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Dayton Metro Library Adds Historical Businesses Module to ReferenceUSA

ReferenceUSADayton Metro Library recently added U.S. Historical Businesses to the valuable database modules offered through ReferenceUSA. This new online tool allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to research particular buildings and addresses to see what businesses have been in that location previously. They can also use heat mapping to determine areas where adding or growing a business is more ideal. Investors can use this module to study industry trends and to track a company over time to see if their sales volume is growing or shrinking. Charts also make it easy to see what particular areas and industries are thriving. Historical data can give job seekers a leg up when it comes to researching a company before an interview. For more information on how to use this great new research tool, call Business Specialist Ann Riegle Crichton at 937-496-8631 or check out the database online here.

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