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Feb 25, 2015 | WDTN | The Dayton Metro Library is in the middle of a $187 million renovation plan, and executive director Tim Kambitsch stopped by Five on on 2 Monday to talk...
Feb 04, 2015 | WHIO | Visitors will see a 3D printer in action, and learn about the variety of uses it can have. The Dayton Metro Library's 3D printer is on loan...
Feb 02, 2015 | Gem City Podcast | Director, Tim Kambitsch drops by to talk about the facilities updates. Click the link above to listen online.

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We Are Your Library


You’ll find Library materials, programs and services to enrich each chapter of your life, from birth through retirement. Picture books, homework help, professional and personal growth, and senior services - the Dayton Metro Library serves YOU.

Wireless Printing


Select a location below to get started.


How does Wireless Printing work?

You can print from your tablet, laptop or phone using these three methods:


  • To print an email message or attachment, send a message to the email address given above when you select a branch from the dropdown.
  • You will receive a reply with a job reference number.
  • Then simply login to the print release station with the email address you sent from.


  • From your mobile device, select a branch above and click the button that says "Click to get started with Wireless Printing!".
  • Choose to print color or black and white.
  • Enter an email address for the system to label your print jobs with.
  • Select a file to print or paste the address of a web page to print.
  • Click the green print button.
  • The system will show you a job reference number.
  • Then simply login to the print release station with the email address you entered above.


  • Search the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store for "PrinterOn" to download the iOS app (for iPhone + iPad) or Android app for your device.
  • Install the app to your device.
  • Follow the software vendor's instructions to find DML's printers from the list of available printers.
  • Follow the software vendor's instructions to print.

For privacy reasons, print jobs are deleted daily at 9:00 p.m.

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