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Santa Claus is Not Going to Help Your Small Business But These Organizations Can!

1217Business research librarians, SBDC Advisors, SCORE mentors, and other business development professionals get asked about business loans, venture capital and angel investors in almost every session with potential small business owners.  Unfortunately, unless you have invented that one in a million product that catches the interest of ASOTV or QVC, there isn’t much money available for your start-up venture.  The idea that there is a pot o’ gold (or grants) available to fund small businesses is an unfortunate myth that is perpetuated by TV shows like Shark Tank and internet sites like GoFundMe.  The reality of our “market-economy” here in the US is that entrepreneurs must be willing to harness their own resources (cash and noncash) to build the equity needed to get a business off the ground. In an effort to sort out Fact vs. Fiction, here are a couple articles on funding realities that shed some additional light on this matter.

4 Funding Myths to Stop Believing Now

Busting 5 Myths About Small Business Lending

While Santa Claus isn’t going to drop a bag of gold coins down the chimney for most small business owners, there are several great resource organizations that can help a potential business owner create a great business plan, a good pitch and even get their personal finances in order.  Working with organizations like the Small Business Development Centers, SCORE, and Consumer Credit Counseling Services makes good business and financial sense.  And the assistance and advice they can provide is based on experience and reality, not myths and legends.  Connect with these organizations here:

Small Business Development Centers in Ohio

Small Business Development Center at The Entrepreneurs Center

Small Business Development Center at Wright State

SCORE Dayton

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

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