Adopt A Book

A child's first picture book, medical information for someone seeking to understand an illness, a large print book that allows an aging reader to experience a favorite author again – these and so much more are available through the Library.

When you Adopt A Book, you make a statement – you want to ensure that the books our community needs will be available at the Library. Your contribution sponsors the purchase of new books and materials continually being added to the Library collection. You can select the age group or general subject you would like your contribution to benefit, or you can make a general donation for the Library to use in the areas of greatest need.

To thank you for your support, a bookplate will be placed inside each book you adopt. Bookplates can be used to celebrate a special person, a birthday, event or even a favorite pet. No matter how your bookplate reads, the “thanks” will come from Library users who will have more books available because of your generosity.

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