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Sewing machines, knitting needles, crochet hooks, fabric, thread and yarn - even a bookbinding marchine - let you be an experimental textile artist.

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Learn how to build interactive objects and explore computer programming with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

Meet Finch!

Computer Coding: A FINCH ROBOT is Waiting for YOU!

Finch!Discover or sharpen your coding skills by programming an awesome little Finch Robot. About the size of a running shoe, the Finch features light, temperature, and obstacle sensors, accelerators, motors and buzzers. Learn to use programming language to write code on a laptop that will tell the robot to perform different tasks. It's as simple or as complex as you make it!

Finches generously provided by Birdbrain Technologies

Find a Finch program near you today!
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Featuring Snap Circuits, Squishy Circuits, conductive ink pens and more - YOU complete the circuit with your skill and imagination!

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Electronic Textiles + Paper Crafts

Discover the many ways that circuits can be used with textiles and paper using LEDs, conductive thread, or conductive tape.

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Photography + Stop Motion Animation

GoPro cameras, light kits, a photo box, green screen and the supplies you need to build sets and miniatures let you capture you world on film.

Check out some of our stop motion videos: Origami - Bookworm

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From bongos to Boomwhackers, keyboards to castanets, this kit brings out the musician in everyone.

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Laser pointers, a fog machine, beam splitters, photovoltaic cells and mirrors to light up your imagination.

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Three Dimensional

Design and build with Strawbees and 3-Doodle Pens. A Watercolor Bot can paint your digital artwork onto paper for you.

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Kitchen Science

A kitchen is an awesome science lab! What's cooking? You decide! There's a convection oven, utensils and ingredients.

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