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Felix and Fiona's Musical Adventures

Third grade reading proficiency is the single greatest indicator in determining high school graduation. Dayton Metro Library is dedicated to partnering with teachers to support students during this critical educational time. This project re-introduces popular characters Felix and Fiona as third-graders, as DML creates an original chapter book (THE BIG STINK and Other Adventures), and adds a dose of music and fun to reinforce lessons. Your gift through the DML Foundation is bringing this project to life! We'll keep you updated as the book gets written, the audio gets recorded, the sets get build and the performance goes out to share the story with area libraries and schools.


Felix and Fiona, A Musical Experience for Third Grade Reading

felixfionaFelix and Fiona are the Dayton Metro Library’s popular characters who grow with children and families, highlighting the many stages of literacy and education. Felix and Fiona share early literacy experiences for babies and toddlers as the featured characters in the Love Them Out Loud kits, as well as encourage first graders to get their own Library Card through the First Club program (pictured).

Now, Dayton Metro Library hopes to leverage these beloved characters and proven outreach model to launch a third-grade version of the adventures of Felix and Fiona, to support students preparing for the Third Grade Reading Test.

Dayton Metro Library Foundation can help with seed funding for this important initiative!

With the proposed program, DML will age the characters to third grade; re-introducing Felix and Fiona in a brand new book. Beyond the familiarity of beloved characters, this book incorporates the arts with the addition of an original musical composition and a special theatrical production, to engage the students in a more creative way.

The aural experience of stories is too important to sacrifice for students most in need, especially when you consider that 1) comprehension increases for youth when an auditory component is coupled with print, 2) students comprehend content at two grade levels higher when they experience it in audio format rather than print format and 3) retention increases when content is added to music.

The multi-faceted approach would include:

  • writing/illustrating a new children's book that will be gifted to all participating students from Dayton Public Schools;

  • commissioning an original musical piece to build upon the themes in the book;

  • partnering with The Muse Machine, an experienced arts educational organization, to incorporate educational standards into book content and musical performances;

  • recording the musical piece, and making physical copies available at the library as well as online digitally, at no cost, for easy access;

  • a fully staged production of the musical performance, presented with the book, to inspire a love of reading, and demonstrate how, with a hint of creativity, the written word can come to life in new and exciting ways.

This project addresses the opportunity gap that leaves some students behind by providing resources that are often eliminated in socio-economically challenged districts, by gifting picture books to students who may have no reading material at home, and by making an engaging arts experience available at no cost.

Thanks for all who were part of DML Foundation's 2018 annual campaign to empower the Library to fully deliver this important program!



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