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Maker Kits

DML Maker Kits

videobox The Maker Movement has arrived at the Dayton Metro Library

Nine Makers Kits, containing al the tools and materials needed to experiment and create in many different subject areas, offer opportunities for hands-on creativity and experimentation for teens, tweens, children and adults.

Explore Circuits, Textiles, Photography & Stop Motion Animation, Kitchen Science, Computers, 3-D, Music, Lasers and Electronic Textiles & Papercraft with the Library's Maker Kits. All programs are FREE!

This stop motion animation was made using Dayton Metro Library Stop Motion and Music Maker Kits. A huge thanks to Librarian, John Callon of the Vandalia Branch Library and Alexandre Otte from the Dayton Art Institute!

Find a Maker Kit program near you today!



Explore Our Maker Kits

Awarded Commissions


New Lebanon Branch Library

The inspiration works from the DAI's collection were Josef Albers' Homage to the Square: Sentinel and the Japanese Footed Dish with Foliage Design from the Momoyama period. Three proposals by Dayton artists have been accepted:

Shon Walters – Walters will create a hand-carved wood relief sculpture for the Marketplace wall. "Curves, elegance and grace are the essence of my forms, which pay homage to our largest plants and one of our greatest natural resources," said Walters. Planned for the large Marketplace wall the warmth of the wood and organic design will compliment it well.

Amy Kollar Anderson – Anderson will create a 5 panel painting on birch for the Quiet Reading Room drawing inspiration from both pieces for her imagery and color. Referencing the Japanese art of Haiku as well as Japanese concept of beauty in imperfection, Anderson's proposed work is both elegant in its simplicity and complex in its symbolism.

James Michael and Co. – James Kahle and his team of glassblowers will create a colorful blown glass installation for the window in the Children's Room. This site specific work will consist of hand blown glass rondelles set in fused glass panels. Each rondelle will show a variety of depth, thickness and general form. Drawing inspiration from the Albers work, the team will utilize a combination of hues, colors and opacities unique to the medium of glass that will echo the interplay of form and color.

Brookville Branch Library

The inspiration works from the DAI collection were Dinner at the Casino, by Gaston LaTouche and the Chinese Ritual Bottle from the Tang Dynasty. Four artist proposals were accepted:
James Michael and Co. – The glassblowing team will create an installation of 30 unique glass vessels inspired by the Ritual Bottle. The vessels will be suspended from a cable system in the Marketplace area of the Library and will be visible from numerous vantage points. Changes in light will produce ever –changing colors, patterns and shadows in this collective art piece.

Darren Kall – Kall will create a large scale Line Pattern painting on-site after the Library is open, allowing the public to see and interact with him as he paints. The inspiration for his painting is the loose brushwork seen in the LaTouche work combined with the highly patterned Ritual Bottle. His painting will be hung in the Meeting Room.

Suzanne Ley – Ley will create two acrylic paintings on canvas reflecting a fantasy landscape inspired by Brookville as well as the imagery of the Chinese Ritual Bottle. Depicting native Ohio trees, wildflowers and grasses the painting upon closer inspection will reveal a hidden world of Ohio animals, birds and insects. The paintings will hang in the Marketplace.

Ron Rollins –Working with acrylic on canvas, Rollins will create a 3-panel work that reflects the action and excitement of a fireworks display, inspired by the LaTouche painting. Working in his abstract expressionist style this work will create a splash of color and energy for the Quiet Reading Room.

Kettering Moraine Library

The inspiration works from the DAI collection were the glass work Celebration by Christopher Reis and the Japanese Lacquer Chest from the Edo period. Three artist proposals were accepted.

Gail Christofferson - Bowling Green artist, Christofferson will create a glass mosaic mural based on visual motifs suggested in the Christopher Ries work Celebration. Incorporating the dynamic, angular forms of the Ries work into the composition, the mosaic will explore the refraction of light and the resulting combinations of colors. "Colorful, dynamic and distinctive, a mosaic echoes the spirit of a diverse yet unified community." With its central location in the Marketplace, the mural will welcome visitors with its bold yet elegant presence.

Marsha Monroe Pippenger - Pippenger will create 12 canvases in her traditional media of collage. Each canvas will depict the people, places, and history of the Kettering Moraine community. The selection of the "luminaries" will involve the community, the artist and the library committee. Pippenger drew inspiration from the Japanese Lacquer Chest from the Edo period with its decoration of family seals. Pippenger's concept also relates to the Christopher Ries piece as it speaks to the "expansiveness of mind that combines technical skill with artistry.

Mike Elsass - Known for his paintings on recycled sheets of steel, Elsass paints in multiple layers, applying paint, adding texture and sponging off paint to create a final work that although abstract evokes a strong sense of place. Using four pieces of steel that will fit together to resemble the shape of the Christopher Ries glass work, Elsass envisions a work that will be meditative, calming, soft and airy and perfect for the Quiet reading room.

Vandalia Branch Library

The inspiration works from the DAI collection were Aurora Red Ikebana with Bright Yellow Stems, by Dale Chihuly and Study of Heads of an Old Man, by Sir Peter Paul Rubens. Three artist proposals were accepted.

Stephen Canneto - Columbus based artist Canneto references the Chihuly work, Aurora Red Ikebana as he combines traditional usage and form with new and exciting ideas, colors and outcomes. Currents honors Dayton's rich aviation history and Vandalia's recognition as "Air City". Flowing thru the library like fresh currents of air the continuously changing play of light and color suspended overhead will engage library patrons both inside and outside the library.

Suzanne Ley – Dayton artist Ley leverages the new library buildings' unique feature, the soaring marketplace. Ley depicts a crowd – using a cross section of Vandalia library patrons as models-looking up. "The space around the painting became the inspiration, as well as the subject" of her work. Are they looking up at the Canneto installation or perhaps the air show? Ley relates the work to both the Chihuly work and the Rubens in the minimalism as well as the figural aspects of the work.

Mike Elsass – Elsass creates large abstract paintings on reused or recycled sheets of steel. Elsass' steel art "represents strength, life's trials, aging, imperfection and beauty." Referencing the beautiful colors and emphasis on form and balance of Chihuly's Aurora Red Ikebana Elsass' work will reflect texture and the organic spirit of his materials.

Miamisburg Branch Library

The inspiration works from the DAI collection were Huck Finn, by Robert Koepnick and Endless Energy for Limitless Living, by Rockwell Kent. Three artist proposals were accepted.

Cincinnati artist Susan Byrnes will create a large scale sculptural work, Great Miami School, comprised of 60 multicolor cast resin fish referencing the Huck Finn sculpture and the importance of the river to Miamisburg. Three types of fish common to the Great Miami River will be cast in a representational yet elegantly abstracted manner. Mounted at a slight distance from the wall the translucent fish will respond to light and cast subtly colored shadows.

Dayton artist Darren Haper will create a large acrylic and enamel painting on canvas in his characteristic style mixing whimsical imagery and bright, bold colors.  Haper refers to the story of Huck Finn in his abstracted depiction of Huck and Tom’s rafting adventure on the river. Haper states that the “bright colors and busy movement represent the energy and creativity of youth, while capturing an adventurous spirit”.

Dayton artist Mychaelyn Michalec creates a work that is historic in content and quite contemporary in style.  In a type of painted timeline Michalec will illustrate the influence of various energy sources on the City of Miamisburg and related to the Rockwell Kent work. The chosen images will be layered on an abstract background and painted in her loose, expressive style. Using blues, blacks and whites she also refers to the importance of water in the history of the creation of Miamisburg.

Dayton artist Amy Kollar Anderson combines acrylic paint and the sparkle of mica in a series of three paintings on panel called Miamisburg Mandala. Mica was important to the pre-Columbian Adena culture (creators of the Miamisburg Mound) who used it to carve sculptures. Her palette will reflect the Rockwell Kent work with its blues and golds.

Federal Depository


govdocsThe Dayton Metro Library (DML) has been a federal depository institution since 1909. The government information collection at the Dayton Metro Library offers a core collection and specialized government documents including the US Government Manual, Federal Register, CIA World Fact Book, Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, census information, and more.   The Dayton Metro Library selects materials in both electronic and paper format.

Catalog of Government Publications

The Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) is the finding tool for electronic and print publications from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the U.S. government. The CGP contains descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides links to those that are available online.

Search the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

FDSYS – Federal Digital System

The Government Printing Office’s Federal Digital System (FDsys) provides free online access to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government.

Search the Federal Digital System (FDsys)

 FDLP Basic Collection

What is the Federal Depository Library Program?

Please use the links below to access important United States Government Information.

Federal depository resources are available and usable for all library customers regardless of library affiliation, disability, age, residency, or other customer status.  Any member of the general public may use depository resources in all formats at a Federal depository library free of charge and without impediments.

Online Bidding has ended!

Online Bidding has Ended!

Thank you for your interest in the auction! Online bidding for the Featured Collectibles ended at 9 a.m. on Thursday, July 30. In-person bidding will continue until 8 p.m. at the Main Library (215 E. Third Street, Dayton). You are welcome to come to the Library near the end of the sale to enter bids up to the last moment. At 8 p.m., winners (if present) may pay for their items immediately and take them. If not present, winners will be notified on Friday, July 31. Pick-up is available during regular Library hours on Friday, July 31 or Saturday, August 1. Requests for other arrangements under special circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to offer the item to the next highest bidder if the winner cannot be contacted or items have not been picked up by the deadline.

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