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Cyber Security - Important to Business and Customer

lockI received an interesting text message earlier this week.  My credit card company was writing to ask me if I’d made three large purchases with my card that seemed uncharacteristic of my buying behavior.  It seems that someone with less than honorable intentions “borrowed” my credit card number to make some of their own purchases.  Luckily, my credit card company checked in with me, the card was cancelled and a new one has been issued.  The unsavory individual likely grabbed my credit card information from an online vendor I used for a recent purchase.

Cyber security is an issue that grows by leaps and bounds every year.  A 2015 survey described on states that 24% of American consumers have had their credit or debit card information stolen through a computer hack attack.  The referenced article further describes how this problem will continue to grow as computer hackers become more sophisticated.
Thankfully, consumers can rely on credit card companies, credit reporting agencies and other safeguards to deal with fraudulent purchases when they happen.  However, businesses have a responsibility to maintain the utmost security when it comes to consumer credit and purchasing information. 

In an effort to help small businesses with their e-presence and cyber security, the Ohio Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), The Columbus District Office of the SBA, SCORE, and Ohio Development Service Agency are offering this free training seminar:

Small Business e-Presence and Cyber Security
Have your paid attention to the security of your customer′s data?  Are you vulnerable to an attack?  What would you need to do if a data loss occurred?  These and other questions will be covered in a three hour workshop which will cover set up, protection of your web presence, and legal responsibility which you have to protect the data you collect.

Date:  Thursday, Oct 13th 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location:  Barry Staff Building
230 Webster Street
Dayton, OH 45402
This event is free. Space is limited; registration is required.bash 

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