 2020) REVENGE Patterson, James. Book on CD
Profiles In Corruption (14 Feb 2020) Schweizer, Peter. Book on CD
Long Range (14 Feb 2020) Box, C. J.. Book on CD
Hitting A Straight Lick With... (14 Feb 2020) HITTING A STRAIGHT LICK WITH A CROOKED STICK Hurston, Zora Neale. Book on CD
Have You Seen Me? (14 Feb 2020) White, Kate. Book on CD
Dear Edward (14 Feb 2020) Napolitano, Ann. Book on CD
American Oligarchs (14 Feb 2020) Bernstein, Andrea. Book on CD
Coconut Layer Cake Murder (13 Feb 2020) Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author. Book on CD
When We Were Vikings : A... (12 Feb 2020) When we were Vikings : a novel MacDonald, Andrew (Andrew Da... Book on CD
Salt River (12 Feb 2020) White, Randy Wayne, author. Book on CD
Chasing Cassandra (12 Feb 2020) Kleypas, Lisa, author. Book on CD
The Big Lie (12 Feb 2020) Grippando, James, 1958- auth... Book on CD
A Black Women's History Of... (12 Feb 2020) A black women's history of the United States Berry, Daina Ramey, author. Book on CD
The Absinthe Earl (12 Feb 2020) Fisher, Sharon Lynn, author. Book on CD
Such A Fun Age (07 Feb 2020) Reid, Kiley. Book on CD
Star Trek: Picard: The Last... (07 Feb 2020) STAR TREK: PICARD: THE LAST BEST HOPE McCormack, Una. Book on CD
Sleeping With Strangers (07 Feb 2020) Dickey, Eric Jerome. Book on CD
The Senator Next Door (07 Feb 2020) Klobuchar, Amy. Book on CD
Redhead By The Side Of The... (07 Feb 2020) REDHEAD BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD Tyler, Anne. Book on CD
The Other Bennet Sister (07 Feb 2020) Hadlow, Janice. Book on CD
Hour Of The Assassin (07 Feb 2020) Quirk, Matthew. Book on CD
After Sundown (07 Feb 2020) Howard, Linda. Book on CD
The Book Of Lost Friends (07 Feb 2020) Wingate, Lisa. Book on CD
The Museum Of Desire (05 Feb 2020) Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Book on CD
The Third To Die (05 Feb 2020) Brennan, Allison. Book on CD
Perfect Little Children : A... (05 Feb 2020) Perfect little children : a novel Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author... Book on CD
A Divided Loyalty : A Novel (05 Feb 2020) Todd, Charles, author. Book on CD
Alone In The Wild (05 Feb 2020) Armstrong, Kelley, author. Book on CD
Tales From The Haunted... (31 Jan 2020) Tales from the haunted mansion. Volumes III & IV Esposito, John, author. Book on CD
The Vanishing (31 Jan 2020) Krentz, Jayne Ann, author. Book on CD
Cesare : A Novel Of War-torn... (30 Jan 2020) Cesare : a novel of war-torn Berlin Charyn, Jerome, author. Book on CD
Hi Five (29 Jan 2020) Ide, Joe, author. Book on CD
The Protective One (29 Jan 2020) Gray, Shelley Shepard, autho... Book on CD
Dead To Her : A Novel (29 Jan 2020) Pinborough, Sarah, 1972- aut... Book on CD
Moral Compass : A Novel (29 Jan 2020) Steel, Danielle, author. Book on CD
Secondhand : Travels In The... (29 Jan 2020) Secondhand : travels in the new global garage sale Minter, Adam, 1970- author. Book on CD
A Stranger Is Watching (29 Jan 2020) Clark, Mary Higgins, author. Book on CD
Qualityland (29 Jan 2020) Qualityland Kling, Marc-Uwe, author. Book on CD
Highfire : A Novel (29 Jan 2020) Colfer, Eoin, author. Book on CD
Almost Just Friends : A... (29 Jan 2020) Almost just friends : a novel Shalvis, Jill, author. Book on CD
The Whispers Of War (29 Jan 2020) Kelly, Julia, 1986- author. Book on CD
Today We Go Home (29 Jan 2020) Estes, Kelli, author. Book on CD
The Spirit-eaters (28 Jan 2020) Hunter, Erin/ Fouhey, James ... Book on CD
Miss Blake Is A Flake! (28 Jan 2020) Gutman, Dan/ Glick, Maxwell ... Book on CD
Untamed (24 Jan 2020) UNTAMED Doyle, Glennon. Book on CD
Texas Outlaw (24 Jan 2020) Patterson, James. Book on CD
The Splendid And The Vile (24 Jan 2020) Larson, Erik. Book on CD
More Myself (24 Jan 2020) Keys, Alicia. Book on CD
The Missing Sister (24 Jan 2020) Marr, Elle. Book on CD
Journey Of The Pharaohs (24 Jan 2020) Cussler, Clive. Book on CD
The Last Tourist (24 Jan 2020) Steinhauer, Olen. Book on CD
Hit List (24 Jan 2020) Woods, Stuart. Book on CD
The Glass Hotel (24 Jan 2020) Mandel, Emily St. John. Book on CD
A Forgotten Murder (24 Jan 2020) Deveraux, Jude. Book on CD
Dachshund Through The Snow (24 Jan 2020) Rosenfelt, David. Book on CD
Crooked River (24 Jan 2020) Preston, Douglas. Book on CD
The Country Guesthouse (24 Jan 2020) Carr, Robyn. Book on CD
The Boy From The Woods (24 Jan 2020) Coben, Harlan. Book on CD
A Conspiracy Of Bones (24 Jan 2020) Reichs, Kathy. Book on CD
My Life As A Book (23 Jan 2020) Tashjian, Janet/ Tashjian, J... Book on CD
Master Of Disaster (23 Jan 2020) Patterson, James/ Tebbetts, ... Book on CD
The 117-story Treehouse (23 Jan 2020) Griffiths, Andy/ Wemyss, Sti... Book on CD
The Look-alike (22 Jan 2020) Spindler, Erica, 1957- autho... Book on CD
Last Day (22 Jan 2020) Rice, Luanne, author. Book on CD
Golden In Death (22 Jan 2020) Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Book on CD
House On Fire (22 Jan 2020) Finder, Joseph, author. Book on CD
American Dirt (22 Jan 2020) Cummins, Jeanine, author. Book on CD
All The Ways We Said Goodbye (22 Jan 2020) Williams, Beatriz, author. Book on CD
Pimsleur Spanish 2. (22 Jan 2020) Book on CD
Pimsleur Spanish 1. (22 Jan 2020) Book on CD
The Hand On The Wall (22 Jan 2020) Johnson, Maureen, 1973- auth... Youth CD
Clean Getaway (22 Jan 2020) Stone, Nic, author. Book on CD
We're Red, Weird, And Blue!... (22 Jan 2020) We're red, weird, and blue! what can we do? Gutman, Dan, author. Book on CD
Dig (17 Jan 2020) Dig King, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 197... Youth CD
The Night Tiger : A Novel (17 Jan 2020) Choo, Yangsze, author, narra... Book on CD
Fall; Or, Dodge In Hell (17 Jan 2020) Stephenson, Neal, author. Book on CD
Triggered : How The Left... (17 Jan 2020) Triggered : how the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us Trump, Donald, Jr., 1977- au... Book on CD
If You Tell : A True Story... (17 Jan 2020) If you tell : a true story of murder, family secrets, and the unbreakable bond of sisterhood Olsen, Gregg, author. Book on CD
Treason (17 Jan 2020) Treason Woods, Stuart, author. Book on CD
The River Murders (17 Jan 2020) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Hindsight (17 Jan 2020) Hindsight Johansen, Iris, author. Book on CD
When To Walk Away : Finding... (17 Jan 2020) When to walk away : finding freedom from toxic people Thomas, Gary (Gary Lee), aut... Book on CD
Free, Melania : The... (17 Jan 2020) Free, Melania : the unauthorized biography Bennett, Kate (Journalist), ... Book on CD
The Will And The Wilds (17 Jan 2020) Holmberg, Charlie N., 1988- ... Book on CD
The Night Country (17 Jan 2020) Albert, Melissa. Youth CD
The Vanderbeekers Of 141st... (17 Jan 2020) The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street Glaser, Karina Yan, author. Book on CD
Poisoner In Chief : Sidney... (17 Jan 2020) Poisoner in chief : Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA search for mind control Kinzer, Stephen, author. Book on CD
All The Impossible Things (15 Jan 2020) Lackey, Lindsay, author. Book on CD
You're Not Listening : What... (15 Jan 2020) You're not listening : what you're missing and why it matters Murphy, Kate (Journalist), a... Book on CD
Learn German With Paul... (15 Jan 2020) Learn German with Paul Noble. Part Three Noble, Paul, author, narrato... Book on CD
Learn German With Paul... (15 Jan 2020) Learn German with Paul Noble. Part Two Noble, Paul, author, narrato... Book on CD
Learn German With Paul... (15 Jan 2020) Learn German with Paul Noble. Part One Noble, Paul, author, narrato... Book on CD
How Not To Diet : The... (15 Jan 2020) How not to diet : the groundbreaking science of healthy, permanent weight loss Greger, Michael, author, nar... Book on CD
Good Economics For Hard... (15 Jan 2020) Good economics for hard times : better answers to our biggest problems Banerjee, Abhijit V., 1961- ... Book on CD
Inside Trump's White House :... (15 Jan 2020) Inside Trump's White House : the real story of his presidency Wead, Doug, author. Book on CD
Impeach : The Case Against... (15 Jan 2020) Impeach : the case against Donald Trump Katyal, Neal, 1970- author. Book on CD
Lost (15 Jan 2020) Lost Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Remarkables (15 Jan 2020) Remarkables Haddix, Margaret Peterson, a... Book on CD
Narwhal On A Sunny Night (15 Jan 2020) Osborne, Mary Pope, author, ... Book on CD
Doctor Dolittle. Vol. 1, The... (15 Jan 2020) Doctor Dolittle. Vol. 1, The complete collection Lofting, Hugh, 1886-1947, au... Book on CD
Saving Winslow (15 Jan 2020) Creech, Sharon, author. Book on CD
Forest Of Shadows : An... (15 Jan 2020) Forest of shadows : an original tale Benko, Kamilla, author. Book on CD
The Best At It (15 Jan 2020) Pancholy, Maulik, 1974- auth... Book on CD
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.... (15 Jan 2020) Diary of a wimpy kid. Wrecking ball Kinney, Jeff, author. Book on CD
The Silent Thaw (15 Jan 2020) Hunter, Erin, author. Book on CD
The Strangers (15 Jan 2020) Haddix, Margaret Peterson, a... Book on CD
Dr. Floss Is The Boss! (15 Jan 2020) Gutman, Dan, author. Book on CD
Spiderman : Into The... (15 Jan 2020) Spiderman : into the spider-verse Book on CD
Bummer In The Summer! (15 Jan 2020) Gutman, Dan, author. Book on CD
Infinity Son (15 Jan 2020) Silvera, Adam, 1990- author. Youth CD
The Conference Of The Birds (15 Jan 2020) Riggs, Ransom, author. Youth CD
Brain Wash (15 Jan 2020) Perlmutter, David, 1954- aut... Book on CD
Big Lies In A Small Town (15 Jan 2020) Chamberlain, Diane, 1950- au... Book on CD
When You See Me (15 Jan 2020) Gardner, Lisa, author. Book on CD
Let It Snow (15 Jan 2020) Thayer, Nancy, 1943- author. Book on CD
The Yankee Widow (14 Jan 2020) Miller, Linda Lael, author. Book on CD
Good Girls Lie (14 Jan 2020) Ellison, J. T., author. Book on CD
German : Proven Techniques... (14 Jan 2020) German : proven techniques to learn and speak German. Book on CD


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